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The PSA: Institutionalized Mind Genocide

Every human is a victim of rape, ongoing and sustained. Rape is a violation of body OR mind autonomy. A few days ago I was raped by a PSA sign. 552 more words

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Faux Oppression

Your revolution ain’t special. These virtual warriors out there sending out tweets, blurbs, and blogs about how they’re oppressed in America. Get real. There isn’t a group of folks within these borders who even knows what oppression feels like outside of being bullied in a classroom or cyber space. 635 more words

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Guns In Daycare??? NONSENSE!!!

The headline on 21 March read:

Big Changes to Ohio’s Gun Laws Take Effect Today

Stoked, thinking … finally … some common sense has ensued to limit where guns are allowed.  1,122 more words

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Very Important Question

Heya! Got a question for y’all. Ever heard of a thing called “Patreon”? It’s part of the whole crowd funding scene, a place kinda like Kickstarter but with two notable differences: A) It’s just for artists, but for artists of all stripes and types…and B) Instead of one time donations, it’s a recurring thing, allowing folks to be, basically, patrons of the arts…at whatever level is possible for them. 424 more words

Green Mouse Ice Cream!

"You Are A Traitor Solomon"-Black Women


I’m going to brief here gentlemen, the coalition of butt-hurt oompa loompa’are in an uproar. You see these women are mad when I tell black men too “ 311 more words


Our health care system - we deserve better

On Saturday evening, my daughter, who is nearly two years old, fell and hurt her foot. Her right foot was swollen and she couldn’t place her weight on it. 812 more words

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Scorpions of capitalism

A scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, they would both drown. 358 more words