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exile and empty gauntlets

It’s in the month of June when I try to go off-the-radar into self-imposed exile.

It’s in the month of August that I look back and think of all the things and projects I had hoped, in the summer downtime, that I would get done.   1,303 more words


Random Thought on Good Sex

Good sex doesn’t rely on different positions, or acrobatics or feats of strength and endurance. It relies on the internal, the mental and emotional communion shared during intimate or even mundane moments. 94 more words


choose those who choose you

Never attempt to teach a pig to sing,
it wastes your time and annoys the pig

(Robert A. Heinlein)

How does social interaction influence the collaborative design process?

How do disciplinary roles and relationships influence the design process?

A research study at the University of Central Lancashire has already prompted some interesting discussion about  collaboration.  280 more words


Who's the boss?

So last night was a tough night. I took a tablet that I know knocks me out, I usually only take half a tablet when I need it for pain, but… 981 more words

You can't be taken seriously by always being serious

Face it because it’s better for you. People don’t like those who are serious all the time, and people don’t take those seriously who they don’t like. 82 more words

A critique of 'Five infuriating first texts'.

My sister shared this article on Facebook feed.

The article summarises five annoying messages to get while dating. It doesn’t say so, but a lot of this seems to be related to online dating. 1,096 more words

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