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Opposed to Same-Sex Marriage? You Poor Sad Thing.

Like many people, I’ve had more than a passing interest in the public dialogue on same-sex marriage as it has increased in the last few months. 1,916 more words


How Should Christians View Modern Israel? (Part 4)

(5) Despite all this, the fact remains that God endowed certain land boundaries to Israel in Genesis 13:15 and 15:18-21 FOREVER. It is an unconditional and unilateral covenant with Abraham and his descendants. 516 more words

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How Should Christians View Modern Israel? (Part 3)

Here we come to the heart of the issue, the most important and commonly cited argument that Christian Zionists give. As such an important piece of the puzzle, it deserves an in-depth discussion. 1,923 more words

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How Should Christians View the Modern Israel? (Part 2)

Lets look at some of the Christian Zionist theological arguments for support of Israel’s right to the land.

Zionist Arguments

(1) The very existence of the modern state of Israel is evidence of God’s supernatural intervention and blessing. 622 more words

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How Should Christians View Modern Israel? (Part 1)

Introduction: Putting the Issue in Perspective

Discounting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the State of Israel is the newest country to emerge from the Middle East. 1,178 more words

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Pornography as an attachment-based dilemma

What does biology and attachment theory have to say about the pandemic of pornography?

Let’s look at these variables one at a time and then all together. 457 more words


the paradox of justice: A (not so theological) thought on criminal justice

Friday night my car window was shattered and my briefcase stolen. The theif(s) got away will all my books for the coming semester and others I was using for supplemental research! 209 more words