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Boundaries, Boundaries, Everywhere...

This is a longer post than usual. I am quite agitated. My electronic world is beginning to impinge on my right to peaceful enjoyment. My stomach is in uproar: I do not know if this is anxiety, antibiotics I’m taking for a nasty water infection or the cream based raspberry compote I ate yesterday (it was tiny!). 952 more words

Buddha, Science and PTSD...

I don’t want to do those lists anymore. Maybe it’s a mood thing. Maybe it takes me so friggin long to log into my account that it robs me of a small parcel of my soul. 479 more words

talking too much

I had been sitting in traffic on my daily commute to work; stewing.  A parent had cut-me-off as I exited the parking lot, dropping off my youngest son at his school.  1,431 more words


Gluten Free Assertiveness...

Before I begin, I have to tell you I am sick of resetting my password every time I sighn in. I want a cigarette. A mcfonals burger (u no hu I mean). 483 more words

Sex and the Importance of Play (Part One) 

“It is not sex that gives you bliss. It is not sex that gives you the ecstasy. Rather it is a thoughtless state of the mind and a total involvement in the act that gives you a blissful feeling.”-OSHO… 1,037 more words



Cunnilingus is a beautiful thing. Whether you are 18 or 80, The attention and skill required to perform proper cunnilingus- an act Marvin Gaye referred to as giving the ultimate love- will leave you and your lady closer and her far happier. 1,395 more words


You're Right, Women Don't Like Nice Guys...and They Shouldn't.

Women like good men. That’s right, gents. Kind, confident men who give freely and aren’t afraid to show love and affection are in high demand. I know many don’t believe it. 1,673 more words