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I Saw DMX Three Days Before He Went Back To Jail. I Swear It Wasn't My Fault.

One of my favorite hobbies is going to concerts and music festivals. I was fortunate to be raised by parents with the same hobby and saw Journey, Steely Dan, and other awesome bands as a kid. 2,400 more words

Back In Jail

June 21st, 2018

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Social Commentary

The Lamest Argument

Dropping by with a short post/mini-rant I need to get off my chest before I go to work.

Over the years, I hear one line of defense that I wish like hell would die: 321 more words


Hannah Gadsby's Comedy Special 'Nanette' is Divisive yet Fascinating

Where does one even begin to discuss this special? I pretty much like to keep the peace so I’m going to be walking on more eggshells than that time your teacher dropped all the those eggs off a ladder. 955 more words

The Diversity Training Rip-Off


A friend who runs a business operating in a northern city was recently approached by a group of Diversity Training “officers”. They comprised an aggressive Trans and one other. 769 more words


Stuck in limbo: the world's refugee crisis. Temporary homes away from home

There were more displaced people in the world at the end of last year then there is in the whole of the U.K; nearly 70 million people. 377 more words


British values vs righteousness and truth

Thus says God: A wise man shouldn’t boast in his wisdom, nor a strong man in his strength. A wealthy man shouldn’t boast in his wealth.

2,049 more words