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The Return of the Graduate

The blog that drew the most views (160) in 2016 was “Top 10 ways I know my son is home from college”. This high readership is either because my son is so popular his friends wanted to read about the chaos he creates when he returns home, a whirlwind on steroids would do less damage. 1,046 more words

Hard work is not inherently good

Hard work has become the most lauded virtue of our time. “Work hard and you will achieve your dreams” is the mantra that every child grows up with – at home and in school – to the extent that it becomes the eternal and universal truth. 603 more words

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Making America great again with ... 3 Doors Down?

One of the reasons why we all fondly remember the musical era of the time we grew up in is because it brings us back to the days of our childhood, when responsibilities were limited and we were blissfully ignorant about the ways of the world. 507 more words

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January 17th, 2017


 Jonathots, Jr. Daily Blog

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10 Acts of Resistance on Inauguration Day

10 Acts of Resistance on Inauguration Day
by John Pavlovitz

1) Serve someone.

2) Engage in financial activism.

3) Get your hands dirty.

4) Reach across a divide. 19 more words