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PSA: UK Election 2015

It’s that time again: with elections looming for the UK and being a strong advocate for making one’s voice heard at election time or shutting-yer-yap-because-you-didn’t-help (the general you… chill, Jo, I don’t mean you personally), I’m reminding people to get out there and VOTE. 744 more words


My best friends...the beautiful flowers

Sometimes I just don’t want to know about my daughters day at school. It seems contrary to all good parenting advice but when I asked my six-year-old whether she had any friends the other day she told me she spends her outside social time at school talking to and looking at the “beautiful flowers”. 717 more words


Are some women more equal than others?

Are some women more equal than others?

Susmita Preetha

Happy International Women’s Day!” I cry excitedly to the first woman I meet in the morning: our cook, Shefali, as she brings a steaming cup of tea for me. 1,064 more words


Banking in the UK

Okay, so this post has been a long time coming with the changes that came in with the Immigration Bill. Changes that have attempted to turn Surgeries/Clinics/Letting Agency/Bank employees and Landlords into Immigration Control Officers. 734 more words


Pancakes for Dinner and Rice for Breakfast

Pancake Day (better known outside the UK as Shrove Tuesday) wasn’t and isn’t something I celebrate. Still, the fact that it exists by that name amused me enough to make some on the 17th of February. 557 more words


NHS Part 8

Without trying very hard, I’m certain that, by now, most people have realised that I have given birth already and this is at the heart of why I have not updated until now. 801 more words


NHS Part 7

Antenatal classes in the UK are like Every-Flavour Beans (Harry Potter reference FTW) – you can never be sure exactly what you’re going to get. This is, I believe, largely in part to the effectiveness of the ones teaching and the overall willingness for participation from those attending. 892 more words