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The Death of the Dinner Party

Are dinner parties dead? I mean, do people still have dinner parties anymore like they used to? It’s something we don’t see very often anymore – even commercials on television have hinted at the dying era of community gatherings/dinners. 405 more words

Toy boat - toy boat - toy boat

This manipulated photo from a couple of years ago is a “placeholder”. There are some interesting stories that I’m “working on” in my spare time so this image will serve as simple eye candy for the time being. 138 more words

Social Gatherings

Georgia Lale

Greek Graduate student at the School of Visual Arts in NYC Georgia Lale has a very interesting and effective on-going project. Called “#orangevest”, the idea is to bring the Aegean refugee crisis to the attention of the public. 72 more words

Social Gatherings

Agapi and Imeros

Agapi (of Anna’s Restaurant in Gyftorema) has a new spot in Central Athens. The “Imeros” cafe is serves coffee, lunch and a selection of wine from 11am to 7pm everyday. 98 more words

Local Artists / Artisans

Close the Door – Open Your Mind

I was on the road this past week. Not the whole week, but a good-sized chunk of it. It was one of those travel things that I do that involves meetings during the day and social functions in the evening. 933 more words


Beat the holiday bulge!

It’s that time again! Every year from the start of Halloween to the New Year, people pack on the lbs. During the holidays, nobody wants to feel deprived. 335 more words

The Proactive Health Solution

Social Gatherings, and the Road to Non-Suckage

Such fun, these things are…

So recently, I was invited to two of my closest friends’ graduation party (two thoughts: a) I didn’t realise these things exist either, and b) I suppose my parents don’t love me as much as theirs to consider throwing me one), and naturally, like a fool, I accepted the invitation, like the dutiful friend I was. 2,940 more words

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