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Superfluous Conservative Rhetoric

There is an economic divide between the extremely wealthy and the poorest citizens of the contemporary, disconnected United States of America that has been stimulating thoughts of rebellion that will make the decollated violence of Bastille Day seem like the celebration of a minor Christian festival by octogenarian nuns in a third-world country. 2,052 more words

Social Concerns

Ten of Clubs/Jack

Ten of Clubs

10pm. Manchester. Saturday night:

a hundred plus hareem
of heated heeled women
hollering hateful soundbites
because their homegirls
are not hot on their heels. 277 more words


Lennie's Sandwiches

Remember Lennie from ‘Of Mice and Men’? I drove past a shop in Manchester called ‘Lennie ‘s Sandwiches’ and it made me wish he’d lived in modern day Britain. 128 more words


Emaus in Living Lutheran

Emaus makes an appearance in the May, 2016 issue of Living Lutheran (formerly The Lutheran) … even though, as the disclaimer points out, the “photo illustration doesn’t reflect the political views of those pictured.”

Social Concerns


I’ve had a couple of days off but I’m back with the title piece from this series of poems. The story began in 2013 and I’ve been seeing fragments ever since… 206 more words


May Newsletter

Click here to read the on-line version of the May Emaus Visitor.

In this month’s issue: 🔥 Pentecost Festival Worship 🔥 Congregational Meeting 🔥 Fiesta Mexicana May 7 🔥 Council Recommends Call 🔥 Transition Team Report 🔥 Synod Assembly June 3-5 🔥 Time Capsule Opened 🔥 Emaus Library Update 🔥 Neighborhood Camp 🔥 Green Grounds Team 🔥 After School Program Wraps Year Up 🔥 Mt. 16 more words


Kevin Hunter Bikes to End AIDS

Shirley Velzka’s son Kevin Hunter will participate in the AIDS LifeCycle Ride to End AIDS from San Francisco to Los Angeles June 5-11.

A donation registration form… 78 more words

Social Concerns