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People are disenfranchised, left voiceless, for many reasons: convention, gender, permission, poverty, technology (or lack of it), misunderstanding, bullying, bemusement, culture, the list goes on and on. 142 more words


Social Media and outsourcing your advocacy

Just did a short form post of this on Facebook but the matter hasn’t fully left my spirit so I thought I would come here and elaborate a little bit. 529 more words

Social Media

words, words, words...

Two supervisions in 72 hours. How did I manage that? Not enough to be finishing a degree and a Phd at the same time, I booked meetings with both supervisors in the same week.  759 more words


Transparency -> TRUST -> Social Capital -> the Community Allowing a Certain Degree of Risk-Taking

I consider myself somewhat of an innovative risk-taker when it comes to education. I love working with/along side fellow educators who challenge the status quo and break free of the traditional mold. 793 more words

Social Capital

Social capital is defined as “the features of social life- networks, norms and trust- that enables participants to act together more effectively to pursue shared objectives” (Putnam, 1995, 664-665). 386 more words

Social Capital

3 Lessons from the Oscars 

When we talk about movies – and art in general – lots are said about likes and personal opinions at the end. Even so, this year, the famous and always controversial Academy Awards clarified  the following points that I’d now like to share.   847 more words


3 lecciones de los Oscar

Cuando hablamos de cine –y en general de arte-, al final se habla mucho de gustos y opiniones personales. Aun así, este año los famosos y siempre controversiales Premios de la Academia me dejaron claro los siguientes puntos que me gustaría ahora compartir. 766 more words

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