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Social Choice in Bihar (5): Public Institutions, Governance, Democracy and Development

In this last piece on social choice, development and democracy in Bihar, I would first touch upon a very important, perhaps now the most important issue, impinging on the development of Bihar – the governance and administration, before commenting on last two assembly elections and making some concluding observations. 3,277 more words


Social Choice and Democracy in Bihar (4): Identity, Voice and Economic Development

In this penultimate part of my series on democracy and social choice in Bihar, I would be discussing how the issues of identity, voice and justice on the one hand and material development on the other has shaped and influenced the preferences and decisions of people. 2,456 more words


Economics of Social Choice and Bihar (3): A Peek into Land, Social Structure and Power Relations

Continuing my previous discussion of complex interaction among social choice, development and democracy in Bihar, I would be outlining how predominance of agriculture and resulting land relations among people has played a crucial role in shaping social and economic life in Bihar. 2,051 more words


The Problems of Majority Rule - by Jac Heckelman

Majority rule is often considered to be a pillar of democratic decision-making. Yet there are several problems with relying on majority rule as Jac Heckelman… 975 more words

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Economics of Social Choice in Bihar (2): Cow-belt, Bihari Identity and Caste

Taking the next step of what I have started in the last blog on examination of social choice and development experience of Bihar, here is the second part. 3,003 more words


Economics of Social Choice in Bihar: Starting with Harvard and Prof. Amartya Sen

For me, being at Harvard and not enrolling for Prof Amartya Sen classes was unthinkable. So as soon as I progressed to third semester of MPA/ID class in fall of 2010, when students could take optional courses even outside Harvard Kennedy School, I was determined to enroll for whatever Prof. 1,429 more words


The Refugee Crisis From a Social Choice Perspective

Over the last few months, we’ve been seeing an increase in media coverage of the plight of refugees and migrants trying to make the journey to Western Europe. 819 more words