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What ever happened to femininity?

*Taken from my blog, Just the Little Things*

For nearly two and a half years I have been quietly observing my female peers at my institution. 634 more words

Social Commentary

Lack of Confidence

Ever since I was nine years old I had a great passion for volleyball. My family got our first volleyball when I was eight, and picking up the sport came very naturally to me. 1,114 more words

We made it!

Finally got our own place!

Got most of my crap transferred from NC; gotta work on ‘scripts now.

Moving in has been a bit of an adventure, with all the cleaning, unpacking and buying new things; even qualified for food stamps. 481 more words


Hunger pains

The worse thing about trying to control your hunger when you are trying to save money, and have no groceries yet, but can’t drive because the panic attacks you get are too horrible to risk anybody’s life; is, with my childhood…? 177 more words


Tax Scam # 1-206-486-9215

Tax Scam Number 1-206-486-9215

I got a call from a woman who claimed she was from the IRS.

I listened as she told me that the IRS was ‘about’ to launch a criminal… 504 more words


Filosofa, the Anti-Valentine

You know it is February when you see red, heart-shaped boxes of candy all over every store you are in, even the local bookstore!  You know it is February when advertisements for florists, chocolatiers, and greeting cards are in your face everywhere you go in both the real and virtual world.  812 more words

Social Commentary