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The problem with torture

Apparently torture is becoming more accepted by Americans, so says Darius Rejali in an LA Times Op-Ed piece today. In 2001, 56% of Americans were opposed to torture. 119 more words


Get on John Lennon's bus...

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus rolled into Ventura today and parked at the Sheridan Way Elementary School off Ventura Avenue. Working with students who participate in the Harmony Project, a handful of students from area schools came together to write, perform and learn about how to make a track and video of the experience. 95 more words


Tabula Rasa

That feeling a lot of us are feeling….it just isn’t going away, is it?  It is not a case of “Bobby Ewing Taking A Shower”, which helped make a whole season of “Dallas” (the television dynasty show of the 1980s)  disappear with the stroke of a pen and it turns out it was only a dream.   673 more words

Losing Yourself

“This island scares me a little.” Those words were stated as a result of a light conversation on fidelity. It was as a result of observing how common infidelity is on the islands. 948 more words

"Beyond November" by Nikolai Garcia

Beyond November…
Beyond recounts and fear…
Beyond grief and liberal tears…

There are hearts,
And there are voices.
There are marches from coast to coast. 111 more words


Unsung Sheroes: Women & Hip-Hop

This episode of the Tangled Roots Podcast features guest Vida Starr, a talk show host as well as the pioneer of Reality Is Real, a digital hip-hop magazine which focuses on the often muted voices of underground emcees and women rappers who’ve been closed out of mainstream for far too long. 299 more words


"A Price That You Have To Pay (An Immigrant's Plight)" by Steve Baratta

May 8, 2014

She’s like a disrobed figure
Exposed to the elements

While working for worthless wages
In a land where prostitution

Takes on a new meaning…

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