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What's it all about?

“A Beginning is a very delicate time.” Those words are as true when starting a blog as they were introducing the science fiction epic Dune. 328 more words


How To Keep Your Girlfriend

Learning how to keep your girlfriend is an interesting topic, since this blog is mainly about picking up new girls and increasing your lay count as a man, one can’t help not to think how keeping your girlfriend and misogyny in general is related to such lifestyle. 691 more words


The Stalker

Become the stalker of your ’’me’’ relating to others. Every time you interact with someone keep track of your personal neurotic patterns—the interfering fears—that set you up for a trip up & impel you to abandon and lose track of the other for the sake of your demanding, insatiable ego. 31 more words

The Summer I Learned I Shouldn't Be Myself

Too often, we like to pretend that everything in our lives is fine even when we’re struggling, and this tendency to filter out the bad things and hide our problems makes it hard to reach out and support each other. 2,191 more words


Lines in the sand: guide to healthy boundary setting. Protect yourself, increase respect from others & get what you want.


This was a massive revelation for me discovering what a actual boundary was. I specifically found out what a boundary was when I was 21 (I’m nearly 26 now). 2,641 more words

Emotional Health

Synflow vs Contraflow – Cultural Dynamics and Cycles

I mostly see the difference between synflow vs contraflow in their general attitude towards and effect on humanity and cultural dynamics. (That is probably very SO first of me.) 862 more words



Every interaction is a sequence made up of moments of winces and moments of surrender. In other words you are either tripping or you are… 18 more words