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As the country dilly-dallies on having local council one elections,I would like to prophesy that forty years from now, we shall be regretting why this small yet so important facet in nation building and development, was ignored. 568 more words

Social Development

A Time to Build

We are all aware of the crisis that South African politics and universities are in at present. In the midst of an underfunded education, a reckless cabinet reshuffle, a plummeting Rand and a president under fire, South Africans need to unite and think about what we, as individuals, and in our respective communities, can do to build this country. 364 more words

Self Care Challenge for Parents

Because I take care of myself first…   I can take care of others even better…

When parents take care of themselves, they are calmer and have more patience with their children.  201 more words


On The Average

“Don’t compare yourself to others” is the sagely piece of advice passed from generation. “Be the best you you can be and don’t worry about the rest,” because that’s all anyone can expect…”Life is not a competition…” but isn’t it? 614 more words

External vs. Internal

Trump has removed Bannon from the NSC, and Nunes has recused himself from the investigation into possible collusion between Trump and Russia. What do you think? 591 more words

Human Nature

Developing Social Skills in Young Children

Social skills are the ways we use our language skills in social situations. Social communication is important in developing effective interpersonal skills and is critical to various aspects of our daily life. 697 more words

Communication Skills

A Toddler's Social Understanding

The first eighteen-odd months of a child’s life, their social skills are fairly simple, given that they revolve around another person’s ability to meet their needs: ‘feed me or I’ll scream, too late, waaaaaahhhhhhh!’ 1,024 more words