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Building a Visual Resume: Periscope

With the big push to be more culturally relevant, have cutting edge ideas, and productive scholars, I find that graduate students often struggle in relation to securing jobs once on the job market. 329 more words

Briana's Commentary

Debating about debates

For four days every month since I “became a woman” at the age of eleven,  my crampy discomfort coerces me into wishing I were male and afterwards I continue to take delight in the complexities that make me female. 588 more words


Putting #HarrietTubman on the #$20Bill is an INSULT to her legacy

There is no one who deserves to be on the front of American currency more than Harriet Tubman. She is a founding mother of our nation… Not the country born in 1776 that had a distorted, warped version of what “freedom for all” means, but when our nation took its first real steps to grant freedom to all during the Civil War. 216 more words

Social Consciousness

What If?

“What if” is the beginning of all tangents
In the classroom.
Enough “what ifs” and you’ll probably
Be lashed by eyes rolling out of heads, 627 more words