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Complaints and Concerns

That bottom left one may be everyone in New England, every winter, when we don’t move out of the region. It’s a viable coping mechanism.

Social Graces

Presentations and Jokes

I was recently asked by someone if I thought it was necessary to tell jokes while presenting. While obviously it depends on the subject matter a bit, this is a classic “pick your way of being wrong” problem. 75 more words

Social Graces

5 things Salesmanship is- a sell is a sell part 4

When most people hear the word Salesmanship, they immediately associate it with that pushy salesman at the department store or car lot.

~That couldn’t be further from the truth~ 465 more words

The R's of Life by Sally Cronin - Chapter Two - Respect

The R’s of Life – Chapter Two – Respect.

It is always so easy to criticise and I don’t want these observations on the aspects of life that I have experienced to be completely negative. 2,632 more words

The R's Of Life By Sally Cronin

Weekend Wisdom: Comfort in Election Insanity

My blog posts will fit into one of 5 blog categories – joy, grief, career, life and W.O.O. This is an example of a “life” post -just general thoughts, ramblings, and adventures about life.  205 more words

Social Graces

During my years in Germany, I learned about the social graces expected of me. I am speaking of the skills used to interact politely in social situations which include manners, etiquette, deportment, fashion and refinement. 509 more words