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Middle class people are vulnerable to recruitment by gang stalkers because of their mind-set of using information as a social commodity

– as in the cliche “the in-set and the out-set”.

The “in-set” are “people like us”, that is middle-class. If you are working class you can never be “in”.   517 more words

Crypto Ransomware Goes Breaking Bad with 'Los Pollos Hermanos' Threat

Symantec has learned of a new crypto ransomware threat (Trojan.Cryptolocker.S) that is infecting computers in Australia. The malware encrypts images, videos, documents, and more on the compromised computer and demands up to AU$1,000 (US$791) to decrypt these files. 358 more words


Social Engineering and Propaganda Placement via Humor Moves On

Social Engineering and Propaganda Placement via Humor Moves On

 Jon Stewart (Leibowitz), the comedian who made Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,” a nightly home for sharp-edged political satire and up-to-the-moment commentary on the news, said on Tuesday that he planned to leave the program. 43 more words


What We Can't Do At Home We Do In Coventry

We Can’t Do This At Home, So We Do It In Coventry
A further example of artificial diversity.

Mathesis Universalis

Desperately F(r)ee

Desperately F(r)ee
The desperate attempt to introduce a fee structure (injecting cost per use by ‘hook or crook’ into a free market) and make it trendy too! 32 more words

Fear And Control Paradigm

A Message From Our Sponsors: Shell - It's a Small Worm After All

(The Rothschild Family) 1 1/2 Minutes of Psyence Pysense.

Can science change the world? Film-makers from around the globe explore what it takes to have an idea that could change the world. 57 more words

Science And Technology Run Amok

Trendy Isn't It? Redefining What's Yours, Mine and Ours!

Manipulative Transformation of the Definition of Sharing and Ownership to Resource and its Management
Redefining what’s yours, mine and ours. These people despise groups who may challenge them. 84 more words

Science And Technology Run Amok