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The Refugee Crisis From a Social Choice Perspective

Over the last few months, we’ve been seeing an increase in media coverage of the plight of refugees and migrants trying to make the journey to Western Europe. 819 more words


Egg freezing as the latest choice in family planning

For decades, “family planning” was synonymous with contraception. The Guttmacher Institute — a prominent reproductive health think tank — stated that “controlling family timing and size can be a key to unlocking opportunities for economic success, education, and equality” for women.

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The Shapley Value: An Extremely Short Introduction

If we view economics as a method of decomposing (or unwriting) our stories about the world into the numerical and functional structures that let them create meaning, the Shapley value is perhaps the extreme limit of this approach. 4,862 more words


Samuelson-Bergson vs Rawlsian vs Benthamite Social Welfare Function

Samuelson/bergson SWF tries to capture the value judgement in the SWF and it constructs SWF such that it is a monotonic transformation of the individual utility… 121 more words


Social choice and Topology

Ancient Greeks are credited for inventing both Democracy and Mathematics; as one could expect from a civilisation that displayed such a respect for symmetry and equality. 1,105 more words


Game Theory II

Stanford and the University of British Columbia started a 4-weeks advanced course on Game Theory. The first part by the same instructors is on  80 more words