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Dinner company

Requires that the split personality

Meld for a more gracious hostess.

The day’s thoughts-chaos and weariness

Forced to the backseat

While social graces take the wheel. 97 more words


let me know if you're ever in Wichita we'll get coffee

i know you’ll never be
in Wichita
and if you were
we would only
get coffee

we could share
maybe a half an hour
in the local flavor… 78 more words


Larry Fink: 'Photography Is the Critical Instrument of the Curious'

At first it seems a supreme irony: Larry Fink, the photographer best known for documenting America’s upper classes, makes no secret of his communist background. But that side of his life is not the whole story, and his five-decade-long career makes that very clear. 868 more words


Sometimes formalities must be kept
In order for the clarity
To be realized.

Sometimes proper standing must be observed
In order for the boundaries
To be maintained. 26 more words


Petri Dishes in the Bedroom for Culturing Addiction

I learned of the following article by Tara Parker-Pope in the New York Times at Professor Malloy’s HealthLawProf Blog: http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/healthlawprof_blog/

Parker-Pope discusses a recent study concerning the subject matter or references found in the songs teenagers are listening to via (largely) their MP3 or… 1,396 more words


What Etiquette Is - The Social Graces

Did you know I was a school teacher at one time? Yes, I was that educator, the one children either admired or feared. I taught those hated subjects —> Mathematics and Science — to the sponge like minds of 6th, 7th and Eighth graders. 616 more words

The Red Blinking Light

I don’t remember precisely when it happened, but at some point in my adult life I started hating the phone.  It probably happened when other, less intrusive options became viable ways of communicating.   496 more words

The Human Condition