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Teoria della comunicazione


Introduzione. L’analisi dei mass media (communication research), ha seguito i diversi problemi
che di volta in volta affioravano. 9,217 more words

Comunicazione Di Massa

Neurotypicals vs Personality Disordered Individuals- a search for common ground.


This article deals with the difference between a neurotypical human individual and those who aren’t or to say suffer from personality disorders such as NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder),BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), how they perceive themselves and their surroundings that shapes their bonding (traumatic and non-traumatic) with other humans on this planet and affect emotional,mental,physical,social and psychological development. 1,762 more words

Creating a Viable Future Principle 4: Respect

The fourth of the five principles undergirding the collaborative society envisioned in The Doorkeeper’s Secrets is Respect. Community, Vigilance, Faith, Respect, and the Common Good are the five foundational principles needed to create an interdependent society. 544 more words


Weekly prediction, 7.2. - 16.2., New Moon in Aquarius - Social dynamics

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New Moon in Aquarius

Transit strength: strong monthly transit.

Transit duration: energy influences will already be present at the end of this week, but we can expect strongest influences during the middle of the next week, especially on Thursday. 803 more words

Weekly Predictions

Let's put some 'civil' in civilization

Over the past few weeks I have been reading some anthropology about hunters and gathers and have decided these so-called primitives are really the most civilized Peoples of all times.   2,004 more words


The Everest of our pathetic failed attempts, the peak of "human evolution".

Why do we blame it on the Devil for leading us into temptation? Why do we say “we all have our demons”? How come we come so hard on terms to accept our faults and why do we superficially take on someone else’s guilt when no one asked for it? 243 more words


A Little Thing Called Happiness

Passengers departing to the city of Los Angeles, please be informed we are currently on a delay and due to inclement weather we cannot depart at our scheduled time. 1,225 more words