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What is Agenda 21 and How does it affect you?

In 1992, The United Nations held a meeting in Brazil they lovingly called an “Earth Summit”. At that meeting, a book and concept were introduced called Agenda 21. 423 more words


Social Engineering - Holiday Style!

‘Tis the season to be a skeptic.

The holiday season is here and despite the warm and fuzzy feeling it might imbue in you, for hackers and scammers, it holds a very different meaning – for them this is open hunting season. 1,023 more words


The Refugee Crisis: Understanding the Globalist Weapons of Mass Migration Campaign

UPDATE: They are reporting 120 arrests in a clash in Germany when left-leaning people who support welcoming the refugees went up against far-right nationalists who wish to close the borders. 1,528 more words

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Race Baiting Is Trendy - Political Correctness Until ALL Are Silent

Link to video.

It’s as if history started and stopped in the American Civil War. Yet all through history including Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, Romans,… all had slaves of ALL races. 550 more words

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Seller Beware! - eBay Paypal Scam.


A “buyer” contacts an eBay seller via email expressing interest in the sellers item.

The “buyer” makes a favorable offer for the item and requests the seller ends the auction and instead sell her the item directly. 1,754 more words


Social Media Fuels Social Engineering While Data Ignorance Reigns Supreme

Fujitsu has highlighted the dangers posed by UK employees, namely how they are putting businesses at risk thanks to their lack of understanding of data. 408 more words


Black Hat Survey Reveals Disturbing Spending Gap in Enterprise IT Security

Ahead of it’s annual conference this August, Black Hat has today revealed findings from its first ever research report.

Based on a survey of nearly 500 top-level security experts who have attended the annual Black Hat USA conference, the survey highlights the hugely concerning pitfalls of the InfoSec world. 449 more words

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