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Social capital, the big sporting opportunity?

In a technically connected world the opportunity to retreat into smaller and less diverse physical communities is becoming easier and easier, so the need to actively develop social capital becomes more critical. 329 more words


Building Social Capital to Enhance Quality of Life

This blog was written by Major Ethan Frizzell of The Salvation Army.

Social capital (like human capital and even physical capital) is not a single, uni-dimensional variable. 416 more words

Crowdsourcing Your Goals

Doctor Who and my own little social media bubble 

Preparing the latest edition of my textbook on social capital, I became particularly interested in the way that social media are shaping our social connections. Judging by the research available, social media play a complex role in which they sometimes complement and sometimes compete with face to face relationships. 434 more words


Lunch All by Yourself

Brooking Dissent: The To-Do Over David Brooks
Latest Column

Allow me to start with a confession: I don’t eat sushi and I am addicted to… 964 more words

The American Scene

Networked Urbanism: Social Capital in the City

Despite considerable interest in social capital amongst urban policy makers and academics alike, there is currently little direct focus on its urban dimensions. In this volume leading urban researchers from the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, Australia, Italy and France explore the nature of social networks and the significance of voluntary associations for contemporary urban life.  119 more words

Social Network

Cover raises $8 million to insure your belongings

Applying for homeowners insurance should be as easy as waving your phone camera around your room. Thats the premise behind Cover , an app that recommends insurance based on whats photographed in your home. 254 more words


On watching birds

I’ve got a confession to make: I’m into bird watching.

Now, what are you thinking?

That I am perhaps a bit weird, a bit of a geek, a fuddy duddy nerd…? 542 more words

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