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Bruce was right. Kids are adaptable and we shouldn't use them as a disguise for our prejudices.

BRUCE Jenner’s interview where she detailed her decision to transition from male to female was inspiring, informative and most importantly brave. By choosing to come out as transgender, Bruce has managed to educate the masses about the heartbreaking process of being trans and the courage it has taken to make the leap into leading the life that she wants to lead. 450 more words

Talking to strangers

I love trams and trains, not so keen on buses and I’m an avid people watcher, especially these days with passengers’ social media habits. Who hasn’t enjoyed listening to someone’s mobile phone conversation delivered at the top of their voice, detailing how they have just been dumped by/dumped some %^$&hole who ^&(*&^% them? 663 more words


Why Do They Hate Us?

Our western world is the most carefree, benevolent society in history.  So why does half the rest of the world hate us while the other half is actively trying to kill us?  547 more words

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Digital Age

Consumer monkeys will destroy the world.

What profits a man

To own everything

If he must rape the planet

To satisfy his greed.

Has social media… 44 more words



I see him walk

Through streets of tears

His jacket miserable remains

of dreams and wishes

His eyes,

are mirrors of illusion.

His smile,

does not exist… 7 more words


Children born through IVF have no souls

An acquaintance reported recently that another guest at a BBQ was loudly critical of people who used IVF services and declared that children born via IVF ‘have no souls’.  733 more words

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Got me to pose for photo with anti-xenophobia poster — ambushed by students with eye for photo opportunity — but it’s cool!