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Today is my husband’s birthday – Happy Birthday darlin’!

I won’t get to see him all day because he starts another semester of classes for his engineering degree today. 245 more words


Saturday Civilities: Part 2

Welcome back for the continuation of Washington’s “Rules of Civility”.  This week we will be looking at numbers 11-20 (if you missed the first post, you can view it… 294 more words

George Washington

Saturday Civilities: Part 1

Over the next several months we will take each Saturday to look at George Washington’s “Rules of Civility”.  Originally written in 1595 by French Jesuits and translated into English in 1640 (see… 323 more words

George Washington

Hateful Humans

I’m noticing a huge influx in anger in the world. I’m noticing it seeping into places I don’t normally see it and when I dare venture beyond it, I see it everywhere. 845 more words


The Factually Void

Thanksgiving was great. It was my first time home in eight years to experience it. There was no family fighting, no bitterness or resentment – just great company and wonderful food. 2,272 more words

Free speech: the life-blood of equalism

On equalism.org.uk, we tie equalism closely in with ideas of liberty and free speech (e.g. JS Mills). There’s a major resource that greatly boosts our understanding of equalism and how we achieve it. 926 more words

Equalism In General

Traditional, Eccentric or Colorful...

Southern women are traditional, eccentric or colorful creatures; sometimes we are just one or the other- a straight up Traditional, an Eccentric, or a Colorful Southern woman-though sometimes you will run across an… 338 more words

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