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Is Social Media Convincing College Students to Drink?

Excessive alcohol consumption is a major issue among college undergraduates, regardless of age, or class level. One study at Washington State University about the relationship between social media advertising and student perception of alcohol use indicated that exposure to alcohol marketing increases students’ susceptibility to excessive drinking. 152 more words

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Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

College is a place that provides an opportunity for growth and exploration in countless parts of our lives. This includes our sexual behaviors and desires, which are often heavily influenced by the iconic “hookup culture” of our generation. 259 more words


Cell Phone Use & Anxiety

My friend recently deleted her Instagram. This startled me. How would my friend live her everyday life not checking her phone for updates? This sounds silly as I am typing this out but it just did not make sense to me why she would cut herself off from the world. 203 more words

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Why are Many Survivors of Sexual Assault Silent About Their Experiences?

*This post contains examples of victim-blaming that may be triggering to sexual assault survivors.*

After analyzing empirical data regarding the reactions from people who are disclosed with information about a sexual assault occurrence, it is evident that secondary victimization is a prevalent and problematic response towards such disclosure.   333 more words


A New Way of Looking at Social Phobia in College Students

Social phobia, also called social anxiety, is characterized by fear of social situations. Those suffering from social phobia avoid social situation or endure them with extreme discomfort due to fear of acting in a manner that will result in humiliation. 303 more words


The social aspect of health

Outside of diet, hydration, sleep, sunshine, fresh air, direct contact with the bear earth, chemical free lifestyle, there are so many other necessary aspects of health. 1,550 more words

It’s Time To Take A Vacation And Here’s Why

It’s no secret that Americans are one of the most overworked, overstressed nations in the world. Sometimes we find ourselves grabbing lunch-to-go (or not even eating at all). 295 more words