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Income Inequality: Natural and Unnatural Causes

With Bernie Sanders, Pope Francis, and Thomas Piketty all talking about it, income inequality is a rather hot topic among political and newsy circles today. From these voices, we often hear condemnations of freewheeling capitalism for supposedly creating this gross accumulation of wealth among the rich. 1,842 more words

Social Ethics

The Questionable Fairness of Democracy, and an Unfair Solution

With the buzz of a new presidential election building in our country, I find myself thinking and rethinking our political process again. And the more I ponder, the less comfortable I am with the way things operate. 1,734 more words

Social Ethics

Economic Security for All

On September 16, 2015, the United States Census Bureau announced that the poverty rate had not changed significantly from 2013 to 2014 and estimated that the nation’s official poverty rate in 2014 was 14.8 percent, which roughly equates to 46.7 million people currently living in poverty in the Unites States. 1,527 more words

The 2014 Novak Award winner: Free market is not a law of the jungle, it requires moral framework

by Bohumil Petrík

Oskari Juurikkala holds Michael Novak`s economic award for his scientific work, a degree from economics and law that he studied at London School of Economics and in Finland where he comes from.  2,153 more words

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Capitol Polemic

During a trip to Washington D.C. Congressman John Mica offered to take our group on a special evening tour of the Capitol Building. He is a real history buff and with 21 years serving in the House of Representatives he has a few good stories… 140 more words


Opposed to Same-Sex Marriage? You Poor Sad Thing.

Like many people, I’ve had more than a passing interest in the public dialogue on same-sex marriage as it has increased in the last few months. 1,916 more words


How Should Christians View Modern Israel? (Part 4)

(5) Despite all this, the fact remains that God endowed certain land boundaries to Israel in Genesis 13:15 and 15:18-21 FOREVER. It is an unconditional and unilateral covenant with Abraham and his descendants. 516 more words

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