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Julos Beaucarne returns three decades on to remind all of his message

“La revolution passera par le velo, camarade. Ah! La bicyclette! Elle te permet d’aller 5 fois plus vite que la piéton, tu dépenses 5 fois  moins d’énergie et tu vas 5 plus loin. 70 more words


Lyrics of bicycle truth from a Belgian singer three decades ago

“These lyrics are from a  song by a Belgian singer, Julos Beaucarne. He wrote this 30 years ago.” 308 more words


4 Less Known FREE Tips to Increase Your Blog’s Social Engagement

Blogging isn’t about writing.

It’s about socially engaged with other. Just like twitter – reblog equals retweet, like equals favorite, comment equals reply. The article itself does matter, but, how people react to that article, matters most ( 608 more words


Social engagement

Just a few of us really are logical when it comes down to dealing with feedback from our friends, loved ones or the outside world. We have our beliefs and prejudices that makes us believe and stay in contact with our dreams and desires. 293 more words


The Heart of Engagement

Hi Alice, thank you for your lovely and insightful response to my first ever blog on my DBA research around #emotionalengagement.

In working with some fantastic NHS students and some truly amazing NHS employees, who are fully committed to the NHS Constitution, it is becoming increasingly evident that many of us are starting to acknowledge the importance of each others values and those of the organisations that we work for. 205 more words

Emotional Engagement

T-shirt politics, bumper stickers and your bike

“The only problem is, the people who look in their rear-view mirror and see this are not the problem.” 160 more words


Walking Together

Walking Together is one of the first projects to come under my new social enterprise, Dingy Butterflies CIC, working in Bensham. Angela Kennedy will lead two walks around Bensham taking in the area, bringing people together in a creative way. 65 more words

Social Engagement