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What’s the deal, Pickle?

These pickles aren’t kosher tho! I’ve heard of the elderly being taken advantage of with mortgages, but not with nudes. Geez Louise! This could be your grandmother! 409 more words

Social Consciousness

I Went to War and then A Seagull

I went to war on St. John’s eve,

no summer’s rain, no summer’s breeze,

I thought I heard, above the clouds,

a voice that spoke but not too loud and said, “don’t leave.” 344 more words

Social Theory And Consciousness

About Snowflakes

In reading Ansel Adams’ book Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada (1948), a collection of writings by Naturalist John Muir accompanied by roughly sixty five lesser known black & white photographs of Yosemite taken by Adams, I am struck by Muir’s analogies dating back to the 19th century.  321 more words


Are We Winning Yet?

Is there

Has there been an increase or decrease in homelessness throughout the major cities of the United States?

As we approach election season(s) across the United States, I think the pandemic of homelessness needs to be moved up the latter of discussion a bit more. 357 more words

Social Consciousness

Saying, "Yo Mama" were fighting words when we were little. #DomesticTerrorism #DLHughley

Y’all remember back in the day when you’d be having a few choice words with someone on the playground and they said, “Yo mama!” Those were fighting words lol. 382 more words

Social Consciousness

Somebody’s daughter

I woke up with my heart pounding. As my eyes adjusted to the 3 a.m. darkness, it dawned on me that it was just a dream. 756 more words

Stories For Older Ones

From My Blood-Red Orange


To rise above the tide of ignorance,

To ignore unfounded fears,

To find truth,

that hides in places where my eyesight isn’t clear… 164 more words

Social Theory And Consciousness