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The Boy on the Beach

The Boy on the Beach

He lies like a beached seal, washed up like human driftwood on the unforgiving sand.

He came from a war; fleeing towards peace, chasing freedom, safety and security. 120 more words

Creative Writing

Someone Like Me

It’s that time of year again, that I’m sure so many of you are familiar with yourselves… The seasons are changing, the temperatures dropping and for myself, that means just one thing – Time for a wardrobe update. 412 more words


Lessons and Locations


Smart people learn old lessons and adapt them to modern settings.

You might think of respect as a container. Things like joy, disappointment, frustration, relief, wisdom and error might fill and be linked to that container. 69 more words

Social Comment

Amongst the rain

Amongst the rain,

a victory of the now,

descending into –

this nation of relief.

What was taken in fear,

and corrupted by lies,

now reclaimed by the silent majority. 31 more words


News Alert

The human race threatens it own future,

Peace loving robots pose shirtless to prove they mean well

Court orders new faces for fashion victims

Edinburgh fringe cut short… 119 more words


Rent Boy

Work drags you from your bed

Grabs your freedom

Then buggers you from 9 to 5

It treats you like nothing

Your faceless

A body that does a job. 41 more words




Using two-legged white mice

To try out ideas–nice–

The mice, they care

They’re going somewhere,

But to keep changing routes–NOT NICE-!

–Jonathan Caswell

By Jonathan Caswell