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The legend of the woke warrior

Imagine residing in the comforting cradle of your REM cycle, a deep yet dreamless sleep. Your breathing is even and your heart beat is pacing at a constant thud. 742 more words

Have I Got Your Attention?

The benefits of salmon you didn't know...

Master gardeners know that fish emulsion is one of the best fertilizers to stimulate plant growth and health.   An editorial in today’s Los Angeles times explains how salmon swimming upstream’s adds to the overall biological health of the echo system of our mountains streams and even our oceans here in California.     116 more words

Trumping a Symptom

Growing up in an era considered to be “second-wave feminism,” the “f-word” brought about empowerment and divisiveness, as social change will.  Gloria Steinem as a feminist activist, was getting her foothold in the consciousness of American culture, 1,050 more words


Romance & Feminism: Isla Dean Interviewed by Geek Girl Authority

Isla sat down with Leona Laurie of Geek Girl Authority to chat about what it means to be a romance novelist and feminist. An important discussion between two passionate women. Check it out!

Isla Dean

Catch 22

Fall – leaves turn shades of browns and greens.

my heart dips and I don’t feel  that same sense of  summer’s beams.

Alone. I look to my left. 875 more words


Parents on the School Run: A Spotter's Guide PART EIGHT

Crikey! Well it’s that time again, people. As you may have gathered by now, we are exploring the different species of Parent on the School Run. 1,339 more words

Parents On The School Run: A Spotter's Guide

Slow Down, Fast Fashion

I love fashion. I’m not ashamed of loving outward aesthetics.

However … full stop … one thing I am increasingly ashamed of is my historical indulgences in fast fashion. 546 more words