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March For Our Lives and #BlackLivesMatter

I have held off on writing on this topic. I have actually held off on writing period because I wanted to make sure I gave myself time to process through all the different things I have been feeling around the gun control conversation. 266 more words


You Cannot Be What You Cannot See

Growing up, it never occurred to me that I was missing representation in my life. I knew that my favorite Disney princess was Jasmine because she was the closest thing to Bangladeshi that I could get. 289 more words


Her Name Is Courtlin Arrington

Today is March 9th, 2018. Yesterday, there was yet another school shooting at a school in east Birmingham, AL. Another child was able to gain access to a lethal weapon and turn it on their classmates. 255 more words


A Bit About Myself

I wanted to introduce myself a little bit and thank you for visiting my site.

I am a biracial woman. I am half European White and half Bangladeshi. 187 more words


Parker pushing for more trade with better social equity — Your NZ

One of the Government’s most notable achievements so far has been helping the eleven country Trans-Pacific Partnership (now CPTPP) to a final agreement, despite not being on Labour’s Taking action in our first 100 days list (that isn’t surprising because Labour had made a big deal and political capital by opposing it, albeit on limited […]

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Excerpt from India 2100: Towards Radical Ecological Democracy

‘India 2100’ begins by highlighting the unsuccessful nature of India’s attempts to curb socioeconomic issues like poverty, malnutrition, and inequality, through education and politics. It also emphasizes the increasing ecological instability due to the copious amounts of waste & toxic substances, air, water and soil pollution, climate change, and forced development arising from economic globalization. 396 more words


First post - the post that hurts the most

This is a blog to help crystallise my thoughts and document the process of researching and writing my master’s thesis in Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg. 204 more words

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