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My logistics experiences with the "fun things turn serious"

We made it for fun. Then it turned big.

In 2010, we founded an online forum called YunJaetik.com. It was purely for fun and we, admirers of a Korean music band needed a place to gather. 481 more words

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9 Types of Content That Will Always Fail

By Katy Katz for Search Engine Journal

When is the last time that you read something from beginning to end?

Be honest with yourself.

Marketers are notorious for skimming or – even worse – blindly sharing things that we haven’t read. 1,665 more words


Your Words Have to Mean Something

I spend a significant amount of time on social media, probably much more than I need to. I remember when that was not the case. There was a day when all I used was MySpace. 514 more words

Don't Call Me a Feminist. (corrected!)

        There is something rotten in modern American manhood, especially straight, white American manhood.

        That might be too obvious of an understatement, but let’s run with it. 8,313 more words

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God, the Father-Healer?

The first time I read Louis Cozolino’s The Neuroscience of Human Relationships, I read a treatise on the chakras in between chapters. I was surprised by the correspondences: the progression of the Vedic practitioner through the chakras closely paralleled the stages of human maturity that unfold as a human child replaces primitive survival responses (imitation and crying) with behaviors motivated by social expectations (cooperation and empathy). 398 more words


Get started with Microsoft Social Engagement

Click hereSELRES_e15dc1a1-ceed-4b93-87ff-2e9a34694627SELRES_c6da1398-7115-4d4f-aaec-867f94c204d5SELRES_d8aed5de-56b8-4226-8e8c-da44ca172dfb SELRES_d8aed5de-56b8-4226-8e8c-da44ca172dfbSELRES_c6da1398-7115-4d4f-aaec-867f94c204d5SELRES_e15dc1a1-ceed-4b93-87ff-2e9a34694627and have a look at Get started with Microsoft Social Engagement

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The mission of CITIES is simple: provide an online, across the board medium of social engagement. Competitive in nature, thought-provoking by design, entertaining in concept and a contributor to a more unified less divisional society, on some level in some way. 174 more words

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