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January 16: History

January 16: “The first function of the camera is to record – to see as the eye saw; see more than the eye saw – to give it versatility, to exaggerate detail, to portray surfaces, textures, details, surfaces… It must be ever-busy – at close-up rather than distance – searching out the very quintessence of things, its physical quality,” 1,612 more words

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Advertising #73

The perfect woman to take to the new style morally and religiously-correct Trumpian social events of 2017.


January 14: Underground

January 14:  Emmy Andriesse, born on this date in 1914, is best known for her photos of Amsterdam, the city in which she spent most of her tragically short 39 years, during the Dutch Hongerwinter famine of 1944-1945. 1,208 more words

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Roy Harper - McGoohan's Blues - a song of great social observation, venom and brilliance.

One of the best songs ever written.

Roy doesn’t do many two and a half minute singles. At his best he does great epic songs of twenty minutes. 1,346 more words


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Just what I need - a bit of caustic vitriol and social comment!

6 Really Tired TV Trends

I just noticed that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has produced a new TV series called Pure.  It’s a scripted drama about (and I’m not making this up) a Mennonite family of drug dealers.  493 more words

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Reflections on my Mum's advanced dementia

“Death is coming for us all…the day we will have to face the crossing will come sooner than we think. I hope my day is many many years away, but… I don’t want to make the greatest leap in life in a vague dream. 753 more words

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World different me

World so alien

To my television

With my news and views,

Those voices echo, beyond reason

There is no reason,

To this world.

My world is different, like me… 7 more words