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Why it's time to forget the pecking order at work

In this illuminating TED talk, Margaret Heffernan explains why companies should cultivate social capital, rather than individual performers, thereby turning traditional high-performer strategies on their heads. 12 more words

Talent Management

Back To School, Sustainable Opportunities

Written by Renmart Buhay, a passionate environmentalist, avid nature lover and engaged citizen.

With less than two weeks of summer break left, you may be feeling the back-to-school-blues. 684 more words

How One Tenure-Track Prof Left Academia: A Beginner's Guide

I’m a former tenure-track professor of world and postcolonial literature now pursuing a career as a nonprofit communicator and fundraising professional. After 13 years spent in academia, not including my undergraduate degree, I made my career shift in 2013. 2,487 more words


Are country people more resilient? Only with good networks.

Did you grow up on a farm?  If so, you’re part of one of the smallest minorities in the country.  And you are becoming more of a minority in the US and world-wide. 738 more words


Does Knowing Your Members Really Make a Difference?

One of the very first mantras I learned when I became a full time resident of credit union land was that credit unions really know their members. 420 more words


From Blogging to empowering girls, this Ugandan woman is changing her world

When she is not blogging, her mind is preoccupied with creating community transformation, enabling girls to understand menstrual hygiene and being able to offer people other options of life other than the exam passing skills imparted by schools is what she is doing in  Ruhanga,  South Western Uganda. 1,826 more words


Fundraising - it's all about the money

Fundraising. It’s all about the money. But, the best way to raise the most is not the way we are going about it.

It’s not that we shouldn’t use techniques that have come under the spot light of the press recently because they put people’s backs up. 458 more words