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On Suffering and the New Normal

As a part of my work history, I have spent a great deal of time working with hospice. I am a big proponent of both the philosophy and mentality of hospice care that knows that we all have to eventually die of something. 414 more words

Fatherhood: The Ultimate Man Test

I am very grateful that society no longer expects me to father children at the ripe age of 19, because I simply am not ready to care for another human being when my own affairs are a jumbled mess of wet pasta. 522 more words

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How to Survive the Age of Overload

Good Health is good for you, we all know that. A quick high intensity exercise burst at the gym, or a run, or a good night’s sleep – these all do ourselves ‘ the power of good’. 529 more words

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Laughter yoga and hula hooping

A few weeks ago I posted about different ways to find balance in your life, reduce stress and help your digestive system and I decided to take my own advice this week. 527 more words


Male State of Mind: Addressing Gender Indentity

Every previous post in this blog has asked the question “What does it mean to be male?” but I have neglected to ask “Who is male?” This seems like a silly question to some of you. 1,083 more words

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Why do men have to be such babies?

Ughh! I get so annoyed when I have to deal with sexist egotistical stupid men who believe they know better than you just because of your gender. 325 more words


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