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Pied Pipers of Hamelin

Merkel, Hollande, Obama…what have you done to Western Civilization? Time and time again Germany, France and America are subjected to an Islamist attack. What is it that stops you from resigning?  144 more words

Japan in mourning

weep lily garden

for our lost sons and daughters

lost humanity

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Poets for Peace

African Haiku

Fictional Friends

The most neglected area of  psychiatry, psychology and sociology is the influence of fictional characters on our lives and personalities.  Unlike family, teachers and friends who, like it or not, invariably have their own agenda, fictional characters are… 542 more words

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Good-weather friend

to my sunshine friend

penguins huddle in winter

they too need some warmth

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African Haiku

On-Line Dating: A Glimpse at the Rage and Hatred behind Orlando, Baton Rouge, the Republican National Convention, the Country in General, and the World at Large

I admit it. My parents were Republicans, though they came to that same track from vastly different sides. My father grew up in a small Pennsylvania town, part of a sizable extended family of first-generation French all struggling to keep their children fed. 1,995 more words


Munich on our minds

white and blue sky

reflects on a senseless world

while Munich weeps

© Lize Bard @ https://wandererhaiku.wordpress.com/

Poets for Peace

African Haiku

Biking in France - Liberté, égalité, bureaucratié

While preparing for a biking trip to France I came across a lot of bumph specifying equipment I must carry. Two breathalysers, a high visibility jacket, spare light bulbs, reflective stickers on my crash helmet and 6 sides of A4 with detailed instructions entitled “STOP – READ THIS FIRST” for the headlight modification! 546 more words