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Saturday Civilities: Part 7

61. Utter not base and frivolous things amongst grave and Learned Men nor very Difficult Questions or Subjects, among the Ignorant or things hard to be believed, Stuff not your Discourse with Sentences amongst your Betters nor Equals. 222 more words


Love and Hate, a St. Valentine's Day Lagniappe

And why not, a little freebie for Valentine’s Day, in this case a portrait of Gloria Holden as DRACULA’S DAUGHTER, combined with a brief poem describing a scene that’s not in the movie.  34 more words


Saturday Civilities: Part 6

51. Wear not your Cloths, foul, ripped or Dusty but See they be Brushed once every day at least and take heed that you approach not to any Uncleaness. 280 more words


Introduction to Etiquette & Charm / The Charm of Being a Woman

Emily Post. Everything I know about Etiquette and Charm I have learned from my old 1945 edition of ‘Etiquette’ By Emily Post.

Womanly Traits Etiquette Will Bring…

1,009 more words

Saturday Civilities: Part 5

41. Undertake not to Teach your equal in the art himself Professes; it Savours of arrogance.
42. Let thy ceremonies in Courtesy be proper to the Dignity of his place with whom thou converses for it is absurd to act the same with a Clown and a Prince. 192 more words


Saturday Civilities: Part 4

It’s time for this week’s post of George Washington’s “Rules of Civility” (see here for Part 3).  Enjoy reading through Rules 31-40!

31. If any one far Surpasses others, either in age, Estate, or Merit yet would give Place to a meaner than himself in his own lodging or elsewhere the one ought not to except it, So he on the other part should not use much earnestness nor offer it above once or twice. 249 more words


Saturday Civilities: Part 3

The time has come to look at Part 3 of George Washington’s “Rules of Civility” (if you missed last week’s post you can read it… 372 more words