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Modern Social Change

We all have had that moment in our lives where all we can think is “man, I fucked up”.

We never know when that moment will be or what the outcome is because by the time we realize it even happened it’s too late.  1,208 more words



Are you thoroughly embedded in your local community?
Do you act as pillar of your society?
Do you walk life with impunity?
Do you act only with propriety? 138 more words


Use Your Buying Power

…use your buying power as leverage to interrupt destructive patterns, cause the companies to look for alternatives, and then reinforce them for the desired behaviors by patronizing their products and services.

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Reflections of a Very Gay, Very Closeted Trans Girl

Being totally honest, it wasn’t until I left high school that I became aware of myself as an independent person- Someone with their own thoughts, ideas and personality. 1,639 more words

Social Change

I have a dream, that no woman or man shall say #MeToo ever again.

Sunday night, I see a news alert on my screen, “Find out why everyone is wearing black at the Golden Globes awards.” Meh, not interested. A few hours later, news flash, “Oprah is trending on twitter because of her Golden Globes speech. 795 more words
Social Change

Please, read me! HR Declaration Project

I need Antonio, Maika, Cirenia, and any other person who spoke in class the other day, or wishes to do so now, to check if this I say in the edited version we’ll send the UN is correct. 191 more words


Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman

Around the time of First Gulf War, on Fridays I used to stay awake at night longer than usual to view my favorite program, ‘World This Week,’ the international news show by NDTV. 1,177 more words