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From Unbelievable to Unbelievable

In our school, we stay with the same class through the grades. I took over a third grade class three years ago. They had had a difficult few years prior to that, filled with changes and inconsistency. 634 more words

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When Kids are Coping

When a classroom environment is stressful, kids end up exhibiting all sorts of strange behaviors that make life difficult for everyone. It can be easy to think that these behaviors define the children; that Joey is just inattentive and never participates; that Elle always freaks out and hides under her desk for no apparent reason; that Claire is defiant and always tells other kids what to do. 288 more words

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Social Capital & Social Health

Social Capital and Social Health are two terms that are fairly knew to my conscious agenda of being a better man and community member.

Social Capita… 567 more words


Why a "Happy Classroom?"

When kids feel happy, it’s pretty amazing what they can achieve. It’s really that simple. Getting an entire class to feel safe, loved, engaged and important – in other words, … 421 more words

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The social gradient

People believe that inequities in health only concern the poor, or those living in poverty. It is easy to think that you do not need to worry about these inequities because you are educated, have a reasonable income and ‘look after yourself’. 168 more words

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Mindfulness Stones

Is it too early in the year to declare my favourite school project for 2017? Because this is it. Kerry Lomas tells us more – 397 more words


Latrine Is the Shit

*Funky commercial tune for a video before cutting into the main topic*

(Seriously, watch the video first)

Fortunately, born and raised as a lower-middle class city gal, that was not something I ever had to face. 745 more words