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Okay like I promised I am just writing an update on how my day went after work. I believe work is where you make a living, but it’s what you do after working where you define and create your life. 746 more words


Day 1

Okay I want to note a couple of things before I begin writing my life out in a blog.

  1. I am not a professional writer…
  2. 769 more words

Straits Times Causes Week

Here is another link from Straits Times about their annual ‘Causes Week’ where they profile individuals and groups that have made a difference in society. 27 more words


It is Time to Rise Up for #EachOther / #brotherskeeper #PuertoRico #newlevel #community #SocEnt #thisAmericanQuilt

Puerto Rico… I am one of your sons.

Could you imagine a new nation? Could you imagine a new day? Would it be possible that we could rise together, take the best of our past and shoulder on to the future with a new outlook on how life could be here on the island? 1,303 more words

“I wanted to help women in rural India, find your passion” – Suhani, Founder Saral Designs

This is a blog series about how entrepreneurs prepare before starting up. If you are an aspiring / wannabe / ex / ‘given up/current entrepreneur, you can learn from their experiences. 1,175 more words