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Leadership in Complex Times

My life has got more complex.  It was my own fault, there is no-one else to blame.  I now work with a greater number of schools, they are more diverse in nature and there are many more connections to understand and take account of. 1,582 more words


Why Diversity Destroys Social Capital, part 3

In this section I will discuss the way in which social capital is compatible with diversity. As I mentioned in part 2, in the social capital literature there is a distinction between micro and macro social capital on the one hand, and between bridging and bonding social capital on the other. 2,407 more words

Is this the best piece of "branded social capital" ever?

The other day I was out running in an 11-year-old t-shirt, and it dawned on me that it’s probably the best piece of “branded social capital” I’ve ever seen. 339 more words

Social Business

Tolson & Klein (2015) is now in Press!

On March 20th, the Journal of Human Behavior and the Social Environment published the first of two papers accepted from Danielle Tolson, M.A., CPS and Jennifer Klein, PhD*. 272 more words

Is Technology Destroying Educational Spaces?

One of the more interesting debates of recent times is whether or not smartphones – the increasingly ubiquitous devices that have embedded themselves into much of (post-)developed life within the last decade – are having a positive effect on public space. 333 more words


Why Diversity Destroys Social Capital, part II

With the framework presented in part 1 in mind we can now begin to address the nature of social capital. It is important to understand that stabilizing proper functions (as discussed in part 1) can be destroyed by abNormal conditions. 2,412 more words