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RIC Community Meeting December 14

Emaus ELCA will host an open community meeting led by Racine Interfaith Coalition (RIC) on Wednesday, December 14 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. This meeting is intended to express solidarity with members of the Hispanic community and others who feel vulnerable. 397 more words

Social Concerns

December Newsletter

Haga clic acqí por leer el Emaus Visitor de diciembre, 2016.  En la Emaus Visitor por este mes: ✨ ¿Qué Significa las Posadas? ✨ Gracias por su Gran Ayuda✨ La Pastorela de los Niños  ✨ Misa de Confirmación ✨ Árbol del Dar ✨ Una oportunidad de comprar los siguientes regalos ✨ Programa de las Posadas ✨ El calendario es… 43 more words


Why People Leave The Church

Tim Challies published yesterday a blog post titled, “Why Christian Kids Leave the Faith.” It’s full of some interesting perspectives on why children raised in Christian homes would abandon the faith. 757 more words



These gentlemen-  just living – with no place to call home … they may have an opinion about world events or they may not … but they owe no one nothing. 278 more words


Making Room for People

I can remember growing up in the church — I won’t say Church, because the churches I knew growing up were far from faithful and far from one another — and hearing a message of sin and repentance that I accepted blindly then and look back on now with horror and disgust. 733 more words


Environmental Stewardship: Energy-Saving Machinery

By John Berge

There is a Joe Heller cartoon on our bulletin board at home showing a couple taking a walk through the neighborhood. In the first panel, she says, “I just love the sound of rustling leaves crunching under my feet.” In the second, she is surrounded by neighbors with leaf blowers and she says, “I just wish I could hear it!” 492 more words

Social Concerns

Personal Care Items for Vets

The Emaus Stitchers have donated five quilts to the Tiny Homes for Veterans and now we are collecting towels (kitchen or bath), washcloths and personal care items for them.  20 more words

Social Concerns