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Escape from Stormcage

This is how I’ve come to view leaving my rather reclusive FOB at the end of the universe.

A friend of sorts who is somewhat familiar with my psychosocial history gave me the SO to take myself alone into town three times a week for a minimum of half a day. 111 more words


Required Essay Following Yet Another Mass Shooting

First of all, I want to make it positively clear that I don’t have ANY answer, easy or otherwise to the problem.

I’m writing this blog post mainly out of sheer frustration as both a citizen and a journalist.   640 more words


The Beginning...

Firstly, I’m not good with introductions but here it goes.

I’m James, a 20 year old male currently working a dead-end job and not really living life to the fullest. 195 more words

Beginning Self Development

The Village

From high above in my nest, I gaze down on the ant-like, model railway-like world below me. The wind wafts my skirts, billowing me in a cool breeze, releasing me from the inferno like heat below. 1,884 more words


Inside the Birdcage - September 28, 2015

I decided to do my part in something Malala asked for, which is to stop military defense spending for eight days, and use the time to try and come up with better ideas that involve less war. 94 more words


Supporting farmers through organic farming - A day in the Village of Vilappuram

I am a sucker for organic products. If I had the money, I would buy everything organic. Sometimes I just wonder around farmers markets and look at the produce – and get a kick out of it – and hence I was very excited to learn that one of the clients from the _SocialStarters programme are organic farmers. 387 more words


Immigration reform, human trafficking, and charter legislation in Canada

The Great Satan once told me that refugees should be considered foreign investors temporarily obstructed from their material wealth, and that by delaying in accepting refugees, Canada was giving up the opportunity to have essentially the first draft. 230 more words