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What Have You Invented Today?

I’ve spent the better part of this week researching products which could make your life better if you lived in an Indian slum. In the past, I’ve checked out different technological advances which are revolutionizing life in the developing world, like the cardboard bike and the machine which generates energy from human waste. 682 more words


Inovasi Bola Penghasil Listrik

Ada banyak hal yang diciptakan untuk memperoleh energi laternatif di kehidupan modern sekarang ini. Salah satunya adalah inovasi yang dilakukan oleh Jessica O. Matthews, seorang perempuan yang tinggal di kota Poughkeepsie, New York, Amerika Serikat yaitu dengan membuat bola penghasil listrik berdasarkan ide untuk memberi solusi bagi negara-negara dunia ke-3 terhadap kebutuhan listrik. 158 more words


'Future History Has Now Been Altered' -- Innovative Thinkers Who Are Fixing The Future Today

This article is part of #Future, a new UPROXX section that covers where the world is headed and how things have changed since 1989. Powered by Toyota. 2,848 more words


Stupid Toy

I saw this on Facebook and was flabbergasted. I started to scroll past, but too dumb. Had to says so.

I started to move on, but couldn’t. 227 more words