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Inside the Birdcage - September 4, 2015 - Thoughts on the Current Refugee Crisis

This week saw the horrific death of Aylan Kurdi, a refugee child who was lost at sea along with the majority of his family, and the already shifting winds of Canadian foreign and domestic policy altered their course as the international refugee crisis (particularly that of the Syrians) took centre stage on the campaign trails of our three major parties. 329 more words


The Death of Aylan Kurdi - The Boy on the Beach

This morning, the Internet was broken by the image of a little boy drowned to death on a beach off the coast of Greece.

His name was Aylan Kurdi, and he was part of a family who were fleeing persecution. 207 more words


Auckland Housing Crisis: Legal, Policy and Economic Factors

This piece was written as part of the course LAWGENRL 438: Housing Law and Policy at the University of Auckland.

Question: What legal and economic factors have contributed to the Auckland Housing Crisis, why is it concerning, and what legal mechanisms (policy) can be adopted to address it? 3,888 more words

Economic Development

Social Quad Theory of Rural Sales

We have been working in the social sector for a while. We deal in renewable energy products. Our products are reasonably priced. Some other products are priced quite high. 681 more words

Rural Outreach


Since Rio + 20 which was held in Brazil in 2012, NGOs, UN agencies, and UN country delegations have been working to make the Sustainable Development Goals ( 285 more words


Strategies for Defeating the D'aash

The D’aasch narrative – that the Caliphrate will expunge the Western Devil and bring back a form of lasting peace to the Middle East through the interpretation and implementation of Sharia law is best countered through a well constructed humour and education campaign rather than through brute force and desperation. 683 more words