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Don't Be That Guy

(scene opens in sewing room sweatshop, violin practice off screen)

Alpha: How was that? Am I all done?
Me: (puts down bodice) I think you could play a little bit longer, but it sounds good. 135 more words

If I'm being honest...

Life. It’s the summary of everything. It’s who we were, am, and will be. I am by no means an expert. Nor do I claim to have all the answers, but I know how to live through some things. 336 more words


The Ultimate Teen Guide Vol. 1: Social Graces|Things to Do Before You're 18 #Adulting

By the time a teen turns eighteen, what sort of things should she know in the world of #adulting? Making a great score on the SAT’s is all fine and good for getting into college, but what about real life skills? 809 more words


To know yourself so completely

To know yourself so completely that nothing, not even your incongruous personality can rock you, means you have reached a level of non-attachment that serves your highest good. 323 more words



There was a time that I was all in on chivalry. It went way beyond simply opening doors and pulling out chairs. I stood when a woman entered a room, approached a table, or rose to excuse herself from a table. 908 more words

Can You Put Down that Phone for a Minute

I try to see the good in people – I really do but people make it really hard.

Last night I went out on a date with a guy who tested most of my… 609 more words

Saturday Civilities: Part 11

We’ve come to the final installment of George Washington’s Rules of Civility; thanks for following along these past couple months!  If you missed Rules… 256 more words