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'Future History Has Now Been Altered' -- Innovative Thinkers Who Are Fixing The Future Today

This article is part of #Future, a new UPROXX section that covers where the world is headed and how things have changed since 1989. Powered by Toyota. 2,848 more words


Stupid Toy

I saw this on Facebook and was flabbergasted. I started to scroll past, but too dumb. Had to says so.

I started to move on, but couldn’t. 227 more words


Energia Renovável

Em 08/11/09 mais da metade da eletricidade da Espanha foi gerada pelo vento e exportada para países vizinhos. Nove países da Europa já concordaram em unir suas “smart grids” (redes elétricas inteligentes) fazendo linhas de transmissão sob o mar do Norte, o sonho futurista é cruzar nove linhas sob o Mediterrâneo para usar a energia solar do Saara no abastecimento das comunidades e megacidades. 189 more words


5 Ways to Give to Charity This Holiday Season

We all get into a rush during the holiday season; from rushing around shopping for gifts to hosting parties and potlucks, it can be hard to take a step back and consider if you’ve gone enough good this year. 312 more words


Four ways to lose weight and feel ‘electric’ this summer

As the mercury rises and our focus turns to hitting the gym and shedding those cuddly winter kilos, we thought we’d take a look at a few ways we could be making our workouts really count. 308 more words


Soccer: Lighting up lives in more ways than one

Recently I found out about the SOCCKET II ball, a soccer ball that doubles as an electric generator. The SOCCKET II ball is an upcoming product by Uncharted Play, a for-profit social enterprise that is seeking to take advantage of the millions of people who already play soccer and also do not have access to consistent or reliable energy. 738 more words


Demand..Supply: Ideas in Action


Look at how Jessica had a creative idea on supplying electricity using play (soccer). Something most Dobsonvillens love to play.

Imagine if some of you had these balls last Friday? 24 more words