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On Corruption and Technology- A Debate Speech

The transcript of the opening speech that I made, in a debate competition  held at IIT Madras CLT, on 26th October 2015, on the eve of Vigilance awareness week. 1,627 more words

Social And Politics

Proud to be an Indian? Really?

Disclaimer – This is a rant!! This doesn’t have to make sense.. to you!! The fact that you are reading this is completely on you! This blog maybe and most definitely will : 561 more words


Migrants are People too

The EU and particularly France and the UK have a refugee problem which is rapidly getting out of control. Let’s say that in Calais the French and UK police manage to stop any migrants getting near the Channel tunnel. 220 more words


The State of the Parties

I am amazed at the shambles of the Labour Party. Surely losing Scotland should have been a wake-up call. However what is happening does probably fit a wider picture. 264 more words

Food For Thought

After the storm

Some thoughts on the IIT Madras de-recognition controversy and its aftermath

The controversy surrounding de-recognition of Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle is (hopefully) over after the club has been reinstated to its previous status of being an institute recognised independent club. 2,487 more words


Better Together?

Anybody who thought that with the Smith Commission and the new Tory government Scotland would somehow get a Christmas hamper of devolved powers must be very naïve.  205 more words

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What Now?

BBC Radio 4 Today programme allowed John Humphries to blatantly play the immigration card when interviewing Mark Carney BoE Governor about the poor productivity figures. Mark Carney refuted it with some figures but the damage was done, a UKIP message had been transmitted. 84 more words

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