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Success = Opportunity + Fate + Hardwork

In the year 2012 August together with my eight colleagues from the University of Nairobi while visiting my current boss Hon. Dr.Gesami at his home he said this about success: “success is a combination of Opportunity (luck), Fate and Hard work”. 665 more words


Change The World. #BeASpark With Spark* International

Growing up, I always knew, deep down, that I wanted to do something that made the world a better place. “Blame” it on my mother’s upbringing. 392 more words


Slovenian Startup Enhances Education Via Entrepreneurship

Slovenian Startup Enhances Education Via Entrepreneurship.

Here’s how it works: high schools pay Ustvarjalnik to provide an after-school program, global events and entrepreneurship curriculum, and Ustvarjalnik in turn pays the mentor—a local entrepreneur who wants to bring the curriculum to their local community—a stipend for hosting the program at the high school. 69 more words


IEU Summer School on Social Entrepreneurship 2015 Apply Now

The IE University Summer School is a one-week program that offers high school students the opportunity to work alongside their peers from around the world on creating a social enterprise project using the Design Thinking Methodology and developing their interpersonal skills while enjoying the vibrant cities of Sergovia and Madrid through different extracurricular activities and team-building events. 13 more words

Summer School

Should You Add a Purpose To Your Business Plan? 5 Reasons Why You Should

Story by Devin Thorpe – Special Contributor to Forbes

Social entrepreneurship is growing so fast that from where I sit it appears to be about to overwhelm its traditional borders to redefine the whole of entrepreneurship. 718 more words

Charitable Intent Planning

VIDEO: On Rebuilding Community - Micro Grants And Soup In Detroit

The other day at lunch a couple of colleagues and I talked about Detroit. How do you rebuild a city with an $18.5 billion dollar deficit? 138 more words


Shikha & Anurag's Interview in Radio 93.5 FM

I am including a link for a interview done by jockey Smita on Radio 93.5 Red FM, Jamshedpur. Our sincere thanks to Smita, the radio anchor and 93.5 Red FM for featuring us and NEEV. 9 more words