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Martinowich, Keri

Martinowich, Keri (Lieber Institute/ Johns Hopkins) Molecular regulation of defined neural circuits during learning, memory, aggression, and social behavior


Donaldson, Zoe

Donaldson, Zoe (University of Colorado Boulder) Neurobiology of attachment and response to social loss


The Space Between Nothing

Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else. ― George Orwell

The universe can be a scary place. It is made out of nothing, yet it has everything.

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My Facebook didn't exist

But I am there!

Yet I am so far away from that virtual crowd. Trying to dodge the emotional state of my mind not to get affected  by virtual friends posting about ME and MYSELF or WHAT I HAVE that you don’t have. 355 more words




The professor. The students.
The closed door of the lecture room.
The droning single voice
a stream of contained sound
the clock reaches its limit and… 60 more words


Hidden Colors In Rap Music- The Truth Behind Stereotypes

Stereotypes has always been a factor in our social ladder. Being that the white man can’t jump or a dark skinned American is a super-predator in society. 533 more words

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