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Growing up as Hispanic, I have faced certain challenges both in the Latin community as well as being an America-born citizen. Spanish is not my first language. 267 more words


When We Were Kids

Nature Valley recently released a new campaign that’s, more or less, gone viral. Thank goodness. Coined “#RediscoverNature,” while it’s obviously an advertising ploy, it’s quite the social commentary, too. 627 more words

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What Transgenderism Is Part 2

In my last post, “What Transgenderism Is” I mistakenly stated that it is not viewed as a mental illness. It is called “Gender Identity Disorder” because it is viewed as a disruption of functional life, thus it is a disorder and classified in the DSM-5. 78 more words

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Do Nothing ... Get Nothing

When some TO nigger gets shot by a cop doing their job they want to start some fuckin save black lives protest but they’re not smart enough to realize that more blacks are killed by blacks and more blacks are killed as innocent bystanders than are killed by cops. 358 more words

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What Transgenderism Is

Today I was surfing Reddit.com¬†when I found an excellent thread called “ELI5 : How are transgendered individuals different from other dissociative disorders?”. Oh boy, I thought, there is so much ignorance in that one small statement. 943 more words

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Bwana Walter Palmer

The lion killer…. We have all heard about the African lion Cecil who was slaughtered by American dentist Walter Palmer. It is an international insult to common decency and and humanity. 248 more words

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"Beware of Darkness"

George Harrison

“Beware of Darkness”

Watch out now, take care
Beware of falling swingers
Dropping all around you
The pain that often mingles
In your fingertips… 115 more words