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On September 11, 2001 Americans saw hijacked Flights 11 and 175 flew into the World Trade Center buildings in New York City, which had been designed to withstand multiple impacts by Boeing  aircraft (Nalder 1993). 4,688 more words

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After the storm

Some thoughts on the IIT Madras de-recognition controversy and its aftermath

The controversy surrounding de-recognition of Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle is (hopefully) over after the club has been reinstated to its previous status of being an institute recognised independent club. 2,487 more words


Better Together?

Anybody who thought that with the Smith Commission and the new Tory government Scotland would somehow get a Christmas hamper of devolved powers must be very naïve.  205 more words

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What Now?

BBC Radio 4 Today programme allowed John Humphries to blatantly play the immigration card when interviewing Mark Carney BoE Governor about the poor productivity figures. Mark Carney refuted it with some figures but the damage was done, a UKIP message had been transmitted. 84 more words

Social And Politics

2001 Anthrax Scare: Vigilante Bioterrorist or Inside Job?

Real People

On Sunday October 28, 2001, Dave Cruz, a superintendent in a Bronx Apartment Complex was greeted by a worried tenant who asked him to quickly come to Kathy Nguyen’s apartment. 7,252 more words

Social And Politics

Insurrection Through the Eyes of Trotsky and Maccabeus


The October Revolution of 1917 witnessed the politically violent overthrow of Czarist Russian government (Corney 2004). There were many key events, but among them were several abuses of power, including political use of force by the state to suppress basic human rights. 1,059 more words

Social And Politics

GE15 Election Myths and Misinformation

The main political parties are all in the business of frightening voters about the dire consequences in post election Britain which will result from a vote for another party. 418 more words

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