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A Review of Shadow Resistance by B.J. Cyprian


The Review

At the beginning of this year, I found myself desiring to read a book written by an African-American for a change. 911 more words

Book Lovers

Love Me For Who I Am

Love Me for Who I Am

Genre: Abstract

Medium: Oil Pastel, Charcoal

This is a piece in the “I Am More Than What You See” series. 36 more words

I Am That One

I Am That One

Genre: Abstract/Cubism

Medium: Oil Pastel

I am that person who is not like everyone else. I dress how I want, I dye my hair in funky colored stripes, I sit alone at times, I am sneered at and gossiped about. 28 more words

The Light Within

The Light Within

Genre: Abstract

Medium: Oil Pastel

We all have a light (energy) within. What we look like on the outside is but a mask. 31 more words

"Go Slow"


While attending the University of Washington in Seattle almost 50 years ago, I volunteered at an inner-city boys’ club. Located in an old two-story building in a poorer part of Seattle, the club provided a basketball court on the first floor. 583 more words


More Than What You See

More Than What You See – I Am Me

Model: John Ortiz

Medium: Graphite

John is a Cyber friend of mine. We have conversed a few times and like everyone you meet, he is more than what you see in pictures. 32 more words

Crossing the Line

The pedestrian crossing or crosswalk is the right of way of pedestrians. It serves as a safe passage for us to cross to the other side of the road. 573 more words

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