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The Blarg No. 66: Rosemarie Dombrowski

Get your kicks on The Blarg 66? (Sorry)

If anything can be said to be the modus operandi of 2017, it’s one step up, 2000 steps back; a minor victory followed by countless setbacks; a brief moment of surfacing for air, then right back under water. 717 more words

Limited Engagement

The Death of Words

“Where to begin? I don’t even know…” He had paced the length of the room almost a hundred times in silent deliberation. His heart was at war with his mind; a battle that he knew would never truly be settled. 2,420 more words


There are times I wish I could keep my head buried in the sand and just not know things, things that challenge my beliefs in a just God and the alleged underlying morality of mankind. 579 more words

Social Commentary

The Encapsulated Prospective




1400 x 2100 Pixels




1400 x 2100 Pixels




1400 x 2100 Pixels

“4” 15 more words


International Immigrants Day

Here are some facts and figures regarding the emigration and refugee crisis that affects millions across our world today. The suffering is unimaginable and avoidable, yet continues. 7 more words


I Almost Worked for a Cult 27

Herself was bed ridden for four days in absolute agony. We were treating it with paracetamol and ice. It worked for hangovers; surely it was a cure for severe back pain? 672 more words


Value Paid, Value Received

A demonstration of value paid and value received, thanks to Nick Boscia.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had a fear of someone under my bed at night. 219 more words