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Objective Combinations, Not single Morals

Society is built on a set of expectations on how people are supposed to act. Because we expect people to follow these expectations, we can build laws and regulations and allow society to function smoothly. 1,010 more words


All the negative hoopla about President Barack Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, February 5, 2015, should stop. First of all, it was a brief reference to the Crusades and the Inquisition, to which Obama alluded in demonstrating that even Christians have engaged in immoral violence. 430 more words

Social Ethics

Crayola Joy Drive - NEGU

Supporting Children who are Fighting Cancer

CRAYOLA JOY DRIVE : Our JOY DRIVE will benefit children fighting cancer in hospitals worldwide. With YOUR help, we can color their world a little brighter! 147 more words

Social Responsiblity

In "Mankofit" I Trust!

Who do you trust on social media, on any platform or combination of platforms? Focus on individuals rather than corporations. Reference some of their social media content. 902 more words

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Daoist Morality: A Critique of the Civilized Barbarian

Session 4 — Daoism, Stoicism, and Christianity: Comparative Critiques

David W. Black, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy & Asian Studies
The University of Scranton
David.black@scranton.edu 313 more words



I think with King most folks get the rhyme wrong:
He’s left so many signs that tell his mind.
What joy it is to sing his simple song! 135 more words

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During the last three years of his life, Martin Luther King, Jr., was making some changes in his approach to realizing his vision of the beloved community. 731 more words

Social Ethics