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The dark side of last week's victories #SCOTUS #MarriageEquality #Obamacare

This message is for those of you determined to create change or who feel its the only option…

The Supreme Court decisions last week were a great leap forward for social justice, and we can’t ever take away from the decades of work that activists put into these causes. 266 more words

Social Consciousness

Toys of Civilized!

We are these days locked in the debate for understanding the necessary premises to establish the most sustainable societies. Our only guide to attempt at deciphering this question is to look backwards in time i.e., going through history. 935 more words

Corporate Social Responsibility

Second-Hand Bullets

so doctor doctor won’t you please prescribe me somethin
a day in the life of someone else
Cuz I’m a hazard to myself

– Pink… 1,150 more words

Politic Rantings

Self-Love is not about disengagement or complacency.

I’m going to be very blunt.

It might seem that a blog all about Self-love would have nothing to say about what happened in Charleston, South Carolina last week. 840 more words

Notes From Kelly

The Ball is in Your Court: Basketball’s Call for Radical Christians

The Ball is in Your Court: Basketball’s Call for Radical Christians

Today’s Father’s Day message in church was a bit of confirmation for me as a scholar/activist of faith. 2,349 more words


Open Up Your Mind (2009)

An old poem I just discovered, circa 2009…


Open up your mind…
Leave the lessons of your educators, and media impressions behind
Blink twice, light rays reflected into brown eyes, you may just find… 524 more words

Why a liberal professor shouldn’t be afraid of his liberal students

Facebook is a wonderful thing. It helps one stumble upon everything and anything, from the illuminating to the mind-numbingly mundane. Two days ago, my newsfeed cheerily threw in my face an article that was neither. 1,062 more words