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January 20: Angle

January 20: It is a truism to say that when we view a photograph we are seeing the subject from same angle and elevation as the lens; but that fact is crucial to our comprehension of the image, even if only subconsciously registered. 2,371 more words

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Amazon Decoded: A Marketing Guide To The Kindle Store is FREE

Let’s Get Digital 3 was announced this week and it is going very well indeed, with 1,000 copies pre-ordered already. The amount of sharing and recommending and tweeting has been spectacular – I’m very grateful to you all. 449 more words

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The Pomodoro Technique - Making Time

There is never enough time, is there?

Time is a commodity we all crave; whether it’s:

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Aristotle Is Dead!

We live in interesting times.  Half the people hate what’s going on in the world, half the people fear what’s going on in the world, and half the people… 432 more words

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Stress -- The Final Frontier

Okay! It’s two weeks into a new year and you’ve discovered 3 visits to the gym don’t qualify you for a bikini, no matter how positive you are; Jan, at work, is still an asshole, and if you don’t get some… 454 more words

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Why I don't have or want a so-called "smartphone"

It may come to pass that I am the last holdout in this area. This bewilders all but a handful of those I know. How could I possibly not want one of these devices? 1,694 more words

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Out With The Old!

It’s a brand new year, time to show a little healthy intolerance for all the crap that has somehow become cool in our world.  This is the stuff we all put up with for no apparent reason — even though most of it is just a pain in the ass.   371 more words

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