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No Sweat

I open the curtains
I see a dark cloud
And thank my good fortune
To be alive HERE and TODAY

Not in a land laden with poor… 57 more words

On The Door

"Tell God your plans and give him a laugh."

That’s always what my Mum says, normally it’s followed by a sentence that generally uses the word ‘serendipity’ or something of the like. Although over the few years I have been around I have found that it can be used rather effectively with a bitter tone and a splash of dark humour. 322 more words

Chorus of cats

We have come so far
Since jobs were found
In the ‘women and girls’
Section of the newspaper.

Where self doubt and sexism
Continue to fuel our fears… 105 more words

Creative Writing

The business of universities: a work of fiction

What is a university today?

This –

or this –

Hallowed halls or a corporation? Ivory towers or big business?

Yes, these days a university is both and I was part of that transformation of higher education from the 1980’s to 2007 and as a consultant in Asia and Europe until 2013. 229 more words

Of Tennis, Politics and Freedom of the Press

I’m a tennis fan, though I don’t write much about it. I don’t watch a lot of TV either, but I do enjoy a match between top-level players. 467 more words


Man Secrets -- Revealed

Ladies, forget philosophy, psychology, psychiatry and gender studies.  Forget IQ tests, Briggs Myers and the FFM personality model.  In fact, forget it all, even the deep, dead of night heart-to-heart talk.  223 more words

Social Comment

A Humble Opinion

Maybe it’s me; I guess it is.

I thought that the medical profession was motivated by vocation – a desire to make the sick well and defend the most vulnerable in our society.   413 more words

Frederick Anderson