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ARTLESS (Episode 2)

Written by: Ayokunle Olagoke

In an interview on MTV (2001) by Kurt Loder of MTV news with Eminem (15 times Grammy Award winner), also known by his real name as Marshall Mathers, Eminem talked about how he doesn’t want his daughter to listen to his songs anymore, because she is old enough now to understand what her daddy was saying.

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Superintendent DeLai Outlines How Schools Support Students' Social & Emotional Health

WILMINGTON, MA – Wilmington School Superintendent Mary DeLai published her weekly blog post yesterday, detailing some of the ways the school district is supporting students’ social and emotional health. 1,342 more words



Written by Ayokunle Olagoke


Mrs Tinto is sitting in front of the dressing mirror, making herself up for the outing while Tofunmi stands right behind her with her reading glasses on her face alongside its attached black ropes… 653 more words

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When Love Means Letting Go

This year’s theme for the newsletter has focused on topics related to love and laughter. But what happens when love isn’t enough? How do you know when love can no longer sustain you in a friendship, family connection, or other relationship? 353 more words

KAASUWAA- They Had Lives

By Ayokunle Olagoke

Among the passengers in the heavily loaded bus heading to Gadaka (the largest town in Fika, a local government in Yobe State, Nigeria) is Hansatu. 1,611 more words

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Health is Wealth.

   “People who do not find joy in
         what they are doing
                and cannot
                     find to
         are more  prone to

Being healthy is a basic requirement for us to fully appreciate the good things around us and be inspired to work for the realization of our dream and goal. 546 more words