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Friday's protest for single mum postponed

Newham council has withdrawn the offer of temporary accommodation in Birmingham to a single Mother of 3 and cancelled her housing appointment on Friday 29 May, therefore she does not need people to stand with her at Bridge house. 79 more words

Make the most of this...

Looking up northwards up Brick Lane… This was shot from the southern end which still has a sense of being a Bangladeshi community…the further north up Brick Lane you go, the more hipsterish and ‘trendy’ it gets. 187 more words



BLOCKADE This Tuesday Morning!

In recent times we have found blockades to have been very successful, so we’re back at it again!

Shorthold Tenants, Camelot Renters, Secure Tenants, and Supporters! 158 more words

Greenwich Council plans to reveal 'affordable' housing assessments

This has been covered elsewhere but it’s worth noting a welcome change of heart from Greenwich Council – it wants to force developers to reveal why they can’t provide set amounts of ‘affordable’ housing in the borough. 485 more words

Local Stuff

The Noose Of "Regeneration" Tightens Around Lancaster West

Back in the summer of 2011 members of the Grenfell Action Group first stumbled across concrete evidence that the Council was making plans to “socially cleanse” RBKC of it’s poor and excluded residents. 621 more words


What the neo-cons in Hornton Street really fear:

Members of the Grenfell Action Group have understood for a long time that the one thing that RBKC Tories fear more than anything is that their immoral and contemptible treatment of the poor and excluded in this most Rotten Borough is exposed to the wider public. 575 more words

Roll on Friday...

At the time of writing this post, in under three days time, the election will be underway. So, after Thursday, your doormat will be free of election bumf and the local free newspaper will revert to having wrap around cover adverts for furniture stores, curry houses and the like instead of UKIP, Labour or even in the case of The Enquirer, Hope Not Hate. 1,062 more words