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Clothes maketh man?

Writing has always been my favourite waste of time. I had big, partially impractical dreams as a thirteen year old. My penultimate goal in life was to become a journalist, Barkha Dutt was a huge inspiration even though I seldom understood the big words or agendas thrown around in the debates she used to conduct. 1,123 more words

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It's not complicated. It's football.

Sports reporters, sports broadcasters, and the sports media, in general, are up in arms.  They don’t understand how you, the common NFL fan, can avoid caring about all these stories they’ve created to open your eyes to the… 2,302 more words


"Only White People Do That"

Growing up as a black person in North America, I would be a millionaire if I got a dollar for every time I heard that line. 309 more words


Look Closer, See Me

In the midst of curriculum writing at work this week, I came across the poem that gave this blog post its title, “Look Closer, See Me.” It was written by a woman who lived out her last years in a nursing home and she is so on the mark with regard to the near invisibility of older people and, I would add, people with disabilities. 634 more words

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Too Soon...

I don’t have words.

But Nachi, you were so short a presence in my life and yet your absence is so deeply felt.

I can’t explain why. 74 more words

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Keep Me Safe...

What’s safety to you?

The other day it came on the news, some singer in my country that was convicted for having unlawful carnal knowledge of a minor and then got released from jail, assaulted his wife. 505 more words

Social Consciousness

The dark side of last week's victories #SCOTUS #MarriageEquality #Obamacare

This message is for those of you determined to create change or who feel its the only option…

The Supreme Court decisions last week were a great leap forward for social justice, and we can’t ever take away from the decades of work that activists put into these causes. 266 more words

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