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journey mapping.

The second part of the ways of seeing module brief was to create a journey map of one of the people who came and interacted with our cardboard landmark. 273 more words

storyboarding part 2.

After coming up with the basic idea for my storyboard, I then began developing what the frames would depict. I listed the stages of development that this module has undergone, narrowing it down to the most important aspects of the briefs. 286 more words

Travellers Connected Paradise

So back to our project ‘Making Spaces’. We’ve made progress and good progress. We’ve come up with a name for our design: Travellers Paradise.

We had a group tutorial with Martin last week. 301 more words

Connectivity Through a Space

So we were separated into different groups for this next project in our Ways of Making Module. I was quite excited but also nervous to see who I’d be in a group with. 833 more words

Would raising the minimum wage really be beneficial for minimum wage workers?

By Andrew Sumner

Financial security is a commonplace concern in American households, and rightly so. Any person can find comfort in knowing that they have enough money to cover basic living essentials as well as other costs related to their individual lifestyle. 630 more words


Yoga and Autism - Part 3

Part-2 talked about the bottom-up evolutionary organisation of the nervous system. According to Polyvagal Theory, there are three distinct stages of development of the autonomic nervous system – immobilisation (freeze response we see in reptiles), mobilisation (fight-flight response) and social engagement system (what we see in humans). 296 more words

Yoga Philosophy


In preparation for next week, we have been asked to participate in #freeartfriday which is a worldwide movement which creatives take part in each week, to engage with all sorts of people in a city without actually meeting them. 96 more words