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Where do we land?

I overwhelmingly connect to the term “Empath.” I am intuitive. I have lived many lives behind many faces. I understand many of the synapses and bridges people find and forge; and while I maintain that the Taste Bud Principle is cosmic “law,” I feel more closely to a person’s pain than I ever feel to a person. 453 more words

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Paying for Social Interaction!

  • It's funny how nowadays social interaction,which is  a human tra-it, is difficult among people. I've read in text "Loneliness Will be the Next Great Money Spinner" by Emily White, that people are paying money in order to have walks and talks with others due to their loneliness.
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Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss (with tips and home remedies)

Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss (with tips and home remedies)

BY DR PRERANA PISHTE PATIL , blogger at· http://www.allaboutayurveda.com/

More often than not, decline of a persons beauty over age starts with hair loss…There might not be a single person whose heart doesn’t sink when he sees strands of his or her crowning glory go down the sink..Yes , some people might look amazing even without hair , but not everyone is Vin Diesel to flaunt his shiny crown with confidence.Now who would like to be compared to an egg…And being compared to moon is great , but nobody is going to moon over you when the moon on your head starts from no moon and gets progressively bigger and won’t stop even at full moon.. 831 more words


Advice for 22 September, 2016

Embrace today and take one more step away from something toxic in your life.

I know this is paraphrasing of something I had said before, but it’s a rinse-repeat kind of deal sometimes. 23 more words

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Advice for 21 September, 2016

Embrace today and share something you are proud to have created, done, or learned.

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you've got a friend in me.

Define the word health. Easy right….the first thing that usually comes to mind when thinking of the word is the idea of not being sick or injured. 743 more words


She GLOWS Spotlight - Marcene Weatherall

Marcene Weatherall
Hometown: Grand Rapids Michigan
Education: Ottawa Hills High School; Bennett College – B.A. Psychology; Western Michigan University – M.A. Counseling Psychology

One word to describe Marcene is loving. 237 more words

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