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A note about me...

I have enjoyed many roles including as a primary care physician, researcher, author and multidisciplinary collaborator as well as a closet cyclist and distance runner. I am often found assembling and impassioning a diverse team of stakeholders anxious to transform health outcomes through crowd-based intelligence, medical device integration, and informatics-driven new business models.  31 more words

Accidentally Well

Top 3 Persistent Elements of Social Enterprise

1) Unmet Needs plus Innovative Solution

Many times, this element becomes the starting point of almost every Social Enterprise. An unmet social need solved by an Innovative Solution often becomes the seed of many Social Enterprises. 236 more words

Social Enterprise

Sony's Vision: More Than Just Profits?

Companies in this day and age take more than just profits to run. Now business is a forever-evolving landscape to which all firms need to adapt to, in order to survive and… 571 more words


Google's Impact Around the World

Today’s post will take a look at a technology company that understands the importance of CSR and is utilizing it every day in their corporate strategy.   379 more words


Cisco's responsibility to its employees

In tech industry, Cisco is another great corporation that is socially responsible and consider CSR as the core of their business.

Cisco Systems Inc. is an American multinational corporation founded in 1984. 608 more words


Providing Sight to Everyone Regardless of Income

Smartcane is a technology firm based in New Dehli, India that is looking to give back to people who struggle with sight. The video posted below demonstrates the new innovative technology that uses a sonar stick to help the blind “see” what they could never with a normal cane. 439 more words