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Fishbowl and The Truth and Other Lies


I have been very slow posting this and I do apologise! We had such a long Summer break that I fell out of the habit of Book Club blogging but we are back! 785 more words

Celtic Lodge

Norse Martial Arts

This article is an excellent exposition of the Old Norse Martial Arts system known as Glima.

Our Recreation Society is welcoming current applicants for individuals who would like to learn more about this unique discipline, as well as other aspects of Norse culture. 26 more words

British Columbia

Meet Up - A Life Drawing Group

I’ve recently joined a great life drawing group in Bangkok that I discovered through the app “Meet Up”. I love creating art although I’m very out of practice and shy about my ability, so it was with some anxiety that I went along to my first meet, having been invited by a new social media friend, and not knowing really what to expect. 818 more words


Until Next Time

I am so sad that I am hiding under the bed.

There is a terrible disturbance in The Force today.  For so many of us who have called Dogster our home these many years, it is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our beloved site.  89 more words


How to discover self worth

What is self-worth?

Self worth is just another word for self-esteem. It important to know how we perceive our self and our beliefs about our self are not facts, they are only opinions. 619 more words


July 4, 2016 | Dream Journal | Kunta Kinte Gets Revenge?

Dream 1

I forgot most of this dream so I only barely remember part of the end of it, it is possible that my former male classmate JC and maybe his fiancé were in the dream during one of the forgotten parts of the dream, and the end of the dream took place at The E House. 882 more words