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Helping Social Entrepreneurs to Succeed : SEE-2 to be held on 4th March in Bengaluru, an AA IIT Kanpur Initiative

The second edition of Social Entrepreneurs and Enterprises (SEE), which focuses on Education & Healthcare, will be held on 4th March, 2017. The event is an initiative of AA IIT Kanpur, organized along with AA IIT Kharagpur and is supported by PAN IIT, AA IIM Ahmedabad, PAN IIM and Alumni Center Bangalore. 499 more words

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In a nut shell, let’s demonstrate the journey to the Experience economy using a simple Coffee example. Come to think about it in the ancient days coffee for example was grown on farms, the beans were plucked, dried and ground with stone for use in homes. 366 more words


Coffee and the circular economy

With the growing number of coffee shops in the UK (and globally) there has also been a rise in associated waste products too: it is estimated that over 500,000 tonnes of coffee waste is produced in the UK every year,which not only leads to high disposal costs, but also millions of tonnes of CO2 and methane. 1,087 more words

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Social impact: the use of language and why it matters…

In this world of a Trump election in the USA and Brexit in the UK – where facts and ‘truth’ are being stretched to a frightening degree, I am reminded of George Orwell and his concept of… 1,090 more words

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Dao's Care & Khác - Kết hợp để sáng tạo

Đôi khi sáng tạo không có nghĩa là phải nghĩ ra một thứ hoàn toàn mới, mà là sự thông minh trong việc kết hợp những gì đang có để cấu tạo nên những thứ chưa có.   1,294 more words

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Reaching out – Câu chuyện của nghị lực và yêu thương

Trong chuyến đi IM Venture vừa qua, mình có cơ hội được giao lưu trực tiếp với anh Bình, đồng sáng lập DNXH Reaching Out… 1,780 more words

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