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"Creative placemaking? What is it that you do?"

Great article linked below along with a salient excerpt about placemaking which is something all market organizations should know a little about.

We essentially believe that a creative placemaking project needs to have four basic parts:

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Farmers Markets

So, what is Social Capital?

In my last blog I wrote about rebuilding social capital. Well, what exactly is social capital?

I came across this term quite serendipitously while developing sqrrl-by.com.  436 more words


Rebuilding Social Capital

I obviously do not know where you call home.  But I feel fairly confident in saying that whether you live in exurbia, suburbia or in a city, the probability that you know any of your neighbors or others in your community well enough is fairly slim.  513 more words



Driverless cars, smart homes, streetcars and high-speed rail, skyscrapers clad in solar panels – there are a lot of visions out there as to what smart, connected cities will look like. 2,343 more words

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The opposite of addiction isn't sobriety. It's connection.

I just watched that TED Talk — it’s titled “Everything we think about addiction is wrong” — this morning. I had seen a few people share it on social since TED released it about a week ago (it’s from a TED event in London). 695 more words

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A Nation Divided: Assessing the Effects of Institutions, Social Capital, and Civic Culture on Tax Morale in Italy

Ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi once famously claimed that the evasion of high taxes is a “God-given right” – especially in Italy! 567 more words

The Heart of Engagement

Hi Alice, thank you for your lovely and insightful response to my first ever blog on my DBA research around #emotionalengagement.

In working with some fantastic NHS students and some truly amazing NHS employees, who are fully committed to the NHS Constitution, it is becoming increasingly evident that many of us are starting to acknowledge the importance of each others values and those of the organisations that we work for. 205 more words

Emotional Engagement