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Social justice starts from you

Justice seems like a huge, high and distant topic. I saw a short film at church today which asks around 20 people what justice means to them. 537 more words


Pray for Japan and ourselves

I was reading Monocle February issue just now and saw this passage about BEAMS, the infamous fashion brand in Japan which started off as just one shop in Harajuku in 1990, and now expanded to having 151 outlets throughout Japan achieving sales of 446 million Euro last year. 493 more words


On Fatness & Stigma

The inimitable Kate Harding over at Shapely Prose (a leading blog in the Fatosphere, and one which I have finally added to our blogroll) has some excellent commentary on the results of a study on discrimination against obese people. 376 more words


2014 Free City Festival Panelist Selection

I have been invited to sit on a panel for the 2014 Free City Festival that is organized by the Flint Public Art Project. The panel is one of many events planned for the weekend, the dates are August 22 and 23. 69 more words

Outdoor Space

Appointed to Flint Master Plan Task Group

I am excited to announce that I have been appointed to a task group to direct the implementation of the new Flint City Master Plan… 179 more words

Urban Design

Ziua Asigurătorului

Cu prilejul “Zilei Asigurătorului”, vin cu felicitări pentru toți cei care activează în domeniul asigurărilor, vă doresc parteneriate de succes și  progrese profesionale.

Felicitări !

Cu stimă, COSTIN Sergiu 


AON si-a ales corespondent in Republica Moldova

  Broker de Asigurare-Reasigurare “Coverins” este din 2014 broker correspondent exclusiv alAon în Republica Moldova, unul din cei mai mari brokeri de reasigurări din lume și grupinternaţional de brokeraj de asigurări şi consultanţă de management de risc.Astfel, Coverins esteîmputernicit să reprezinte Aon atât în relațiile cu companiile de asigurare,cât și cu clienții grupului Aon, pentru operațiuni de intermediere a polițelor de asigurare. 99 more words