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I’m old

By others standards


And a life lived


I dispute my years

I don’t fit the new

My gauge isn’t set the same… 82 more words

Bully for you

And by “you,” I of course mean “the mamas.”

The other day I picked up Little Bug from daycare and though I’m used to getting the occasional injury report, I was not accustomed to what happened on Friday. 686 more words

Social Commentary


by Kim Tamalonis

On tiny toes, urchins played tag,

And danced on dunes of decay.

Surrounded by great pungent stench,

Imaginations whisked them away.

The Cairo heat, merciless and fierce, 187 more words

Social Commentary

Ghostbusters and Street Harassment:Men, this is on you

CW: Sexual assault and harassment. Also, this post contains kinda-not-really spoilers for Ghostbusters.

Yesterday, a friend and I went to see  1,091 more words