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Refusing offers of suitable work

Part of the most recent round of welfare reforms included increasing penalties for not taking up suitable work that is offered. I see the reasoning behind this, but what WINZ considers ‘suitable’ work needs some serious looking in to. 477 more words


Princesses can never get dirty.

I was a bit thrown by a comment made during a small group discussion today.  I’ll try to replicate the conversation. Of course the names have been changed to protect the growing identities of our young social scientists. 350 more words

Weekly News

The Social Pecking Order for Children

Very few parents dream of their offspring being average.

Most of us, although we check our impulses to live through our little ones, do our very best to give them all the opportunities to be the best that they can be. 640 more words


Embrace the Mess: 5 Skills Developed Through Art Exploration

With schedules busier than ever, many parents and teachers can be reluctant to offer young children creative materials because they are concerned about the time these experiences take to prepare and the mess that will result. 790 more words


Quote of the Week

When children get to reflect on their own interests and strengths, they realize how special they really are. By assuring children that although they may not be able to do everything that their brothers or sisters or peers can do, they are unique individuals with special abilities they can share. 61 more words