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A person more Important than You

Imagine if we, as a nation or even a planet, payed as much attention to one insignificant person, as we are currently doing to Philip Hughes, it would be a most fantastic place to live. 505 more words


#965 The Unflushable High School Clique

The process of homecoming often involves unwelcoming visits of the high school days of yore.  For some, high school represented a time of glory, triumph, and popularity.  253 more words


Brief Report: Faces Cause Less Distraction in Autism

Individuals with autism have difficulties interpreting face cues that contribute to deficits of social communication. When faces need to be processed for meaning they fail to capture and hold the attention of individuals with autism. 91 more words


What attention is not?

When I talk about my researches on the management of the attention, sometimes
people misunderstand due maybe to the fuzzy notion of attention. Idem in a project context, sharing common and clear understanding about the key concepts of the project is something very important and avoid some future problems ;-). 1,038 more words


people clould as visualization of your social attention

I decided to begin to publish more articles on my researchs about the atgentive project [1]. I really began in February to collect, read articles or use web2.0 services to better understand several notions about online community, attention , awareness, activity, social network and the cscw field (computer supported collaborative work). 495 more words