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Dating world standards...

I think the dating world has gone mad. I’ve been single for about two years now, and I’ve either forgotten how to be social or the world has changed it standards on what is attractive. 135 more words


The truth shall set you free, LIES.

There has never been a more bogus statement than this. When has the truth ever set you free? If you are a criminal, saying the truth will get you jailed, with a highly developed fear of bending down in bathrooms. 86 more words


The 4 Essentials to Optimal Health

As we begin the journey to optimal health, we need to talk about the 4 essentials for optimal health.  If any one of these areas is, as I would call it  110 more words


Orgasms are a cure for headaches.

Am about to sell out my gender! Holy fudge! Anyway who cares. Guys, that excuse your girlfriend gives you that “I got a headache, so can we not do this…” Totally bogus. 74 more words


You Asked: How Many Friends Do I Need?

Friends do your health so many favors. They protect your health as much as quitting smoking and a great deal more than exercising, according to a large 2010 review in the journal… 665 more words

Misogyny in Fag Space: How to Have a Dick Without Being a Dick

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“Oh, lordy have mercy! A vagina just walked in the room.”

“There goes the neighborhood,” Dustin1 snarked, scrunching his face in agreement with Eric’s comment before prancing off to the bar for another cosmo. 1,105 more words

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It took about 15 minutes before he asked what I do for a living. Scruff dates can be awkward at first, so I was content to forgive his incessant rambling until we got settled with our drinks and could begin to relax at the coffee shop. 675 more words

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