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What is a Person?

Debates about abortion, euthanasia, and the recent case of Alfie Evans all turn on the question of personhood.

We all agree murder is wrong, but what counts as murder? 709 more words


Alfie Evans and the Metaphysics of Suffering

Alfie Evans passed away a few days ago, but the controversial questions his short life raised remain unabated.

It’s a complicated case about which legitimate disagreement can justifiably be held. 701 more words


The Value of Human Companionship

I believe that it is not in spite of, but as consequence to, the authority over animals endowed to humanity (or our imperfect adherence to it), that a reasonable defence of theological veganism can be made. 253 more words

Social Ethics

Peter's Vision and the Acceptance of Outsiders

As Acts 10:9-16 describes:

9 About noon the following day as they were on their journey and approaching the city, Peter went up on the roof to pray.  335 more words

Social Ethics

A Brief Note on New Age Veganism

There is an underlying concern, I feel, that vegan and vegetarian practises are seen by many Christians as being derivative of pagan philosophy or New Age spirituality, and that I something I do in fact share. 187 more words

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Daniel and Protest Veganism

Perhaps the most famous explicit application of vegetarianism in the Bible is that of Daniel: as an Israelite arriving in Babylon, he continually ties to preserve his identity in God, and uses his distinction – first his physical perfection and intelligence, and then his strict vegetarianism – as a means of showing to the Babylonians the authority and power of his God, and the wisdom he provides. 1,035 more words

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The Immediacy of Ethical Action

Many Christians seem insistent, most notably in social gathering, I never forget I am a vegan; a distinction which, though often announced in affection, I am often very quick to downplay from fear of providing the impression to those in earshot who know me less or not at all that my identity lies in my diet over the inheritance I have received Christ. 289 more words

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