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Failure - What's in a Word? - Part 3

Here I follow up on part 1 and part 2 of my discussion on failure and now weave men, manhood and masculinity into this narrative. 2,658 more words

Social Concerns

The Conversation We Need to Have About Gay Rights

I have a friend who often wonders why people care about the personal lives of other people. Why does anyone care whether somebody chooses to be single or married, have children or not, wants to sleep with this one or that one? 1,316 more words


What the What...Should Blacks Vote Republican?

I think we are missing his point. What Stephen is attempting to say is that many democrats take the black vote for granted; they don’t work for it. 123 more words


Intersectionality...What the heck is that?

When I first heard the word “intersectionality,” I kept getting it confused with intersectoral. I’ve come to realize, they are very different; however, both are very important to what I do and who I am. 160 more words


Sagging Pants Does Not Equate to Sagging Values

For years I’ve debated the issue of people wearing sagging pants with anyone who cared to listen. I’ve hesitated to speak publicly for fear people would think I was condoning the style of dress. 204 more words