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The Grenfell Tower scandal and the role of social cleansing

The devastating fire at Grenfell Tower this week is nothing short of heart breaking. The incident which has seen over 100 people made homeless and left only with the clothes they managed to escape in has gripped the whole city, but it’s the tragic number of deaths that are likely triple the number of survivors that is most chilling. 1,574 more words


Social Cleansing & the London fire - (Dr Lisa McKenzie)

Photo Credit : AlJazeera.com

I’ve refrained thus far from posting about this horrific & clearly preventable disaster, going by the hours of footage I’ve watched. My deepest condolences to all those affected who may possibly read this. 591 more words


Booted out of London

We’ve written more times than we care to remember about the social cleansing of London as the capital is made into a welcome home for the global super rich and their money while ordinary working class people are pushed out. 1,021 more words


'Great' Britain?

I’m currently on my way to London on a Megabus, upon which, the toilet has broken and so the entire bus has been engulfed in the stench of days old human faeces for almost 4 hours. 1,107 more words


An Article on the Grenfell Tower Tragedy and the 'Regeneration Agenda'...

A lot of conspiracy theories have been floating around online about the tragic Grenfell Tower fire: I’m not really buying any of them. This horrible, terrible event looks less like ‘conspiracy’ and more a simpler case of mismanagement, apathy and criminal negligence.   1,129 more words



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Quiz machines give up the ghost
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Take a look at the Labour Party's new shadow Home Secretary's record at local level

Lyn Brown, MP for West Ham in Newham, east London, was in the shadow home affairs team when Jeremy Corbyn was first elected leader of the Labour Party, she then resigned a year later after placing a vote of no confidence in Corbyn’s leadership but then was allowed to return as shadow minister for policing. 357 more words

Newham Council