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It’s dangerous to be right, when those in power are wrong.

It’s dangerous to be right, when those in power are wrong. It’s an old French saying apparently. But is it true? In the workplace, worker empowerment is a good thing. 104 more words

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Rapid change and slow debate

I was watching the last episode of the TY programme ‘The Tribe’ last night, about a tiny Ethiopian village community’s efforts to embrace government-provided education, set against the backdrop of their time-honoured, cattle-herding life. 158 more words

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Climbing the rainbow

While you’re climbing the rainbow, make sure you remember the pot of ancestral gold you left at its base.

Pessimists hope for despair. Optimists despair at Pessimists hope. 30 more words

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Transactional socialization, corporate empathy and depression

Empathy. As we can see in this sick TED talk about animal behavior, it’s something that humans and animals share. As the dude says, empathy is one of the pillars of morality. 672 more words

The long and the short of it


Fundamental junction – Functionality

Person reality – Personality

Gradual transition – Graduation

Disengaged graciousness – Disgrace

Notably electrifying – Novel

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Barbeque: The Last Macho

It’s an unfortunate truth, but barbeque is the last allowable macho in North America.  It’s the one remaining place where any man still capable of gripping a pair of tongs can fulfill his genetic imperative without fear of pissing somebody off.   425 more words

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A car for everyone

Alpha Romeo’s for alpha males,

Testarossa’s for testosterone-dominated males,

Hummers for song writers,

Oldsmobiles for grandparents,

Peugeots for cat lovers,

Seats for voyeurs,

Toyotas for toy designers, 11 more words

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