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The Outgoing Introvert

It never fails. Every time I am forced to communicate with other people, I say something that I shouldn’t. It’s either hurtful or offensive, or just plain stupid. 246 more words


Fear of Social networking

What people think of me:

Most of my friends think that I am a social butterfly, vivacious and cheery with people. I can instantly make a conversation with any random stranger on the train, cafeteria at work, elevator or any where. 432 more words


Sweet Pepper Gremolata

Friday, June 26, 2015

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A marinade that works well with Chicken or mix with yogurt for vegetable dip or a dressing. This instruction will start off with roasted sweet tri- color peppers. 36 more words


Social gatherings

I am never good at social gatherings. I usually get awkward and don’t know what to say and end up embarrassing myself. Okay, well I don’t really embarrass myself but I feel like I do. 300 more words

No.3 - In-Laws Meet

This entry shall be pretty short because the weekend has well and truly kicked me in the ass and I’m already half asleep.

I got married last year in July and our respective parents hadn’t seen each other since then. 181 more words



~ “Wake up sleepy Jean, oh, what can it mean to a daydream believer and a homecoming queen.” Anyone singing that tune, feeling hung over, lost in the fog, or simply just wanting to hide beneath the covers? 221 more words


Enjoy the Company, Ignore the Phone

It was Friday. My friend and I made last minute plans to go to a Chinese restaurant. When we got there and ordered, things started to get irritating. 335 more words


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[gallery type="square" size="full" ids="118,117,116"] This blog post explains so much meaning to our society today. I am in 100% agreement with the author. Once upon a time 2014 Thanksgiving day. My family was getting together. My uncles, cousins, aunts from all branches. We always get together at someone's house on Thanksgiving and have a social gathering so to speak and catch up with life and family. Thanksgiving was one of my favorite holidays because of this social gathering and I like it when everyone has their eyes off the screen for one special day. But two years ago it was like the cellphone apocalypse. During dinner everyone was on their cellular devices except for me. Now I;m not fluffing myself like I'm the best and I'm perfect. But I'm also guilty with technology, but not at my favorite holiday of the year. Like Tammy, she and I haven't seen our friend or family for a long time and want to spend the time as valuable as possible. I think that there should be a holiday where everyone just stops using technology. I also like how she put in the video to show what it actually is. I love how she coincides the video with her writing. It isn't just a complete rant but she adds a little happiness and comedy to it to make a point. We should all learn from Tammy's experience about cellular devices and open up to our loved ones when it really matters. She points out a very important topic that is a major problem in our society today. The separation of loved ones.