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It Hurts!

The Milgram Experiment  of 1961 showed ordinary people were willing to inflict terrible pain on a stranger when ‘following orders’. Stanley Milgram, an American social psychologist, attempted to test… 560 more words


Supply Chain Solutions No.16 - Social Compliance Vs Commercial Reality

Social Compliance is an important reality in assessing and continuous maintenance, to maintaining a vendor matrix which matches today’s global retail brand’s corporate governance mandate.  It sets a framework in which the factory environment is safe, minimum standards for basics rights are enforced and maintained. 457 more words

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Supply Chain Solutions No.13 - Supplier Code of Conduct and Social Accountability

The Supplier Code of Conducts intend is to ensure all vendors who manufacture your brands product met a minimum level of Social Accountability and Compliance.  The Code of Conduct is a means to constitute an agreement with the vendor that they will meet a minimum standard within the Code and Conduct and are responsible to constantly maintain that standard within their organisation. 2,265 more words

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