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5 things Salesmanship is- a sell is a sell part 4

When most people hear the word Salesmanship, they immediately associate it with that pushy salesman at the department store or car lot.

~That couldn’t be further from the truth~ 465 more words

The R's of Life by Sally Cronin - Chapter Two - Respect

The R’s of Life – Chapter Two – Respect.

It is always so easy to criticise and I don’t want these observations on the aspects of life that I have experienced to be completely negative. 2,632 more words

The R's Of Life By Sally Cronin

Weekend Wisdom: Comfort in Election Insanity

My blog posts will fit into one of 5 blog categories – joy, grief, career, life and W.O.O. This is an example of a “life” post -just general thoughts, ramblings, and adventures about life.  205 more words

Social Graces

During my years in Germany, I learned about the social graces expected of me. I am speaking of the skills used to interact politely in social situations which include manners, etiquette, deportment, fashion and refinement. 509 more words


Forgive my silence.

My character is unsound.

Hear! I am screaming.

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Darned Response

Can we, as a society, at last get behind something that will no doubt piss off the manners mavens but will let the rest of us regular jamokes off the proverbial hook for something we shouldn’t have been on the hook for in the first place? 196 more words