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Soul Mate Wishlist // Journey to Self Love

You’re probably thinking, ‘how does having a soulmate wishlist contribute to self love if you’re focusing on the other person?’ Well, often times if you lack self love you jump into relationships to receive love and affection without considering what it is that you truly desire. 178 more words

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Is It Okay Not to Have a Best Friend?

 In middle school, I had a group of friends that I considered to be my best friends, but by high school I’d moved into a new school district and lost contact with them. 493 more words

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5 Steps to Get into a New Routine

Today I thought about what my life would be like if things were different. What if I hadn’t end up in my current financial state, what if I was better at school work, what if I could get a stable job, what if I wasn’t who I am  – you know, the common “what ifs” life throws at us through passing stages. 1,528 more words

Social Health

As humans are social creatures, dependent on each other for functioning and survival, the interaction between each other is critically important. I believe that poor social health leads to many problems in life, including depression, sense of meaninglessness in life, and sense of isolation. 495 more words


"Can I have a word with a you?"

By G.P. Avants

Words are amazing things. They are powerful whether spoken, written, or even thought about. One of these days I would love to do a study of how words are real and living things, moreover how they remind us to use them wisely. 642 more words


Doing It Solo.

Since I was young, I had a hard time maintaining an active social life – especially during the summer months, and especially when I couldn’t drive myself. 998 more words