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Jean-Michel Cousteau speaks about environmental conservation at UMD

by Jillian Atelsek

Jean-Michel Cousteau, a famous French explorer and environmentalist, has had a relationship with the ocean for over 70 years. 

Cousteau’s father, Jacques Cousteau, was one of the most influential conservationists and oceanographers of the 20th century, most famous for his invention of the scuba suit. 401 more words


Newswise: Facebook plays vital role in reducing government corruption, researchers find

Newswise: Facebook plays vital role in reducing government corruption, researchers find. “In new research recently published in the journal Information Economics and Policy, Sudipta Sarangi of the Virginia Tech Department of Economics said his cross-country analysis using data from more than 150 countries shows the more Facebook penetrates public usage, the higher the likelihood of government corruption meeting protest. 12 more words


Look, But See

Some long long time ago, fifteen year old Dave took supplies to his brothers as they stood-in-line for their town against an invasion. The battle was still, the tankers- harbored, the tents- steadfast and soldiers- ready. 277 more words


Infinite Wealth

Infinite Wealth

They say we’re all responsible
for screwin’ up the earth,
I s’pose that’s true
as far as it goes
if you keep your sense of mirth… 249 more words


UMass Amherst: Why Is This Linguist #Talmbout Twitter?

UMass Amherst: Why Is This Linguist #Talmbout Twitter?. “The lickety-split spread of the phrase stay woke is just one linguistic development you can clearly track via Twitter, says Lisa Green ’93, professor of linguistics at UMass Amherst….Green recently collaborated with Brendan O’Connor, assistant professor at the College of Information and Computer Sciences, and computer science doctoral student Su Lin Wang Blodgett on a case study of dialect in Twitter conversations among African Americans. 20 more words

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Does it Matter Where You Shop? Ethical Consumption, Boycotts, and Change

Nike. Denny’s. Tommy Hilfiger. Walmart. Chick-Fil-A. Uber. United Airlines. These are a few companies that come to mind when I think about calls to boycott in my recent memory. 671 more words

Moderate Threat

What is it with kids films and ‘moderate threat’?

It currently seems completely legit for film companies to churn out film adaptations of children’s stories, adding a twist, a villain, some emergency, death or violence and to be honest, I struggle to see the point. 140 more words