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Warriors of Love

There’s a wonderful poem by Yrsa Daley-Ward on loving people who don’t love themselves – on being a love warrior:


Loving someone who hates… 188 more words


Say Yes to Yourself

These inspirational words from Seth Godin will remind you that there are various reasons why people may tell you no, ¬†but you can always say yes to yourself.”If you’re moving forward and moving fast, you’ve no doubt heard it: 210 more words

Professional Development

Kim? Oh no!

So, when I saw that Paper magazine cover of a stark full-frontal naked reality TV star, along with her well-oiled, beautiful posterior, my reaction was a peculiar blend of evenly-measured giggle and wince. 588 more words


A Wicked Thing To Do

The death penalty is in some ways like religion, you either believe in it or you don’t. The US is the only western country that still practices this, joining 58 other countries in doing so. 42 more words

Social Consciousness


COON! A word I never heard associated with me till now. I felt so compelled to share this experience with you all because I never got a chance to communicate effectively with the mouth it came from. 1,653 more words


Vivah Circuit

When one thinks of tourism in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the imagination usually comes to rest on the Taj and the Buddha circuit. But these traditional tourism trails are not for the modern adventurous and experience seeking traveller. 564 more words

Social Consciousness

Of Flattery & Tweaks

When I see an interesting garment, I mentally take it apart and analyse the fabric and pattern pieces. I enjoy the thrill from challenging myself to replicate the style, if only in my head. 633 more words