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Penicillin is a wonderful thing! Aeryn is feeling much better already.

We only managed half an hour at the park before it got too cold and her cough was back with a vengeance, but man did we need that half hour! 294 more words



by: Nitz E. Nicolas

“We believe we cannot do everything without partners.”

These were the words expressed by Mr. Joey Ochave, EVP-Development Group, during the appreciation lunch for partners of UNILAB, a leading pharmaceutical company in Asia.  295 more words

The Ocean Life

Group Name: Skittles 

Sea diver inventors and discoverers were on a thrilling guessing game today on who lives under the sea.

The Skittles today were on an amazing venture to learn more about the world in the beautiful ocean. 600 more words

Learning Activity

Is an epic energy crunch in the making?

Last year I published a report with the (justifiably) bombastic title, “$500 per barrel: could oil price rise tenfold?” One of my central claims was that producing oil requires investment of real capital including materials, equipment and highly skilled labor, and that, “ 305 more words



My topic is how lack of teachings on social cues and behaviors can make an adult that can’t function properly in the modern world. Parents have multiple roles when it comes to raising children, they have to house and nurture them but they also need to instill them with values and standards that would allow them to survive in the world. 75 more words



 AN IDEA is a grassroots level Dalit organization dedicated to ensuring human rights for all and to eliminate discrimination based on untouchability practices; ensure equality of status and opportunities for all, regardless of caste, class or gender; and to ensure the rule of law.  574 more words

Meet the riff-raff Trump supporters!

Donald Trump and his administration have been at the receiving end of passionate denounciations and scorn from many opinion leaders in the media. At the same time… 456 more words