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What Does Health Mean to Me?

(This is a piece that I am writing for Health Out Loud’s blog page.)

For me, health goes beyond the physical. It involves having an emotional and personal balance, which is essential for mental and social health. 221 more words

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What working relationally means for me

Most public services require working with people, but relational public services put building relationships front and centre. What’s it like to work in a relational service for the first time?

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Being Fully Connected: Social Health and Hyper-Connection

Just over a quarter of a century ago some big changes happened in culture. The movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’ opened and word of mouth spread like wildfire, due to it’s risque and infamous ‘Orgasm Scene’ in which a young woman simulates having a climax in the middle of a packed deli in New York, prompting a middle aged woman to point at her and order from the waitress: “I’m having what she’s having”. 601 more words

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The Middle School introduces the FISH Philosophy

It’s a philosophy with a funny name but Elizabeth Murray tells us a little bit about how FISH is changing our middle school –

This year, the Middle School has been looking at developing a culture based around the… 203 more words


Who's your Guru?

Definition of “Guru”: A spiritual teacher, someone who guides you through life. Many people look towards others for enlightenment, wanting a second opinion or even a first. 188 more words

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View at HIV Equal

In 1896, the United States Supreme Court confirmed the Separate but Equal doctrine in a landmark case supporting state-sponsored segregation. The Court determined that having “equal but separate” facilities – a train car, in this case – justified blatant discrimination and the exclusion of black people from white spaces. 989 more words

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When I get on major health kicks, I light candles and breathe. I count calories and miles. I keep food journals, make green smoothies, and brush my teeth. 242 more words