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“Spook Show 2018 – 06: Shaun of the Dead” by Richard F. Yates

I’m not a big fan of zombie movies. As a little kid, I saw Night of the Living Dead, Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things… 1,240 more words


Taylor Swift and the Other Girl

Before the Reputation tour, before 1989 overtook the airwaves, Taylor Swift was a rising country-pop star.  Sugary tunes like “Tim McGraw” and “Teardrops on my Guitar” drew the young Swift to prominence.  1,105 more words


"Devil Doug" by Richard F. Yates

Devil Doug likes brisk walks on autumn evenings (but wishes those judgemental humans would quit following him every time he leaves his house, hurling insults and unfounded accusations… It’s enough to make a good devil turn bad! 11 more words


Hear Loud and Clear

This group of exemplary

old white men have no idea

how to cajole us; instead

they threaten and scoff,

excuse and dismiss.

This is how it goes: 110 more words


His mentor is a disgraced

judge who used sex threats

to terrify and silence women.

He joins a trumped up parade of good 

men all accused  155 more words

Social Critique


Quick, draw the curtains

to hide them; call them

ghosts or skeletons, nervous laughter

feeling haunted.  But they are living,

breathing, groaning like that

drunk high school boy who’s… 204 more words