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Effects of expressive writing among bilinguals: exploring psychological well-being and social behaviour.

Br J Health Psychol. 2008 Feb;13(Pt 1):43-7. doi: 10.1348/135910707X251225.

Kim Y1.

Eighty-nine Korean-English and Spanish-English bilingual students expressively wrote in their native language, English, or both languages on four occasions or were assigned to a non-writing control group. 55 more words

Expressive Writing

Why work ?

This is the question which we will occasionally ask ourselves when as we hit the snooze alarm in the mornings. For some it goes away and as a routine animal we will go along our way to work… 322 more words

Financial Goals

Musings on a community based practice

At this dark time of year I’ve been sorting and purging old files; as the paper documents, computer files and photographs pass through my hands, they trigger many reflections on the recent past. 1,005 more words

Do-it-together; Knowledge Sharing

Beauty Brands: Holiday Roundup

The holidays are in full effect and Beauty brands are making their presents known (pun intended) with clever packaging, copywriting and limited edition products that are oh-so-hard to resist. 231 more words



03.34 am – 05.53 am

During the night my thoughts are different than during the day. As I mentioned before, I own and actively use multiple notebooks, which all have their own purpose. 1,028 more words


Jeni Hansen Gard and "The Common Table"

The Common Table brought together a group of twenty-two women that share the physical space on the Wesleyan College campus. The building walls, division of majors, age, and many other factors can create a barrier that prevent students, faculty, and staff who enter the campus each day from ever encountering each other. 765 more words