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Women Take Over the Athletic World

Long seen as frail and powerless things, women were only able to practice sports qualified as girly and requiring the “grace of a woman” such as classical dance and gymnastics. 38 more words


Trump Condemns Intelligence Agency 'Leak'

Elected President Donald Trump took over Twitter, again, to accuse US intelligence agencies of leaking allegations that Russia has compromising material on him. Indeed, a few days prior, a 35-page dossier of allegations was published in full on Buzzfeed and reported by CNN.


VIDEO: Farewell, Mr. President

After 4 years in office, President Barack Obama returns to Chicago, the city that launched his career, to deliver his Farewell Address on the evening of January 10, 2017. 16 more words


Attention riseup.net users! Your data and communucation may not be safe anymore...

Popular provider of web tools for activists and anarchists and backbone of much infrastructure for internet freedom, Riseup.net has almost certainly been issued a gag order by the US government.

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In search of your soul mate?

Lots and lots of songs and movies tell us: There is one person in the world who is your soul mate. A person who understands you and completes you. 192 more words

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Yang Sedang-sedang Saja...

Hari-hari ini, media (baik yang mainstream maupun sosial media) diramaikan oleh pemberitaan, analisis, prediksi, estimasi, terawangan, atau apalah namanya itu, mengenai balon-balon yang dipasang sebagai jagoan masing-masing partai. 1,656 more words

Social And Politics

Love sinks

D. Fitzgerald ©.

Everyone hears of a better way, a better life, and a better world; however, that world has become a dream.  Reality is corrupted by violence, painted in gore and hidden by lies.   599 more words