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Fashion industry sustainability

Today we had a lecture about how environmentally damaging the fashion industry is the notes I got where.

  • 80 billion garments produced each year we buy 60% more clothes then the average person than 10 years ago…
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Image for vegan environmentalism

For my Image for environmentalism i decided to focus on deforestation from the animal agriculture I decide to do it in the same format as the David LaChappell Peta advert. 53 more words

Reflection of Week 2...

Due to such a short amount of time for this project things have had to have been done a lot more quickly than most other projects. 67 more words

Social Action

Kalief Browder...

My portrait of Kalief Browder. The name we all heard of over the last 5-6 years or so but for a lot of people, never truly understood. 275 more words

Social Action

Hate Thy Neighbor...

Hate thy neighbour is a series on Viceland TV with a comedian called Jamali from east London, traveling around to speak to people and live a couple days in their environments with include racists, nationalists and their crazy day to day stupid sh*t . 249 more words

Social Action

Feminist isn't a bad word...

Classifying yourself as a ‘Feminist’ isn’t something you need to be ashamed of! We’ve come quite far as women; in thanks to the Suffragettes and… 184 more words

Social Action

January 18th: Know For Whom You Stand

This week begins a new semester of classes for me, and, for one of the first times in rabbinical school, I’m getting the chance to take an elective on top of my required coursework. 666 more words

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