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Earth Bound - Chapter VIII

Confusing Intrusion

“Read that back to me please.”

The digital audio recording apparatus repeats what Dr. Benito Stelfast has just dictated in the doctor’s own droning voice: 324 more words

Social Concerns

Chapter VII - Genesis


The western sky is unevenly streaked with slender amber fingers of fog that stretch across the ember-breathing horizon; distant gray and umber mountain ranges softly melt into the tinged orange, red, and violet solar decay as the ebony cloak of evening silently spreads eastward where slowly fading particles of light dissipate into ever-increasing darkness. 1,769 more words

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Environmental Stewardship: Science v. Denial

by John Berge

From statements made during the recent political campaign and since, from the persons nominated to cabinet and other positions of power, and from directives written by those now in authority to quash public comments by scientists at all levels, it is apparent that both state and federal governments are in the hands of global warming deniers and advocates of the fossil fuel industry. 429 more words

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Earth Bound - Chapter VI

Dark Friday

Dr. Benito Stelfast’s personal serviton, Rodney, escorts Sergeant Viernes into Benito’s residential library. Introspectively, the sergeant wanders around the room, musing to himself as he meanders away from a bookshelf of impressive leather-bound books and casually approaches a portrait of a beautiful woman with piercing brown eyes; bright, chestnut brown hair, long and wavy; a regal woman possessing celestial puissance and the smile of a renaissance goddess. 637 more words

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Earth Bound - Chapter V

ABC’s United Nations of Globe Trotters

Night falls and hurricane winds batter the mountainous region with marauding apathy, extirpating thick root-entrenched trees with incongruous grace and dexterity, blasting out chunks of terrestrial alpine dominion and smashing boulders into cosmic dust. 2,302 more words

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Earth Bond - Chapter IV

Dream of A Gilded Planet

Sergeant Viernes is slightly irritated that he has become more and more associated with Dr. Benito Stelfast, not that he’s become best friends with him by any stretch of the imagination, but the doctor knows him on a first-name, casual, momentarily lost-then-recognized basis. 1,167 more words

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El Amor no Deberia Doler

In English below/

Un orador del Centro de Recursos de Racine de las Mujeres será a Emaus en 18:00 el miércoles 15 de febrero. Te invitamos a “la Curación Comienza Aquí”. 54 more words

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