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When Social Enterprises Hire the People who No One Else Will

I love hearing about social enterprises helping distressed populations. These businesses are SO needed in a world where income inequality is the norm. I find it especially notable when these social enterprises prioritize creating job opportunities for members of underprivileged populations. 275 more words

Rough Neighborhoods

The Purpose Hotel: Change the World in Your Sleep

The Purpose Hotel is the world’s first crowd-funded hotel for the socially conscious.

Every feature, amenity and detail connects the humanitarian world to the hospitality industry by utilizing products created by or beneficial to a nonprofit or cause. 37 more words

Social impact reporting and marketing: a hazy divide?

“Marketing is manipulation and deceit. It tries to turn people into something they aren’t – individuals focused solely on themselves, maximising their consumption of goods that they don’t need.” … 875 more words

Social Impact

Looking into the future development of social impact…

‘When eating an elephant take one bite at a time’ Creighton Abrams

Not without a great deal of hesitation, I want to try and look into the future and try and ‘see’ the future development of social enterprise and more particularly the role of social impact.  1,225 more words

Social Impact

If Not to Make Money, then What?

In a capitalistic society, we are trained to seek money as our core method to live. We even call income generation “making a living”. How is accumulating dollars equal to creating life? 148 more words


Wokai Foundation: Alleviating Poverty in China and Economic Development

Nonprofit startups brings a unique spin to the social sector. It carries the ethical assumption that good morals and values goes beyond their bottom line to achieve a positive social change. 409 more words


In Dialogue with SDGs Conference

Earlier in March, our founder Joe Fernandez participated in APAC Ideas for Action’s conference on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the Hong Kong University of Science (HKUST) where he, other businesses in HK and students discussed how to achieve the UN’s seventeen 2015 SDGs. 61 more words