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Derren Brown: Social Compliance and Free Will | The Friday Article

Sometimes, it’s easier to just say yes.

This week, illusionist and mentalist Derren Brown explored the psychological phenomena of social compliance. Whilst saying yes in certain scenarios can provide us with new opportunities, in some scenarios saying yes can lead to us making immoral or dangerous decisions. 757 more words


The State of Social Compliance

The Huffington Post featured a rare long-form piece on their website this past week blowing the lid off of the world of social compliance in fashion. 702 more words

France and the European Union Highlight the #GSCP Approach

Innovative business efforts are increasingly inspiring institutions. At the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP) joining forces for sustainable supply chains is our key mission. Today this collaborative approach is spreading to a larger array of actors and decision-making spheres to tackle urgent social and environmental issues. 327 more words

The Consumer Goods Forum

Clothes Done Right.

I love clothes. I love clothing so much, I am currently getting my MFA in Women’s Fashion. However, I don’t really like the clothing industry. As a potential designer, the unethical and downright horrible aspects of the clothing industry make me think twice about getting a job. 1,057 more words


Social Networking Adoption & Compliance in Regulated Industries

Ready to Jump into the Social Media Waters? Here are some tips on selecting a Social Networking compliance vendor.

Jim Zuffoletti, President, OpenQ, Inc.

The following is a summary from … 171 more words

Social Networking Risk and Security Management & Compliance

By Nick Hayes with Christopher McClean, Zach Hofer-Shall, Jessica McKee, Thayer Frechette

social media networkingsocial networking compliance is a security and risk nightmare — it’s used everywhere, all the time, by everyone both outside and inside your organization. 129 more words

Is it Safe to Jump on the +Social Media Train?

Is It Safe to Jump on the Social Media Train?
Chris Conroy, CRM Manager

According to IDC and Forrester reports, 51% of respondents said that enterprise +social media tools will be crucial in future business endeavors. 272 more words