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A Walk In Saudi Arabia

Just when we’re watching the Enlightenment being burned alive by a pack of snarling university sophomores. . .
Just when we’re seeing common sense being sacrificed on the altar of pseudo social justice. 339 more words

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Society, the dark truth

the basement of civilisation
ensnares humans with a lust for survival,
outside the shining dawn draws them out of corners

newcomers are swallowed behind doors… 33 more words


It's Summer - Live With It!

It’s not even midsummer and I’m grouchy already.  One more 50 calibre motorcycle screaming through my tranquil afternoon and I swear I’m going to ….  Actually, I’m probably not going to do… 544 more words

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The Long Game

photo: http://www.theguardian.com
I wonder how History will judge this period in the story of the British nation(s). Living through it, the predominant impression is of directionless chaos, with all the usual certainties about the State we live in suspended, not least that unspoken national belief that disasters happen elsewhere. 555 more words
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They're watching me

They’re watching me
over every shoulder
reading my emails
following every footstep
into the shadows
every key stroke
every thought
worried about revolution
but they are part of the problem


This Computer Generation

I have discovered the real reason that we have children and encourage our children to have children.

Last week, one of my lights went out.  A blue dot, it had glowed on a dusty, black molded plastic device on the corner of my desk.  537 more words

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Death by management

I’ve been dabbling on the fringes of local democracy. The small town where I live is noted for its outstanding heritage and excellent quality of life, but like many such places, it presently faces multiple challenges from various forms of development that are closing in. 457 more words
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