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Help your friends and family to save the World

The old saying that ‘charity begins at home’ could be usefully extended to ‘charity begins in your circle of friends and family’. Helping your friends and family is simply paying forward the benefits and advantages you have received in your own life. 175 more words

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Education Funding by the State

A government that lets its State school infrastructure crumble (including in schools recently rated Outstanding by Ofsted), but raises the bar on academic outputs, is simply trying to achieve an education policy goal in spite of itself. 61 more words

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UK General Election looming

Vote for a small party, guarantee coalition uncertainty.

In a healthy society, voter personal honesty and morality has to come even before political honesty. Whether in Scotland or down south, you can’t avoid the results of your own education shortcomings, by continually voting down the government of the day. 109 more words

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They never replied part 2 - They always report too late

A couple of weeks ago I wrote this post about news reports about waste debacles in the WA State Government.  Now in yesterdays West Australian (see picture below, How The Cracks Appeared) we find out that in July 2014 that they realised $6 million had been wasted on the paperless environment project for Fiona Stanley hospital.   402 more words


A beautifully sculpted commentary on free will

A Clockwork Orange-a very naughty boy gets sent to the naughty step.

In my first return to The List for two months is Anthony Burgess’ infamous classic, complete with notorious nadsat. 669 more words


The Blame Game

No stone to be left unturned

In search for a colourful future

Are you ready for lift off?

Jilted Jihadists

Found in a time capsule… 84 more words


Clapping Ban, Suffering and the Left

This is a response to Glosswitch’s post, re-blogged on this blog, about The National Union of Students in Britain who at their women’s conference have decided apparently to ban clapping. 837 more words