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A Few Words About The Meteroric Rise Of Political Correctness:

First of all — before we proceed with this post — I think we could use a reasonably accurate definition of exactly what “Politically Correct” is and what “Politically Correct” means and some idea of how it might affect all our freedoms as Americans and as citizens of the larger world around us all. 925 more words

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May 31st, 2016

 Jonathots, Jr. Daily Blog

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“A statue of founding father and writer of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson is sparking debate at the University of Missouri, with some students demanding that the statue be removed over Jefferson’s “offensive” history as a slave owner.” Online article. 188 more words


Save us from the do-gooders

I grew up in what sociologists call relative poverty. I was poor but I wasn’t starving.  I had clothes, but they weren’t new, we had a TV, but it was black and white. 1,899 more words

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Fight Club

“Fight Club” an aggressive, confrontational, often brutal satire that is quite possibly a brilliant masterpiece. Taking the “Choose life,” anti-consumerism rant at the beginning of “Trainspotting,” and carrying it to its logical — albeit extreme — conclusion this is a big budget, mainstream film that takes a lot of risks by biting the hand that feeds it. 632 more words

It can be all about loving your parents. Or not. Chill.

Floating around is a ruthless bashing of a social construct very typical to South Asian communities—living with parents after you have ‘adult-ed’ and in spite of earning a satisfactory living.   679 more words

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