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Social Innovation Hub Club

Nishima has formed a Social Innovation Hub Club which is a creative opportunity for all the students at GBC to practice and experiment their innovative ideas and address the need for social justice by utilizing the resources of the college. 18 more words

Social Projects 2017

Women CEO’s in social enterprises earn 29% less than their male counterparts

Gender differences in pay are ubiquitous at all organisational levels including at the top. Entrepreneurship is hailed as one way for women to circumvent organizational norms and discrimination, because as CEOs of their own organizations, entrepreneurs largely determine their own pay. 194 more words

What is the role of funders in social impact matters?

He who pays the piper calls the tune.  Old British saying

Explanation in Cambridge Dictionary: the saying is said to emphasise that the person who is  1,163 more words

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Siem Reap - cafes, art galleries and NGOs

While Siem Reap provides food, water and shelter for the temple hordes, it is very much a stand-alone city that deserves its own attention. It has a naturally pretty setting with a mopey tree-lined river that runs through the city and leafy streets filled with stately old buildings. 1,507 more words


Helping Social Entrepreneurs to Succeed : SEE-2 to be held on 4th March in Bengaluru, an AA IIT Kanpur Initiative

The second edition of Social Entrepreneurs and Enterprises (SEE), which focuses on Education & Healthcare, will be held on 4th March, 2017. The event is an initiative of AA IIT Kanpur, organized along with AA IIT Kharagpur and is supported by PAN IIT, AA IIM Ahmedabad, PAN IIM and Alumni Center Bangalore. 499 more words

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In a nut shell, let’s demonstrate the journey to the Experience economy using a simple Coffee example. Come to think about it in the ancient days coffee for example was grown on farms, the beans were plucked, dried and ground with stone for use in homes. 366 more words