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On Healthism, Yoga, and Yoga Teachers: A Post-Structuralist, Feminist Political Economy Approach*

*excerpt from my dissertation chapter draft, “Yoga and Feminist Political Economies of Health”

Theories of Healthism

Margaret Lock and Nancy Scheper-Hughes’ (1987) classic discussion of the body as a symbol through which we can consider nature, society and culture explains the notion of the healthy body politic in harmony with the social world. 1,298 more words


Venture Capitalist Challenges His Peers to Not Be 'F**king Scumbags'

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Social Capital CEO Chamath Palihapitiya decided to shake up the VC world in 2017. 1,522 more words


A Patchwork Planet

An effective writer understands the need to create empathy between the reader and the story. One must be able to feel themselves in the shoes of another to truly be drawn into the world and the realities outlined therein. 1,120 more words

International Politics

Social Capital’s Power to make People into Leaders

By Zoe Zschack

What is Social Capital?

Have you ever wondered why people are more inclined to listen to what celebrities, such as Beyonce or Kanye West, are saying about the world instead of politicians and other legal authorities? 1,264 more words

What is love without a "like?"

We – and by “we” I mean “society” – are a social people needing intimacy. We cannot survive without social interaction and personal relationships. But when these relationships are lacking, as they often are, we look to the only place we know that will accept us – social networking sites. 294 more words


Are you an entrepreneur or business owner looking to do business in or move your business to an unfamiliar region because it is densely populated? According to research findings, maybe you shouldn’t be so hasty to pack your bags.  904 more words

Entrepreneurship And Small Business

How would you improve London's bikeability?

What would you do to improve bikeability in London? Aka mayor for a day.

I am posing this question, in a general sense as a cyclist, but also more specifically, as a parent cycling with children in London.  231 more words