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“I went away a small man,
But I’ll come home a tall man,
Then what a pretty bride you’ll be…

I’ll be a big man in town….” 404 more words

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You are now free to move about the country -- if you dare

There’s a few professions in life in which you prefer to never think about the actual human being whose doing the work.

The person who’s operating on you, for instance. 749 more words

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Liverpool Schedule

This is my first post about sports, and I would just like to put it out there that I am a Liverpool fan so I do have a biased. 218 more words

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Dust and Me

Each Time you step on my heart dust clouds at my feet. I stare at the particles of my life swirling in the sunlight with a blank stare. 270 more words

Social Commentary

I look forward to the day that the plural of ethnicity, ethnicities is not met with a red squiggle line.
“Ethnic groups” is often not the wording I want to use.


Blogs I Avoid

Any blog that puts down other bloggers for being themselves.

You don’t like a blog, fine.

But a long-winded egocentric post that demeans other people for not being as wise or as advanced or as educated as you is elitist and unnecessary.

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Photography And Art

Papa Ate the Pot Brownies

Papa Ate the Pot Brownies

Papa was rolling and stoned

When 911 was phoned

They rushed him to emergency

But it was just an abundance of THC. 27 more words