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The 2015-2016 Jose Mourinho Gambling Guide

Yesterday, we opened our Barclay’s Premier League opening week coverage with an article that improves upon Fantasy Premier League. Later in the week, we’ll look at the League from a gambling point of view. 925 more words

Premier League

Angel Di Maria Leaves Man U

After months of speculation surrounding record £59million dollar signing Angel Di Maria’s future at Manchester United, It seem evident that the Argentinian will move on from Old Trafford to Parc des Princes to join League 1 Champions Paris Saint Germain on a reported four year deal, for a fee of   £44.4million. 596 more words


Scottish man lets in the Mona Lisa of terrible goals

Each time you watch this Vine you’ll notice something new and hilarious.

The goalscorer walks away with his hands on his head in disgust, completely unaware that he actually scored. 37 more words


Someone simmed 1,000 years of Football Manager and the results are fascinating

Football Manager, in case you’re unfamiliar, is a computer game that involves taking over a real soccer team as its manager and guiding it (hopefully) onto glory. 324 more words


Your guide to picking a favorite Premier League team

The Premier League season kicks off this weekend, so we built a handy guide to help you find your favorite club.

If you scoff at the quality of croissants at your local chain grocery store, you should support Arsenal… 1,205 more words

Barcelona player about to join Manchester United awkwardly consoles crying fan

Pedro is only 28, but he’s been a Barcelona player for 10 years. He’s one of the crowd favorites, but after a season spent in-and-out of the starting lineup, it seems as though his time at the club is finally drawing to a close. 24 more words


Cristiano Ronaldo played soccer in disguise on streets of Madrid

There’s nothing quite like watching famous athletes disguise themselves as ordinary people in public and then get shunned at first glance.

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo – disguised with floppy hair and tons of makeup – took to the streets of Madrid with a soccer ball and did all sorts of funny tricks without anyone realizing who he was or particularly enjoying his weird shenanigans. 95 more words