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growing up

As I exited the room I looked back to its occupants, waved, and said goodbye.  Not one person looked up in acknowledgment or returned the greeting.  863 more words

Creating a Vaccum

Sometimes, it’s more effective to create a vacuum than to take direct action.

For example, if someone isn’t communicating clearly, I like to abide with them in a neutral place. 649 more words

The impact of social media and smartphones on social dynamics

The invention of the smartphone has definitely made a huge impact on the way people interact with each other. If you actually take time and spend a good hour walking around a shopping district and witness people who are seated, or even pay attention to people whilst they are waiting for the bus or train (particularly if they are alone), you would probably realise that most people will be glued to their smartphone. 1,670 more words


missing boats; a day in the life

Literally running late, I whooshed through my front door at 6:47 am.  My eldest son and hubs exit my door, daily, at 7:03 am.  To my surprise he was awake, fed and packed and was waiting for his father to emerge.  1,540 more words


Attraction Isn’t Black and White

“I think women are sexy when they got some clothes on. And if later they take them off then you’ve triumphed.”
― Groucho Marx

Until fairly recently, I never thought I was an attractive person. 48 more words

Zen And Debauchery

tea parties

The signs of new growth and spring reveal themselves all around me.  The verdant green hills with dew as I walk in the morning, the warming of the air in the afternoon and the chirps of bird chatter heard through my window at dusk.  1,554 more words