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When Love Means Letting Go

This year’s theme for the newsletter has focused on topics related to love and laughter. But what happens when love isn’t enough? How do you know when love can no longer sustain you in a friendship, family connection, or other relationship? 353 more words

KAASUWAA- They Had Lives

By Ayokunle Olagoke

Among the passengers in the heavily loaded bus heading to Gadaka (the largest town in Fika, a local government in Yobe State, Nigeria) is Hansatu. 1,611 more words

Terrorism Victims

Health is Wealth.

   “People who do not find joy in
         what they are doing
                and cannot
                     find to
         are more  prone to

Being healthy is a basic requirement for us to fully appreciate the good things around us and be inspired to work for the realization of our dream and goal. 546 more words


Pro-Life vs. Welfare: Why Politics Makes Hypocrites of Christians

I am going to put this one under the Environment Branch of the Recovery Tree because it has to do with how we view and interact with the world around us. 1,117 more words


Using Social Health Models to Frame Practice

Using a Social Health Prism to Frame our Practice

There have been important changes to the way healthcare is conceived and provided over the past 30 years (WHO – Declaration of Alma Ata, 1978; WHO – Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, 1986) culminating in the development of social health models. 416 more words

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Government health: To go!

Today we once again had the good fortune of following the nurses and doctors of Chone out to the homes of those physically or mentally incapable of getting to the hospital without considerable assistance.   562 more words

Why Depression is Important: Understanding the Why and Taking Action

Watch on Youtube: Why Depression is Important…

I have viewed depression differently for some time now. By differently, I mean I don’t see acute depression as a bad thing. 665 more words

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