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Senior Centers: Engaging Baby Boomers

Almost every article I have ever read begins with the coming wave of the aging baby boomer generation. Other than the fact that this sentiment seems to invoke fear and dread, and subtly implies a certain kind of cultural ageism, it is a true phenomenon.  556 more words

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Watsky Whut?

It’s about time for some happy ish. I recently found out about the existence of Watsky. For some this might be a “whut? It took you so long?” Others might think “uhhh who the f is that??” Either way, lemme introduce you. 446 more words

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Reviving an Old Argument

        Lately, I’ve felt the need to revive an old argument, and trot out an updated version to see if it sticks this time. In the past, it never met with much success because I wasn’t quite sure how to overcome people’s tendencies to use personal experiences to attempt to negate a broader, more general truth. 4,865 more words

Social Engagement

Brand Spotlight: Tsuno

My experience with Tsuno started long before this campaign when my older sister introduced my family to their products. She wasn’t looking for a pad that supported social change necessarily, but one instead that would be as close to 100% biodegradable as possible. 409 more words

Oh So Good! - #AppleEvent Recap Video

Who better to recap your biggest press event of the year… than you!

Kudos to Team Apple who not only pre-produced an awesome 107 second recap video of the September 2016 Keynote… 38 more words

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Improve Your Community: Conversations Based on Principles

This blog was created in order build a community of people who are willing  and wanting to improve our communities.  Being based on common principles, this blog is meant to include a variety of different viewpoints (by multiple authors), thus resulting in inquisitive, rational and respectful conversations.   95 more words


Preventing Alzheimer's

The experts claim that only 25% of Alzheimer’s is genetic, 75% is other factors.  They advise that we need to heed these points in order to prevent it to benefit ourselves, our families, and our community. 37 more words