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Halvas (χαλβάς) fans unite

The other night we had the opportunity to serve dinner to a vegan, the vegan’s almost vegan boyfriend and the vegan’s almost vegan mom, plus our almost vegan selves. 498 more words

Geography - Land And Sea

Social gatherings 

I have to say other than my family I hate social gatherings. More so they terrify me. I’m always worried about what others think our what they are saying about me. 263 more words

Oven Festival in Stagiates

Interesting event in Stagiates Pelion. The tiny hamlet, perched at the base of the Pelion and a 15 minute drive from Volos, will host a “lighting of the traditional ovens” festival. 287 more words


"Walking off into the sunset" weekend

Among the places ending their season this Sunday is Pavlos Taverna at Agnondas. We spoke to owner Thanasis (who took over the shop from his father Nikos, who took the shop over from Thanasis’s grandfather Pavlos) who said that he has been open 6 months this season and it’s time to take a break. 50 more words


Forced Sobriety

Like most of those in their early twenties, I developed a connoisseur-like passion for alcohol. This was facilitated by both my social life and personal interests (homebrewing became one of my many hobbies).  386 more words


Yes, No means no.

I recently saw the Hindi film, ‘Pink’. It had a very important message for people in this country. That being, “No means no”. And it’s true. 518 more words

Non Fiction / Personal Crap

The stable +

A nearby collection of small buildings, some parts in ruins but active, have sheltered a variety of animals over the years. When the stable hosts someone’s goats, it is rented for the cost of manure (kopria) which the owner collects from time to time to sell. 181 more words

Social Gatherings