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The Science of Love and Attraction

My relationship with my husband is based on chemistry. Literally. It was the fall semester of our junior year of high school and I did not understand anything our chemistry teacher had been saying. 936 more words


My Life Dating a Recovering(?) Alcoholic and How I Make it "Work"

Note: This isn’t a “how-to” date an alcoholic. Generally speaking, relationships will have their ups and downs, but choosing to be committed and to build a life with a recovering alcoholic will affect your life tremendously. 1,747 more words


Are you happy with your job?

Good morning or evening or afternoon, depending on where you are this fine day or when you are reading this. Okay, long intro done, lets jump into the matter at heart today. 259 more words

Social Health

Heroes in the Real World

Heroes are not the men and women we read about in books or watch in movies. They are not fictional characters we wish were real. They are everyday men and women who stand among us but have the mental strength, morality and belief that we are all equal and deserve equal treatment. 173 more words

Spoken Word

Health For Your Whole Self

There is more to being healthy than simply being physically well. It is not just about being fit, eating right, getting enough sleep, or never having a cold. 740 more words



Written by Ayokunle Olagoke


LARA (35) is seating at the receptionist’s cubicle with a tag on her table that reads “kindly make all your enquiries here”. 1,049 more words


New Year's Resolution - Be Healthy

As 2015 draws to an end, most people are taking account of the last year of their lives and setting goals for 2016.  For some, it’s the same resolutions year after year: “work out X many times a week,” “eat healthier,” “lose X pounds,” “stop smoking,” “stop drinking,” …and the list goes on and on.  914 more words