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What makes a digital leader?

Digital leaders are all around us, they may not know it yet but the Digital Leader of tomorrow is, or will be the person in the room who manages to keep up with recent changes, shows an interest in emerging technologies, has taken a personal interest (ie, Blog, Website, App, Micro Controller (RaspPi/Arduino), Maker at home, in their own time), not a Techie necessarily, but someone who knows their business. 75 more words

What can we learn from the three perspectives?

Having a natural flair for digital technology is not something that most people in professional service firms have (Lawyers, Accountants, Surveyors) and is often still looked upon as being something that the IT guys do down in the basement, fiddling with servers and setting up new email accounts etc.  62 more words

The Super Dad Utility Belt v.01…

That’s it. Can’t do it alone though, not with my knee. I’m seeking a trusted side kick companion. Applications most welcome.

From <https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/internet-of-things/1/steps/55085/comments?page=3#comment_9288509> 8 more words

The Super Dad Utility Belt v.01

Those of you who have come this far will have probably seen my proposal for a Utility Belt to aid me in my crime fighting exploits under the Alter-Ego “Super Dad”. 206 more words

User interface design for the Internet of Things: future challenges….

It was only in jest. However, my 3 year old knows her way round an iPhone better than anyone I know. Keeps finding, deliberately., new ways to open and close apps/widgets/content, without having to spend more than a few seconds figuring things out. 70 more words

User interface design for the Internet of Things: future challenges..

Since the dawn of time, man has reached a certain age (about 40 or is a Chartered Accountant) and has absolutely no idea how to use the thingy-wotsit-gizmo-do-dah.  77 more words

Digital Leadership

Complete your business model

Whilst my model isn’t mature, or professional it is almost certainly finished. Enjoy x


Orders can be placed by sending a stamped address envelope to: 42 more words