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Fat Sex: The Naked Truth by Rebecca Jane Weinstein

This book had a lot of wasted potential. It definitely wasn’t the book I thought it would be.

Judging by the title, one might think this is some kind of lascivious indulgence, or possibly an expose of sorts. 509 more words

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A Rich Blend.

This is a little piece I wrote in one of my creative writing classes. We were asked to set it in a coffee shop in an airport and experiment with dialogue. 495 more words


Propaganda, Censorship, and ISIS

Seekers of Truth must never rest upon realized facts. Every realized fact must be constantly expanded, to maintain personal victory in the war each of us must fight against our enemies. 1,192 more words

Social Commentary

Wedding and Tradition can take a hike

Wedding dress prices and tradition can, for the most part, take a hike for me.

As a person who pokes around things I love finding out the tradition of things. 892 more words



Dear wordpress,

What the exact buggery-flip’s been going on?!

I haven’t been able to get on to the app for over a week!

Not that anyone, but the elven community, seems to have bloody well noticed. 168 more words


When You Can't Look Away

It’s impossible to look away. I know I have other things to be doing. I know I don’t even know her. To approach would be rude, especially when she is obviously busy, and the reasoning behind my advance even ruder. 394 more words


The 4th of July weekend is winding down, today is Sunday and I hope you all had and are still having a great holiday weekend! Now that I am retired, I find that I love Mondays! 1,081 more words