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“He who seeks rest, finds board games” *

These original board games are part of the City of Worcester’s Social History collection and despite some of them being almost 100 years old, they could be considered to be relatively modern, as tabletop gaming can be traced back more than 7000 years. 439 more words

Social History

1720. Blue Mountains, windward Jamaica. In the sweltering heat Captain Shettlewood leads a troop of British soldiers through the thick trees towards the river. They are hunting slaves who have escaped from the brutal plantations. Their mission: to find them, and kill them. But up ahead, hidden among the rocks above the water, a group of men with cutlasses and muskets wait patiently for the instructions of their leader.

Queen Nanny is a ‘wise woman’ with a reputation for ancient obeah magic, and a guerilla fighter with a genius for organisation. So the battle for Jamaica begins, the First Maroon War, in which the maroons – escaped slaves – will make a final, do-or-die stand against the slavers and soldiers of Empire. Available in store and online.

From Suffolk to Scotland Yard

The Life & Career of George Read,
a Victorian Thames River Policeman

In December 1888, Detective-Inspector George Read of the Metropolitan Police Thames Division (CID) retired after 33 years of service. 6,226 more words


A close shave...or how I learnt to shave like my Dad.

Years of using disposable and cartridge razors. Hundreds, if not thousands of little bits of plastic, all ending up in landfill. Hundreds of tins of shaving cream and gel, all powered by chemical propellant. 5,229 more words


North and mid-Wales railway e-Books

For the last few years I’ve been purchasing e-books from the British Transport Treasures website, which is dedicated to supplying good quality digitized copies of out-of-print British transport titles, some dating back to the turn of the 20th Century and many of them really difficult to get hold of.  285 more words