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From the President

Normally, I use this space to act as the bearer of bad news. This time, however, I have good news to share with the membership: last Tuesday, Chairs and Deans were authorized to begin offering contracts for fall of 2016, in spite of the on going budget turmoil in Springfield. 362 more words


Dark clouds over the horizon

Coming home after a prolonged stay of many months in the States and Australia, where my children are working, I was shocked by how much Ringgit’s buying power has shrunk.. 695 more words


That's just the way it is

I see no changes, wake up in the morning and I ask myself…is life worth living should I blast myself…I’m tired of being poor and even worse I’m black my stomach hurts so I’m looking for a purse to snatch ~ Tupac Shakur…

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M4 East EIS Volume 2E App M Part 1 Social Impact

M4 East EIS Volume 2E App M Part 1 Social Impact (pdf)

Contents Pages Glossary of abbreviations iii 1 Introduction 1 1.1 Overview of the project 1 1.2 Project location 1 1.3 Secretary’s environmental assessment requirements 4 1.4 Purpose of this report 5 1.5 Study Area 5 2 Proposed project 9 2.1 Project features 9 2.2 Construction activities 10 2.3 Specific aspects relevant to social impact assessment 14 3 Assessment methodology 22 3.1 Methodology 22 3.2 Impact assessment framework and rating 22 3.3 Key assumptions 24 4 Social policy context 25 4.1 Introduction 25 4.2 A Plan for Growing Sydney 25 4.3 NSW 2021: A Plan to Make NSW Number One 25 4.4 State Infrastructure Strategy 26 4.5 NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan 26 4.6 Draft Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Program 26 4.7 Council community strategic plans 27 5 Description of the existing community 33 5.1 Regional study area community profile 33 5.2 Local study area – precinct profiles 34 5.3 Social infrastructure (continues in part 2)
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