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Nordic Nations Show How Welfare and Redistribution Weaken the Human Spirit

Statists occasionally get very angry about some of my views.

My support for “tax havens” periodically seems to touch a raw nerve, for instance, though I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised since some people are so crazy that they have… 1,410 more words


Examining the levels of Social Capitalism in the Aboriginal Reserves of Canada

Putman (2000) found that high levels of social capitalism in communities usually results in “enhanced productivity, more effective democratic processes, and reduced criminal activity” (p. 4), and later goes on to explain that social problems can be attributed to the declines of social capitalism (as cited in Brown & Hannis, 2012). 3,424 more words

Short Stories

A Question Of Trust. #WorkingOutLoud #Research

I’m exploring the notion of trust, some early stage work to provide a baseline and to identify areas for more detailed research. Why trust… 1,030 more words


Twitter for language teachers

If you are not familiar with Twitter, or you have been holding off on joining, you may be forgiven for thinking that it is merely a place for certain politicians to spew their vile, or for rich celebrities with names beginning with K to show off their every move. 861 more words

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Bowling Together

I passed this lovely little “free library” while walking from Watertown Toyota to the church today. It made me think of my mom.

My mother had a natural gift for connecting people. 237 more words

The 'Gold Medal' myth: can the Olympics enhance social inclusion?

The Rio Olympics has already started for about a week. I am sure everyone here feels excited when your supported countries and athletes have achieve success in the Olympics. 916 more words

Anak mandiri, itu harus

Saya agak terkesan sewaktu mendengar celoteh ibu-ibu ibunya teman-teman anak saya (Ghia) di SD (Ghia saat ini berada di kelas satu SD BBS – Dramaga Bogor –  baru saja naik ke kelas dua) yang melihat Ghia pergi ke Kidzania dengan teman-temannya, tanpa didampingi ibunya. 655 more words