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Something to Believe In

20 years ago this week 39 members of a religious cult committed mass suicide in order to transcend to the alien spaceship following the tail of the Comet Hale-Bopp. 449 more words

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Deirdre O' Keeffe - an aspiring poet

(photograph courtesy of Deirdre O’ Keeffe)

As someone who loves to write and who is still learning the craft of writing, I love to read the work of other writers. 758 more words

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Her voice from the kitchen window - interviews with people (mainly women, but not exclusively) to inspire and empower

(Image courtesy of Jinga Life – Instagram  – March 24 2017)

I shall be posting a series of articles where I have interviewed people that inspire and empower those around them. 240 more words

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Your Melancholy Masterpiece

This piece was inspired by Picasso’s painting “The Weeping Woman” (shown below), and his relationship with its model, Dora Maar, who was a painter, activist, poet, and amazing surrealist photographer. 762 more words


Quotation for Today -30/03/2017

Scott Pelley CBS Evening News on Feb 7

“It has been a busy day for presidential statements divorced from reality. Mr. Trump said this morning that any polls that show disapproval of his immigration ban are fake.

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Say It With Me: James Jackson Is A Terrorist

Look, let’s skip the formalities, son. Fuck James Jackson, man. This clown is a terrorist, regardless of how anyone tries to spin the story. Now, while it’s good to see him formally being charged with “ 363 more words

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Random Acts: Howard Zinn

“Protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential to it.” 
― Howard Zinn

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