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As you sow, so may you reap

Lately on my Facebook page I’ve been posting my thoughts and links to articles about the erosion of free speech on college campuses. This diminishing of a basic Constitutional right didn’t start out simply as the determination to limit what people say, but goes much deeper into such things as Marxist thinking about oppression by those in power, the elevation of individualistic/subjectivistic values, the final authority of personal rights defined by individual interests, and more, culminating in a narrow focus on oppression of particular groups by the great hegemonic power of the West. 381 more words


Our Guardian Oceans

One of the most promising victors in the social reform era has been the homosexual or gay rights party.  Public opinion, though not unified by any means, has generally swung toward a culture of tolerance, supporting gay rights advocates and casting down discrimination against the upward trending minority. 547 more words


Mass Message Culture

I’ve been very perplexed by the recent developments in communication, especially in the technology sector.  No, I’m not speaking of recent inventions, nor the development and upgrades of existing systems.  242 more words


The Netted Community

It was once a pretty simple process of knowing everyone in one’s community.  It was simple matter of looking up and down the street and waving or nodding to the people who made up your neighborhood, or tribe or church or temple.   428 more words


Adored Ambiguity

We have been charmed.  We revel in it.  It captures our interest and imagination like no other quality, plunging our minds into a state of constant suspense.  504 more words


Love the Number Crunch, Not the Crumbs

“I love math.  I love Statistics.  There’s always just one answer you work towards, one number.  And I can make that number mean anything I want along the way.”  – Ben Williams… 349 more words


The Rise of Tolerance

The United States has always been a nation of turbulent social waters.  The very concept of freedom of speech and public unrest has allowed ideas to be tossed around in the intellectual marketplace.  427 more words