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Donald Trump will NEVER be the Leader of the Free World

In 2016 there are 22 countries that are deemed to have more freedom than the United States

Despite this,  the President of the United States is also referred to as “The Leader of the Free World”. 165 more words


Facebook is the bomb!

Yes I am down with the street! So down in fact that my chin his stubbled with grit and hairless.

I do like to keep up with cultural trends like the next slider. 147 more words


"Ghana's Graduation with Honors": The Two Turnover Test 

​Ghana has passed the “two turn-over” test.

The “two turnover test” is a measure of democratic consolidation propounded by political thinker Samuel Huntington, where the consolidation of a democracy takes place if “the party or group that takes power in the initial election at the time of transition loses a subsequent election and turns over power to those election winners, and if those election winners then peacefully turn over power to the winners of a later election.”

884 more words

Saturday Morning Cartoon: The Cycle of Bullying as Told by "A Silent Voice"

(The following trailer is in Japanese. You can turn on English subtitles in the settings)

Sometimes important issues, such as bullying and discrimination against the disabled, are not talked about enough. 1,033 more words

Movie Review

And Gutenberg Lived Here: "Miss"ing

I’m going to go outside of the holiday season just for a moment

Back to ho ho ho tomorrow, I promise,

but the prompt of the day, 545 more words


The Hats & The Have Nots

Stop the press

the less you know the better

trust the internet

to separate the helter skelter

from the truth

don’t lose

your freedom

bleating yes Sir, no Sir – … 107 more words


How Humans Choose Their Leaders

We have already established as fact, via My brilliant texts, that leadership is a failed social experiment of the human species, a behavioral and ideological lifestyle choice inspired by universal species brain failure and dysfunction, a choice which causes universal harm not merely for every human, but for every living thing, plant and animal, on this planet, as well as ensuring evolutionary regression and devolution on a perpetual level, to result in near-term species extinction. 419 more words

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