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The stable +

A nearby collection of small buildings, some parts in ruins but active, have sheltered a variety of animals over the years. When the stable hosts someone’s goats, it is rented for the cost of manure (kopria) which the owner collects from time to time to sell. 181 more words

Social Gatherings

Dance Festival First Night

The dozens of dance groups from all over Greece and the diaspora loosely assembled in the ferry parking lot last evening. The visual confusion was extremely interesting to me as friends, guests and other observers tried to record the event for all time. 162 more words

Local Artists / Artisans

Ag. Fanourios not Ag.Onoufrios

For phonological reasons, these two saints are get mixed up in my mental glossary. Today is the feast of Agios Fanourios (not Onoufrios). A “new” saint, Fanourios is the patron saint of… 370 more words

Social Gatherings

4th Folk Dance Festival Saturday - Sun - Mon

One, if not THE, highlight of the summer is the Diamantis Palaiologos Dance Festival. A 3-day convocation of “folk” dancers from all over Greece and beyond, the event is exciting as you hardly ever get to see such a variety of costumed dancers in one place. 217 more words


Guided Tour(s)

Tonight the Center for Skopelitan Island Studies presents a walking tour of the old town. The point of the lecture/tour is to give visitors an opportunity to learn about the history of the island, the traditional architecture and Byzantine monuments and the Kastro. 61 more words


The Invite

I was invited to a party by a friend I haven’t seen in years. The excitement that she even thought of me lasted all of 42 seconds. 632 more words


New, Modern Bank

The ATM at the new National Bank above the beach is working.
I stopped in at the building this morning to see what was up and the new place is spacious and modern. 35 more words