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How do I check out girls without getting in trouble with my girlfriend?

What are the modern standards with regards to having a perv? I regularly get a clip behind the ear when my girlfriend catches even the odd sideways glance at another woman, yet her new Magic Mike DVD is quickly becoming one of the most worn-out things in the house. 446 more words

Awkward Moments


My son and I went to lunch yesterday.  He was his usual chatty self – even moreso after his 2 day hospital stay, all alone in that big hospital room.  551 more words

Just Stuff

No really, stop talking. A lesson in social graces.

Maybe I’m just feeling cranky, but while attending a business luncheon, I watched as an obnoxious braggart businessman inserted himself numerous times at the microphone, taking command of the room unnecessarily. 367 more words

Caught Dead

A mass murder can shield himself from detection as long as he does what is expected of him by the society he lives in.  He doesn’t need to lay aside his desire for destruction. 318 more words


Making the Cut: Creating A Guest List

In order to entertain, you have to know people. Unless you’re a recluse, that’s easy enough. The difficulty of throwing a smoothly-run shin-dig, however, comes in choosing who the right combination of people. 148 more words

Entertaining Bites



Edgar was fussy bloke,

Though sartorially insistent,

Somewhat of the local joke;

He was socially deficient.

It wasn’t about his handkerchief

Or anything he chose to wear. 189 more words


We Are Losing Our Social Graces

We are losing the ability to talk with one another when we are with each other. This break down in communication occurs not only with strangers we come in contact with each day, but also in closer relationships between people. 588 more words