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Does Real World Anxiety Exist?

I, and many of my peers, are currently at a pivotal stage in our life: the transition between college life and the real world. While we can’t wait to be done school and re-learn what a good night’s sleep is, we are also very scared to leave and try to find a job, while attempting to pay back student loans. 433 more words

Social Consciousness

Dear York University (Hate Crime.)

Here is my latest correspondence with York University’s Student Relations Department.

Alfred and Debbie.

When I met with Alfred, I stated that this issue is larger than him. 714 more words

Social Consciousness and Chill: Dating While "Woke"

Disclaimer: In this piece, I do not address the issues of gay and lesbian relationships or any other non-hetero relationships simply because I don’t have the knowledge to speak from that perspective.  1,322 more words



Up here in these mountains, the mines are the only way of life. Dynamite and chisels are our hands and feet. Without them, there isn’t any future. 96 more words

By Ori Aander

"Police" Baton

Bruised eyes,  broken nose, my spirit beaten almost to death by a “police” baton.

Why is it hard for the people in the armed forces of a country to understand that the struggle for a purer democracy will positively impact the quality of lives of their future generations? 27 more words

By Ori Aander

Making A Difference

 One of the things I have been most shocked by, since becoming involved with a charity, Making A Difference Brisbane (MaD), is how unlike stereotypes that are presented by the media (and perpetuated by ignorant people) homeless people are. 1,180 more words