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Woman to Woman

Happy women’s day to you. How was the day? This year International Women’s Day’s campaign theme is #balanceforbetter.  It is aimed at achieving a gender-balance in the working world. 494 more words

Social Consciousness

Extraordinary teens

The most vivid memories I have from my childhood come from the long train journeys I took to reach my grandmother’s home thousands of miles away from where I lived. 1,027 more words

Human Values

Beat 'em like a rug?

My how times have changed. Today’s example: A video of Hunter Thompson debating a Hell’s Angel on TV. The Angel, hailing from the Oakland Chapter, rides his chopper onto the stage in front of a… 156 more words


It is incredible how our lives are but a reflection of the things we feed our mind.
In the last post we only scratched the surface, now we will further examine the concept… 736 more words


Eco-bricking it

So I spent until 10pm last night making Ecobricks, and let me tell you my hands will never be the same. Literally forcing plastic into a bottle with the end of a wooden spoon is harder than it apparently seems. 689 more words

Plastic Free

Is there anybody out there?

For thousands of years, humans has been wondering if there are other lifeforms out in the universe. Now comes a report that unusual patterns are being received by sensitive telescopes in British Columbia. 128 more words


City green

There used to be a building right here on this lot. It was three floors up and down, an empty building nailed up shut for as long as I could remember. 1,361 more words

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