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Don't demonise social housing tenants

It’s #HousingDay today – a national campaign that, this year, focusses on challenging the stigma surrounding social housing.

I’ve lived in social housing myself – for about five years when I was in my late teens/early twenties on North Hull Estate. 1,536 more words

Mental Health

Life Sentence

A man who attacked a wall

Appeared drunk or unsteady in the head

He was so incensed

He wrongly thought he was a can of tomatoes… 89 more words


News Alert

The human race threatens it own future,

Peace loving robots pose shirtless to prove they mean well

Court orders new faces for fashion victims

Edinburgh fringe cut short… 119 more words


The Tyranny of Web-hosts like Wordpress

This web-site has been violated in recent weeks (from July until Mid-September, 2017) with the imposition of an ugly political banner promoting sexual perversity and Marxist values without even asking the site owner if it was acceptable. 330 more words

Social Comment

Spectacle and Surveillance

I’ve been considering the inter-relationship between Bentham’s Panopticon, the society of the spectacle and the steady creep of surveillance culture.

The most unsettling feature of the Panopticon design is that inmates never know whether they are being observed and so consequently behave as if they are.   441 more words

Josie Moon

Poem to Donald Trump

The rebel messiah who has billions

Has come to take what he already owns

The world rejects his face, and he refuses them that right… 34 more words


The dumbest criticism of writing I ever hear

Book reviews are great places to see people say dumb things. Some of those dumb things are also common in message board posts, comment sections, and ordinary face-to-face speech. 947 more words

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