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Preventing food waste

Ludovic Libert, Co-founder of Happy Hours Market (*) shares how to overcome the challenges of scaling up a food waste avoidance startup.

Why did you start Happy Hours Market, and what do you do? 275 more words


Valuation of seed stage startups

I don’t care that much about valuation, and thus pay slight attention to this parameter when deciding whether to invest or not in a startup. Apparently, I am not the only one. 600 more words


Fundraising - Angel Investor Perspective

The purpose of this post is not to patronize you on how to fund-raise. There are plenty of places all over the internet where you can learn that. 508 more words


Open PAYGO - the future of inter-operable off-grid appliances

Interview with Thibault Lesueur – Co Founder & CMO Solaris Offgrid – Solaris Tanzania (*)

What constraints are preventing the inter-operable off-grid appliances market from ramping up? 662 more words


The Stars

As I walk this distance between our house and your goats,
I dream of us:
that there are no wrinkles and salt on your face, 141 more words


A Declaration to Myself and Civic Tech

When I started The Civic Tech Collective as a blog on WordPress, it was with the intention of building a mega-resource of ALL THINGS civic technology, from the latest news about little-known founders using technology to generate positive impact in their community, to creating a portal of resources— 532 more words


Social Enterprise and its multi-fold impact

Taking the unconventional route has its benefits – both for individuals and society. An exclusive interview with Davoud Mohamed, an upcoming social entrepreneur in France. 1,273 more words

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