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Slow Down, Fast Fashion

I love fashion. I’m not ashamed of loving outward aesthetics.

However … full stop … one thing I am increasingly ashamed of is my historical indulgences in fast fashion. 546 more words



This is part 1 of 2.

I owe my blog a couple of posts. But I want to write about Love. It’s been quite a while. 930 more words

Social Consciousness

Stay Woke

Growing up, I noticed my Dad didn’t like white people much. He always had to work with them and be all play nice for professional reasons, but he never… 1,198 more words


Everyone Belongs in the Kingdom

My little garden in a little town in a little state is my refuge, my haven, my glimpse of the Kingdom.

It is in shade, yet there are flowering plants and lots of green foliage. 527 more words

Just Stick to #Sports

If we backtracked to the root of the issue at hand we might land in Jamestown, Virginia. The year is 1619 and the value of a human life is equal to sugar, guns and maybe a few pieces of cloth. 1,381 more words


A semi-manifesto on Art

Does art reflect reality or does reality reflect art? Both. There is an intermingling process; the causation acts both ways. Art is part of reality, it aims towards a spiritual mode of existence in that reality. 1,466 more words


Restless and the Infinite Yearning

Here is the final animation that will be presented during the UAL Graduate Exhibition 2016 for the MA: Fine Art Digital.

Reading the Symposium once more reminded me of my methodology and why it is important to me.  605 more words

Artistic Creation