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Make Your Manners

Make your manners. One single phrase.  It means, be polite, say hello, say goodbye, be respectful and grateful to hosts and hostess. It is a call to action. 351 more words


WOW #18

Just as the Gerry Seinfeld TV series was a show about nothing, so too, here is a word which is really also about nothing. The… 242 more words


While You're Raising Strong Women, I'll Raise Strong Men

Many of my girl mom friends have been posting lately about raising strong women during the month of Women’s History.  The empowerment they feel in #raisingstrongwomen is inspiring for sure.   48 more words


I Am The Stump

I first wrote this post for Northwest Arkansas Moms Blog. 

At the end of the day I feel like a stump. Not just any stump, I’m referring to the stump in one of my favorite books to read to my boys, … 57 more words

Judged At The Playground.

I first wrote this post for Northwest Arkansas Moms Blog.

My child fell off the monkey bars and other parents called me out for not standing right next to next to him when it happened.   39 more words

Wanted: Cool Mom Friend

Mom of four boys,  self-proclaimed cool, laid-back and easy-going seeks other cool moms who want to have play dates with alcohol. For us, obviously. 

Applicants must enjoy dinners without children. 69 more words

Frank Zappa vs birdbrain: equalism vs thoughtless influence

Zappa? Birdbrain?! Influence?! What IS he on about?! you ask. Some clues: Frank Zappa is Frank Zappa. Birdbrain is a chat show host who interviewed him way back. 1,900 more words

Equalism In General