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The Red Blinking Light

I don’t remember precisely when it happened, but at some point in my adult life I started hating the phone.  It probably happened when other, less intrusive options became viable ways of communicating.   496 more words

The Human Condition

Orange Slices

From the time I was born until I was ten years old my family lived next door to Mr. and Mrs. Allison. We lived in a blue-collar, working class neighborhood where the men worked, the women stayed home, and the older folks mentored the young couples who were creating and raising the baby boom generation. 575 more words


How do I get rid of religious callers?

My area has recently been targeted by doorknocking religious types. Any tips on getting rid of them? 

Jacob, Sydney

Oh, lucky you! What flavour?

My favourite church of all is the Latter Day Saints. 418 more words

Social Interactions

Kids' Social Graces & Etiquette.... where are they?

As a mother of two teenage children, at times I find it hard to stop myself from comparing how I was at their age to how they are now. 720 more words

Family & Kids

How do I check out girls without getting in trouble with my girlfriend?

What are the modern standards with regards to having a perv? I regularly get a clip behind the ear when my girlfriend catches even the odd sideways glance at another woman, yet her new Magic Mike DVD is quickly becoming one of the most worn-out things in the house. 445 more words

Awkward Moments


My son and I went to lunch yesterday.  He was his usual chatty self – even moreso after his 2 day hospital stay, all alone in that big hospital room.  551 more words

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