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When Entertainment and Social Consciousness Collide

Though rarely voiced publicly, I have definite political opinions. Knowing that I’m an out lesbian woman and a voter, most people would probably expect that I stand firmly in the liberal camp on everything. 1,610 more words


How "Surround Audience" at The New Museum Blew My Mind Twice

Oh hey. I’m going to write a blog post about the most recent mind-blowing cultural shit I’ve seen in New York because it makes me feel like I’m getting more value for my rent. 745 more words


how i construct a unit, part x…Let's Mock Trial.

Were I ever fortunate enough to head up a Mock Trial Class, this is an outline of how I would structure it.  It is obviously still under construction, but the basics are present.   70 more words

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SM+SJ: Panel Members

These are the profiles of those who responded to my panel call with both interest and enthusiasm:



My name is Aramide Odutayo (@ShePickedThis). 1,311 more words

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To the Voice of the Machine

Yo, Zack,*

Where you been? What’s up with you? I think your voice is needed. I know it is. If it was real, I mean. Was it real? 1,159 more words


a face of social consciousness.

This poignant and haunting sculpture, entitled Social Consciousness, by Jacob Epstein is located by the rear entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Check out… 10 more words


We're Holding Ourselves Back

It’s been a month since I last posted, which seems appropriate because I have plenty of things on my mind. Yes, people are talking about… 380 more words