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Workers Who Give Care To The Homebound Often Can’t Afford To Get Their Own

From the article by Shefali Luthra on Kaiser Health News:

For more than two decades, Celeste Thompson, 57, a home care worker in Missoula, Mont., had not had regular contact with a doctor — no annual physicals and limited sick visits. 362 more words

Social Determinants Of Health

Paid Sick Days: The Better Way

Kelly Holloway describes how changes to business practices concerning sick days can be beneficial for workers’ health and the economy. 788 more words

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Talking About Equity: Promoting the Curb-Cut Effect

From the Annie E. Casey Foundation Blog:

In a recent Stanford Social Innovation Review article, Angela Glover Blackwell shows how developing policies to create equity can improve everyone’s lives. 285 more words

Social Determinants Of Health

The Insidiousness of Unconscious Bias in Schools

From the article by Seth Gershnson and Thomas S. Dee at Brookings:

Humans frequently make automatic decisions at a subconscious level. The human brain’s capacity for reflexive decisionmaking is what Nobel Laureate Daniel Khaneman calls “System 1” (as opposed to the more analytical, thoughtful, deliberate decision making of “System 2”) in the best-selling “ 551 more words

Social Determinants Of Health

National Minority Health Month 2017: Bridging Health Equity Across Communities

Did you know that your zip code can be a predictor of your health? Along with your income and education level, where you are born, grow, live, work, play, learn, and age determines your quality of health. 296 more words

Health Disparities

The Disconnect Between Healthcare and Public Health

Recently my job and my passion for health and wellness came together for a brief moment in time and it was absolute magic. Not often does this happen to an accountant with a love for fitness and health, so let’s just say my inner nerd was really happy. 917 more words

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