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#PutHumanityFirst: If you don't build your dreams .... Bla Bla Bla

If we PutHumanityFirst, humanity will rise and make the world a better place for humanity.

We all have probably come across or heard the statement:  789 more words

Better World

Storytelling for Social Change

This post is written by Eteng Ettah

As the global health and development community enters the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) era, partnering for health and development is more important than ever. 246 more words

Women's Empowerment

Iowa Caucus returns and onto New Hamsphire

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If you haven’t heard by now; the winners are Ted Cruz for the Republicans and Hillary Clinton for the Democrats.  Donald Trump came in second place and Marco Rubio placed third..   324 more words

Social Good

Skype in the Classroom learns the truth about sharks

Merging science, education, and sustainability, Ocean First Institute is a non-profit organization that promotes the protection and preservation of our marine environments. They joined Skype in the Classroom… 658 more words

Skype In The Classroom

Together We Stand

We can’t do it alone. The most important thing I learned this past week, and potentially my life, is that we cannot go it alone. People from different backgrounds and mindsets will allow society to progress in the most efficient and forward way. 389 more words


So What's A Caucus, Anyway?

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Well after months of Republic and Democratic debates, town halls and forums on the road to Iowa; tonight, Monday, February 1st starts another leg of the journey through June 14, 2016 when all the primaries and caucuses will be be over and the general election campaign with the selection of one candidate from each party on the road to their respective conventions. 185 more words

Social Good

Message from the Artists

Hi community,

We’ll be writing a series of posts to ask you, our readership, fellow artists, customers, everyone, for your help to support the Art for Good Project. 146 more words

By Ori Aander