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Improve Your Community: Conversations Based on Principles

This blog was created in order build a community of people who are willing  and wanting to improve our communities.  Being based on common principles, this blog is meant to include a variety of different viewpoints (by multiple authors), thus resulting in inquisitive, rational and respectful conversations.   95 more words


Preventing Alzheimer's

The experts claim that only 25% of Alzheimer’s is genetic, 75% is other factors.  They advise that we need to heed these points in order to prevent it to benefit ourselves, our families, and our community. 37 more words


Online Video & Social Media Marketing

For more than a decade, social media has pushed its way to the forefront of online- & digital-based marketing, ranging from Twitter to Facebook, to newcomers like live-streaming app Periscope. 818 more words

Interactive Video

An example infographic

Here’s an infographic on aging I created. My research in graduate school involved studying older adults. This infographic focuses less on brain networks than yours should for Physio Psych, but I didn’t want to take anyone’s topic or idea with my example!

General Post

What's Missing From Wegmans (C-Study)

Last night, we were cross-referencing the brands we follow on Instagram with the brands we follow on Twitter. When we went to conduct a search for Wegmans on IG, this is the page we happened to come across: 335 more words


Summer in full swing!

Funny how it feels like I just looked up to find I am living the projects I was planning back in late Winter and early Spring- suddenly here we are! 561 more words

Do-it-together; Knowledge Sharing

Richmond project begins this week,

the Blackberry season came very quick this year and I was afraid I had miss-planned in my winter scheduling, but the last week of cool wet days slowed the season down and for that I am grateful! 583 more words

Do-it-together; Knowledge Sharing