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Cor testing and the benefits of Strava-ize-ation

Another great article via linked in this week covers Bob Messerschmidt’s home cardiac health measuring device called Cor.

Reader comments include questions regarding whether it really make sense to check our blood at home frequently. 448 more words


Does research always have to be targeted towards economic benefit?

If you are a developing Asian state, the answer apparently seems to be ‘yes’. This has been suggested as a strategy for Asian countries in achieving their research and development goals.  416 more words

Social Benefit Of Carbon Is Ten To A Hundred Times The Estimated Social Cost

From NoTricksZone, by Ed Caryl, Oct 2015

We see many articles and posts about the Social Cost of Carbon (SCC) as an excuse for carbon taxes, but nothing about the Social Benefits of Carbon (SBC). 566 more words


Do Whatever You Want - You will be Ok, is that desired???

Do Whatever You Want and you guess what, you will probably be Ok. Ok, yes, Great?, unlikely. Much of this post came to me after reading about Risk Homeostasis Theory and thinking about my life. 1,236 more words

A note about me...

I have enjoyed many roles including as a primary care physician, researcher, author and multidisciplinary collaborator as well as a closet cyclist and distance runner. I am often found assembling and impassioning a diverse team of stakeholders anxious to transform health outcomes through crowd-based intelligence, medical device integration, and informatics-driven new business models.  31 more words