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August Is No Recess When Working Poor

School is out for Iowans who work yet remain on the margins of society.

There is no recess from the constant demand to secure basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. 587 more words

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Greed on Credit

I truly appreciate Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University.  I highly recommend it for everyone.  Indeed, it should be required curriculum in high schools… 1,260 more words

Social Commentary

Talking Dead

There’s been a strange disease

Through certain sections of our land.

It’s not the plague or Zika—

Those we all can understand.

Instead it causes people… 242 more words

Social Commentary

Inflammatory Speech on Social Media

There is much angst out there on the inter-webs, and so many people spoiling for a fight. One blanket statement or offensive Meme and it begins. 367 more words


Hugs All Around

When you dye your hair steel-grey, as American star swimmer Ryan Lochte did for the 2016 Rio Olympics, people might wonder where you got those big blue eyes and that little tiny mind. 455 more words

Social Commentary

Burning retribution

So yesterday I went to watch burning doors featuring Maria Alyokhina from the famous Russian activist group: Pussy Riot. In a play about freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and the fight against injustices, I experienced something I don’t think I could ever successfully communicate. 419 more words


The Fallacy of Modern Liberalism

From both personal experience and extensive study, I have come to the conclusion that the  blatant stupidity and ignorance of my generation is due to their knowledge of politics and social issues coming predominantly from social media. 479 more words