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Life Sentence

A man who attacked a wall

Appeared drunk or unsteady in the head

He was so incensed

He wrongly thought he was a can of tomatoes… 89 more words


May 24: Empathy

May 24: To represent itself at the 2017 Venice Biennale, South Africa has chosen an odd couple.

Mohau Modisakeng (*1986, Soweto) presents Passage (2017), a three-channel video installation that shows three characters, each in a small, stark white boat shot in aerial view; each struggles as their vessel fills with water until they sink completely, the boats becoming coffins. 1,544 more words


News Alert

The human race threatens it own future,

Peace loving robots pose shirtless to prove they mean well

Court orders new faces for fashion victims

Edinburgh fringe cut short… 119 more words


Let reason be your anchor...

I firmly believe the average person in the British Muslim community is outraged by the sort of atrocity we saw in Manchester last night, in which at least 22 people died and 60 were injured, in the same way any Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist or atheist person with a shred of human decency would be; because none of these philosophies condone the senseless killing of innocent people. 334 more words


May 21: Appearances

May 21: The term ‘society photographer’ conjures up images of expensively dressed glitterati at garden parties, or weddings photos of the rich and famous. It is time to reconsider the meaning of the label and its importance as a genre. 2,337 more words


I come from my country

I come from my country
Where Thursday frost sparkles
Beneath my feet
Some wear their national identity
Like a cloak, but mine
Is more like a well-worn cardigan… 74 more words


Poem to Donald Trump

The rebel messiah who has billions

Has come to take what he already owns

The world rejects his face, and he refuses them that right… 34 more words