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February Newsletter

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In this month’s issue: Congregational Votes Create Emaus ELCA 💖 Ash Wednesday Services 💖 ‘The Power of the Spirit Is at Work’ 💖 Owl Pellets and Eggs 💖 Souper Bowl of Caring 💖 Emaus Youth Team Up with Coffee Farmers 💖 Rada Knife Fund Raiser 💖 Outreach for Hope Lenten Challenge 💖 Pink Paddling Power Rummage Sale 💖 Recycling as Lifestyle 💖 February Community Meal 💖 ‘We’re One!’


Airtel 4G - India

Omg! What the f**k is the problem with Airtel. Why would they cast such an ANNOYING model to promote their ad.

First they got her to tell everyone what airtel 4G does…..then they got her to meddle among people and challenge them ‘who can download faster’….. 164 more words

Random Rambles

Unintentional Subterfuge

Crippledom. The word is a noun that sadly connotes, promotes, and strongly encourages insignificant, ultra-provincial, minutely microcosmic, and chronically monochromatic negative imagery, but this ignorant connection of… 1,872 more words

Social Concerns

Jesus Wept

Long and wavy black hair cascades
his haggard-fierce Judean face–
the quintessence of sympathetic love–
piercing dark brown eyes sympathize,
scrutinizing a dark emaciated thin-tight skeletal boy, 125 more words

Social Concerns

Template for 2016 Uber Conservative Presidential Candidates

I’m a man. I’m white, educated, and I believe that I have already earned a post-terrestrial invitation to a sybaritic Heaven simply because I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and it has been revealed to me by God’s celestial guidance, the singular omniscient and omnipotent being who looks an awful lot like Charlton Heston and who has directly directed me to understand which biblical texts are… 1,908 more words

Social Concerns

2015 Annual Report

The 2015 Emmaus Annual Report of the Congregation is available for download here(Updated January 20).

Page 10 is deliberately blank and thus omitted from the .pdf.


Crossroads: The Sixth Mass Extinction

Does anything positive ever evolve when one questions the social traditions, habits, or patterns of a Life widely considered typical within one’s personal microcosm, which prepares her to think independently? 1,974 more words

Social Concerns