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Social Capital: Sharing is Caring

“Social capital ‘feels’ as if it ought to be a useful way of conceptualising and explaining certain social and economic phenomena. However, the closer one gets to it, the more slippery it seems to be.” (Johnston & Percy-Smith, 2003, p.322) 695 more words


The legacy of autocratic rule in China

What is the long-term legacy of political persecutions? Here I want to present main the findings of my recent research with Melanie Meng Xue (UCLA Anderson). 1,305 more words


Social Capital

Social Capital can’t be defined with one definition, as there are so many. Let’s start by looking at Bourdieu’s definition: “The aggregate of the actual or potential resources which are linked to a durable network of more or less institutionalized relationships of mutual acquaintance or recognition.” (Bourdieu, 1997:51) 346 more words

Social Media

Storytelling as Career Advice.  

There are thousands of resources for cover-letter writing and networking. If you need help finding places to search for jobs, there’s a lot of that too. 676 more words

Diversity & Inclusion

The Wealth of Humans, Part IV: Social Capital

The second meaning of the wealth of humans refers to social capital. What is that, exactly?

In the most basic economic terms, capital is a factor of production. 785 more words


Leaves falling

Yes, we are working on the quilt with the beautiful star.  It is taking time but last week we finally made the first turn.  Meanwhile, Cathryn tied a lovely quilt made of so many different flannel squares. 399 more words

October 6, 2016: BHS protest honors father's WWII service

October 6, 2016: Belmont Citizen-Herald

Last week, Belmont High principal Dan Richards issued the following public announcement:

“This past week at Belmont High School, a group of about twenty students peacefully organized their voices to support the national protest of ‘Black Lives Matter.’  On Friday. 565 more words