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Think of climate change as an economic deterrent

Most of us think of climate change in terms of how it will affect the planet, plants, animals and people.  We think of natural disasters such as flooding, trout, hurricanes and such and imagine these things being broadcast to us on television. 106 more words


Their crime may be for being 'functionally homeless '

These days it seems not uncommon to hear about people who locked their kids away or worse. Now comes the story of the Joshua tree couple who lived in a 200 square-foot box with three children. 127 more words

Social Consciousness

Is Eco-Guilt A Sign Of Hope?

I’ve always felt that the burning need inside of me to help the planet would result in an explosion of action. As a child, I idolized the Jane Godalls and David Suzukis of our planet. 833 more words

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Writer Virginia Wolf

Google honors writer Virginia Wolf

I was quite impressed this morning as I opened the chrome browser to see Google’s doodle of writer Virginia Wolf. 212 more words

Marching Toward Culturally Relevant Advertising

Today I went to the Women’s March with a friend and Hugo, his black lab puppy. Hugo had a sign on his back, “The Future Is Bitches”. 465 more words


The Stages of Consciousness and the Self-Fulfillment of the Cosmic Fugue

Marxism is an incomplete philosophy, and I do consider myself a Marxist. It acknowledges, accurately, that human ideas spring from material conditions and that the conditions of opposing classes are the bedrock of opposing ideas. 2,458 more words

When Advertising "Misses the Mark"

By: Cali Magdaleno

Editor: Divya Thirunagari

At this point in time, it’s pretty hard to deny that the media we consume can potentially affect our viewpoints and the culture we live in.   357 more words