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A Little Attention for Starling

I hate to say it, but I really felt like the school dropped the ball last year with our family.  All year long it was phone call after phone call about Merlin, “Oh hi, Lah Lee.   417 more words


4 Sneaky Signs You're Lonely (And What To Do About It) ~ Leigh Weingus

Whether it’s a move to a new city or school, a breakup or a random rough patch, we all get lonely from time to time. This is pretty normal, but too much loneliness can be  790 more words


Navigating in Social Systems: The use of social interactions around illness and death

            Murray Bowen and Bobbie Holt  1983 at a Third Thursday Meeting at Georgetown University

The origin of the human condition is best explained by the natural selection for social interactions – the inherited propensities to communicate, recognize, evaluate, bond, cooperate, compete, and from all these deep warm pleasures of belonging to your own social group. 5,911 more words

Murray Bowen

The Furry Fandom: Why People Identify as a Furry

Which attribute separates people from one another the most?  With trillions of people living on this planet, there must be something out there that uniquely discerns one person from the next.  830 more words


September dates at Music Therapy Services of Portland

As your Fall schedules start to fill up, we wanted to make sure you had the dates of our upcoming groups. We truly hope the transition into this 2015/16 school year goes smoothly for all of you! 68 more words

Music Therapy For Autism

The Feel good of Colouring

To colour is life  … the call to colour is the  panacea of creativity.

The Colouring Bug encourages you to practice a little mindfulness in your colouring journey, right from the moment you select your Colouring book to the second you lay your pens down and look across the page where your colouring is found. 359 more words

How in the "Culture" did we get here?

From start of human social interaction cultures have developed and for many different reasons. Certain aspects of culture came about to explain the unexplained, other aspects create unwritten processes that drive or govern a society, and still others give us a guide to acceptable  behavior. 1,301 more words