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State of the nation

can you hear us now?

not too much to laugh about

time to make a change

African Haiku


the land of the free

only for guns and Christians

others not the dream

African Haiku


The room was small, incense burned, a jazzy tune played, but the roar of the ocean could still be heard in the background. I stared hard at the long wooden plank leading to the toilet in the middle of the room. 474 more words


Life Sentence

A man who attacked a wall

Appeared drunk or unsteady in the head

He was so incensed

He wrongly thought he was a can of tomatoes… 89 more words


The Grass is Always Greener

I get a little tired of hearing middle class Turks complaining about democracy in their country – and reading all the negative stuff published in international media. 137 more words


Pancake Day


OK, it’s a bit of fun, and I can’t deny that pancakes taste OK. But the idea that we now have to go out and buy extra eggs, milk and flour in order to cook something, the recipe for which was originally designed to get rid of those things from the house in preparation for Lent, just seems bizarre. 11 more words

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Religion and Trouble

I’ve noticed what I believe to be a correlation between the world’s trouble spots and countries with a dominant religion.

I know that correlation does not imply causation, so it may not be true that it is religion that causes the trouble. 302 more words

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