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Get Mad!!!!!!!

Much has been said in the past two days about the fact that Trump seems poised to reject the results of the November election and to plant himself in our government as an autocratic leader, ala Adolf Hitler or more recently Vladimir Putin.  1,095 more words

Political Commentary


We notice, as we might,

Even, perhaps, recoil in fright,

As all the people within our sight,

Stand motionless, dead to rights.

Anxiety begins to take hold, 79 more words


On the topic of modern game shows

As it seems has grown customary, modern game shows have become a staple of television since nearing it’s inception. The thrill of an average man stepping up to take his place and win hemself a healthy cash prize has been an alluring idea to both watch and, for some, to take part in. 2,545 more words



How did humanity
arrive at this place?
Almost overnight,
viral war torn,
scarred, skeptical,
frazzled, frightened,
lonely isolation,
madly missing
the joy of life.

Humanity’s vitality… 90 more words


Out of Darkness

A beautiful soul doesn’t just happen. All
of life’s trials and tribulations are seeds
for soul growth, slowly shaping us into beings
of greater light. 41 more words


Beggars and the Myth of the “Innate Inferiority” of the Poor.

For most of humanity’s history, there has always been a group of people who have been classified as “leeches”, deemed inferior to whatever group was considered morally, physically, or intellectually, superior. 1,142 more words