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How many?

It’s a known theory that a stream of consciousness exists that many tap into as regularly as many login to the internet. Tapping into this stream brings its own perils such as moodiness in times of great upheaval within that stream. 165 more words


May 24th, 2017


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Cosmos: Old School (2002) - part thirteen

I’ve always wondered – as have, no doubt all his friends – what a behavioural psychologist would make of Mr. Eugene Carmichael Ellis. While fundamentally a decent guy, his penchant for practical jokes and mind-games, boisterous (and dare I say alarming?) enthusiasm, and devil-may-care attitude to his own personal safety makes one wonder what goes on in his head sometimes. 815 more words


Race and America, a political hustle

I’m watching Charles Barkley’s series “Race in America” and it’s frustrating to hear folks using “civil rights era” language and philosophies to attempt to define today’s divisions among Americans. 532 more words

Social Commentary

When Will We Call A Hate Crime A Hate Crime?

Man, stories like this make me fucking furious, bruh! Like, we live in a time where we can’t just call shit what it is. Look, instead of attacking situations head on, people would much rather beat around the bush. 318 more words

Social Commentary

Anna Clark - Private Lives, Public History (Literature Review)

Australian historian Anna Clark is well-regarded in her chosen field and is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow in Public History at Sydney’s University of Technology. 509 more words

Literature Reviews


Through literature and writing, we understand our actions, our choices, and our decisions. Words without actions are…a form of art. While some actions may seem impossible, there’s always a thesaurus to shift a perspective. 469 more words

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