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All hail your new god Tolerance, and his archangel Inclusivity

Are we sacrificing our right to express our likes and dislikes on the altar of tolerance and inclusivity?

I don’t like the Niquab, and more so the Burqua. 125 more words

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with our autumn friends

celebrate remaining years

easy to let go

© Lize Bard @ https://wandererhaiku.wordpress.com/

African Haiku

Lost In Translation

I am hopelessly in love with language.  I love the way it moves, the way it sounds, the way it feels, the way it thinks… 351 more words

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A sideways look

The scene: It is August 1914 and two young men have travelled to Moscow to enlist and fight for Russia against the Germans, but before doing so they meet Varsonofiev, an enigmatic old man they have previously seen in a library, who invites them for a beer at a nearby Inn.  256 more words


The simple satisfaction of cycling into work along the River Frome into Bristol

My daily commute follows the River Frome into the centre of Bristol. Or I should say, as close as the modern infrastructure built around the river allows. 497 more words

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It's About Time

I broke my watch, and since I’m some years over 40 and use my telephone for making telephone calls, I’ve spent most of the last couple of days absent-mindedly looking at my naked wrist and wondering “Where’d the time go?”  And since I had no idea where I was supposed to be or what I was supposed to be doing at any particular moment, I took the opportunity to try to wrap my mind around the nature of time itself. 458 more words

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Stupid Is As Stupid Was

It’s generally agreed that we’re living in an age of extraordinary stupidity.  Our role models are celebrities whose careers consist of wardrobe malfunctions, the highest ambitions of our children don’t reach higher than the stars of Reality TV, and our vision of the future is Season 8 of… 443 more words

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