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Isolation, Loneliness, Disintegration...

I was supposed to have a medication review for some anti-depressants that would not interfere with my IBS. A routine referral, has turned into a full psych evaluation. 717 more words

Hierarchy of Learning Domains

In my last post I looked at the four domains of learning within PE and asked if they were both necessary and sufficient to achieve one of PE’s ultimate aims, that of empowering lifelong physical activity. 848 more words

Curriculum PE

Creative Dynamics, draft idea, from Series B card #115

 Creative Dynamics / Creative Chaos
Mixed Light Theater Pranks

Card Text:
Being hit by a Chaos Ball
(TM), there are 3 rules.
1. Address all strangers as… 278 more words

Mail Art

Praise the Woman. Challenge the Friend.

As boys, we challenge each other in order to grow and discover our edge. “Let’s see who can hold their breath the longest underwater.” or “I bet I can eat more chimichangas than you without getting sick.” With sports, competition and rivalry challenge us to become better for the team, filter out weaker competitors and promote fraternity. 646 more words


take two, or five

I hung up the phone with my son after he refused to attend any of his scheduled activities last evening.

He was to be in three places at the same time.   1,440 more words


Boundaries, Boundaries, Everywhere...

This is a longer post than usual. I am quite agitated. My electronic world is beginning to impinge on my right to peaceful enjoyment. My stomach is in uproar: I do not know if this is anxiety, antibiotics I’m taking for a nasty water infection or the cream based raspberry compote I ate yesterday (it was tiny!). 952 more words

Buddha, Science and PTSD...

I don’t want to do those lists anymore. Maybe it’s a mood thing. Maybe it takes me so friggin long to log into my account that it robs me of a small parcel of my soul. 479 more words