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Men Who Wear A Headband.

Worse perhaps than “men” who fashion their hair into a bun, “men” who wear headbands are saying two of the following things 1) I’m a soccer or tennis player or 2) I wish I was a soccer or tennis player. 109 more words

Rooting for a Storybook Ending for US Women's Soccer in Tonight's Final

Sixteen years is too long. It’s multiple lifetimes for an athlete. It’s eons for the best soccer players on the planet.

It’s been 16 years since the best sports program in the US has taken the top prize and written its happily ever after ending. 651 more words

What You Have Always Wondered About Soccer

Do you wish to better your soccer skills? Maybe you are a true newcomer to the sport? Novices and pros alike need to read this article. 28 more words


Improve Your Soccer Game With These Helpful Tips!

To really enjoy soccer, you need to learn many of it’s tricks and techniques. You will get the most enjoyment out of the game if you put in the hard work necessary to be a better player. 21 more words


Excellent Article With Many Great Tips About Soccer

We hope you can use the tips and information contained in this article to become a better player. You must practice, and you must be passionate. 32 more words


Solid Information About Soccer Which Is Easy To Understand

If soccer is something you love, you are in the right place. You probably want to be a better player and should know there are quite a few tips that can help with that. 25 more words


The Soccer-Pointer

Basketball games are filled with lots of points. They’re not hard to come by. Conversely, goals in soccer are (comparatively) significantly more rare, but lauded with comparable energy and jubilation as an alley-oop, backboard-breaking slam dunk or buzzer-beating 3-pointer. 48 more words