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You're my obsession

I get asked quite a bit about what I’m most grateful for in sobriety and that can be a difficult question. Most folks I know are very thankful for their recovery and protect it fiercely and most of us have SO MANY perks in sobriety that we can hardly narrow them down. 932 more words



I’ve always said that I’m somewhat similar to Herpes, really. You *think* I’ve disappeared and WHAM! there’s a flare up and I’m back. So, I hope you all had a kick-ass Thanksgiving and if you are in fact struggling with sobriety that you made it unscathed through the whole enterprise. 806 more words


Family Tradition

It’s confession time you guys. Part of my journey is making amends for the wrong doings I’ve done. Another part is acknowledging my responsibilities and my part in each and every situation. 904 more words


Who are you?

One of the laments I hear amongst the newly sober is that they are concerned about losing part of their “identity” by becoming a  non-drinker. Drinking is just part of… 562 more words


5 Manners 4 Kids

One of my features I have been doing on this blog is a short list of five manners that kids can be taught.  Part of this is in response to raising my own son.  152 more words


It is their Birthday; Pick Up The Phone & Call

It’s her birthday.  Pick up the phone.

If she’s your friend; if she’s your family, there is no excuse.

Do not send a text only. Do not send a text and say, “When is a good time to call and wish you a happy birthday?” 450 more words

Raising Good Diners

Animals eat. Humans eat. What’s the difference? It’s table manners.

Now, good table manners are not about using the right fork. That is etiquette, and I am no expert in that department, and etiquette also varies from place to place. 360 more words