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Tribal Leadership

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Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan and John King


Sit Down and Read

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It’s all about the “we”

Why it’s Awesome… 511 more words

Social Dynamics

I'm Always the One in the Wrong

I’ve just realized something.

When I say something that hurts or offends someone and they get upset, I feel horrible and in most cases I apologize, but it still plays on my mind for weeks, months, years, or even decades afterward and when it does I am filled with shame. 382 more words

Asperger's Syndrome

James Fowler

James Fowler is a Professor of Political Science at the University of California, San Diego and Senior Fellow at the Center on Global Justice. He has a M.A. 131 more words


the words and silences that matter

This morning, on my morning jog, the car making a right turn didn’t stop.  It hit me.

The angry words spewed from my mouth; my adrenaline spiked high.  1,418 more words


Seduction Minutes: Who should pay for the first date?

In this installment of the Seduction Minutes Bronwen and Peyton discuss the issue of paying for the first date.



A Changing Dynamic

I get triggered when someone wants something from me or have an expectation of me. Descriptively, I feel like I want to throw up, and my body recoils. 647 more words

a place found

Most times, when a void occupies a place in my life; it sits empty and hollow.  Bad things hover on its edges; thoughts of insecurity, anger and sadness hope to fill the empty space.  1,199 more words