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Stacey D'Erasmo, "The Scandal of the Unmade"

This is the remarkable text that Stacey D’Erasmo presented at “Of Queer Neutrality: Apartness, Erasure, Intimacy,” the symposium and public roundtable on my book, The Decision Between Us… 1,599 more words

Jean-Luc Nancy

"I love you"

This is the final scene from Todd Haynes’ film SAFE. In it, the character Carol, (Julianne Moore) enters the windowless igloo-like cabin that has been assigned to her, at a New Age recovery centre somewhere in the southern California desert. 357 more words

Social Ethics

"There is no meaning for one alone"

With this quotation from Georges Bataille’s text “Torture” (from his book Inner Experience, 1943), Jean-Luc Nancy opened his keynote address (via Skype) to the international colloquium on “Aisthesis and the Common: Reconfiguring the Public Sphere,” organized by Media@McGill and held at the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal, on March 18-19, 2016. 1,049 more words

Continental Philosophy

New Essay on Cruising and the Common

I am so pleased that my essay, “The Art of the Consummate Cruise and the Essential Risk of the Common” has now been published (in two parts) by… 224 more words

Continental Philosophy

C.S. Lewis on Politics and Social Engagement

Throughout Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis makes a handful of comments on Christians and social engagement, with particular reference to political matters at times. In this post, I’d like to draw attention to a few of these. 891 more words


If You Care About the Poor, Don't Support Big Minimum Wage Hikes

In my last post, I talked about how Christians (and all people, really) should avoid the narrow confines of the private charity/government welfare debate when thinking about how best to help the poor. 1,958 more words

Social Ethics