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Missing adventures

My friend and colleague (and UW Philosophy alumna) Professor Brynn Welch recently gave this wonderful TEDx talk. I cannot recommend it enough:

Meet Janiya and Dymir

Janiya and Dymir are brother and sister, they would also call themselves best friends. The first few years of their lives were unstable and challenging for Janiya, 11 and Dymir, 12, who also have developmental delays. 202 more words

Easter Seals

Safe Spaces

Safe Spaces

When your baby gets old enough to start playing, create a safe space for them to play and move. It’s a very good idea to give your baby to have their own personal space to play in—you might not realize it, but babies need independence and room to move and develop learn about the world around them! 273 more words


Sharing: How to Encourage It

Here are several suggestions for helping your young child learn to share:

  • Be a role model. If you share and take turns with your child, they will experience how nice it is to have someone share with them, and will learn to do the same with others.
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Sowing the Seeds of Friendship

I had an interesting chat with a parent of one of my students this past Friday afternoon; she has a little girl in my class and the conversation had turned to the different ways that children seem to follow each other. 1,415 more words

Parent-Teacher Communication

An easy week

This week has been quite a breeze at work, mostly because all the technical aspects of construction were solved last week and now its a matter of coordinating and waiting for resources for the next phase of construction which is putting the roof of the greenhouse on. 681 more words


Respecting Cultures and Diversity

Today’s families are immersed in cultural diversity.  Most of us can experience the many different cultures of the world without leaving our home community.  We need to consider how we want our children to think about people who come from different places and may look, speak or sound unusual. 195 more words