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Tourists for the Poor

So many of them are tall
these tourists, taller on top of jeeps
arms spread aimlessly to the wind,
no chance to touch the heat of day. 108 more words


Shaved Dog helping to spread awareness.

This does not get talked about enough.


American devotion to order over justice must end

We need to disrupt the legal and political system that expects people of color to shut up and women to behave

By Chaumtoli Huq

Last summer, during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, I stood on the sidewalk in Times Square while my husband took my kids to use a restroom in a nearby restaurant.

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Cell Phones-Pros and Cons

I often wonder about the benefits of the technology age. Is this—the era of immediate accessibility and unlimited mobile porn—truly humanity’s finest? I don’t have the answer—all I have is the perspective of a male in his mid-twenties. 733 more words


The Back Seat Driver

Janet was drunk again. The big girls’ night out Alice had been guilt-tripped into attending had gone the way they always had, ever since those nights out involved cans of cider in the nearby industrial estate. 3,054 more words

Short Story

Republican McCarthyism Then and Now

                         Welcome back MY Dear Shoevians to The Other Shoe. . Today I share ‘Republican Party McCarthyism – Then and Now’  about the current state of our Republican Party… 2,592 more words


Fear and Loathing at Stephen’s House – Part 3: Bill C-51

This law is unnecessary.

Statistically, it’s unlikely one’s physical safety would ever be directly affected by terrorism within this beautiful country.  We are a good, ethical nation that has grown to be one of the most peaceful nations in the world.   281 more words