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Grammar Police:  Heroes or Villains?

They are all over the social media sites.  They are hated and feared, but we all have to giggle at them.  Maybe you know one.  Maybe you… 677 more words

Everyday Musings

Wedding Guesting 101

You get the Save the Date in the mail, mark your calendar, and a few months later you’re opening up an invitation to one of the single most important events in any individual’s life: their wedding. 379 more words

Social Graces

Coffee refills at McDonald's

This picture was taken by a friend of mine. She said that the customers at this McDonald’s outlet (I do not know where it is) just help themselves to the milk like it was a beverage. 58 more words


TY, Thanks, Thank You - The Beginning of the End

Texting, talking, writing, email, or even picking out an appropriate card to say it for you, Thank You are two words that seem to make people stumble. 170 more words

Life Tips

Don’t Toss The Christmas Cards You Received.

Each Christmas my family sends out about 100 Christmas cards to dear friends and loved ones. In return, we receive cards from loved ones.

It’s the most fun time of the year to check the mailbox and our children take part too. 281 more words

5 Manners 4 Kids

One of my features I have been doing on this blog is a short list of five manners that kids can be taught.  Part of this is in response to raising my own son.  152 more words


It is their Birthday; Pick Up The Phone & Call

It’s her birthday.  Pick up the phone.

If she’s your friend; if she’s your family, there is no excuse.

Do not send a text only. Do not send a text and say, “When is a good time to call and wish you a happy birthday?” 450 more words