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Apple's Hardest Sell Yet

Apple has made so many things that have allowed our lives to become more connected and more productive. The first All-in-One Computer, The iMac. The first touch screen phone, the iPhone. 299 more words

Social Commentary

The Belle of Amherst

This is getting to be quite a lot of work, you know?  I bit off off a big chunk when I decided to do a Series on poets over the course of my life.  964 more words


The Running of the Satyrs

Conversations have become a contest.  People will talk to each other, and quite often it seems the only thing carrying the discussion forward is the participants’ interest in being the one who will espouse the wittier sarcastic comment for the evening.  511 more words


Words to Live By 3/3/15

If we are going to see real development in the world then our best investment is women – Desmond Tutu pic.twitter.com/TIz6jZCgcT

— Upcoming Producers (@Beatbakkers) March 3, 2015


Brilliance in the Basic

Ashley woke up on Saturday at 10 a. m.
She checked her iPhone 5S:
Samantha and Julie were going to the mall at 2 – did she want to go? 234 more words


Death: The Greatest Censorship of All

The most malevolent and universally harmful form of censorship imposed by all human societies and governments upon their citizen-slaves, is the censorship of the actual process of death, and by proxy, the consequences and ramifications of dying. 813 more words

Social Commentary