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Trust No One

I see that “X-Files” is back on the air. I’ll admit that I was never a huge fan, although maybe if I go back and binge watch the old stuff it will grow on me. 363 more words

Business Thinking

Friendly Competition

For a while, I’ve been thinking that I need an “accountabilibuddy” – someone to answer to, someone to keep me motivated, and someone to keep me honest. 452 more words


Post Of The Week - Saturday 23rd January 2016

1) Identification In Crowds

This article explains some of the work by John Drury at Sussex University.


It takes as its starting point the idea that people in crowds are not mindless or deindividuated but are rather adopting the identity of the crowd, an identity which can change as events unfold. 639 more words


What Makes You, You?

Nature vs. Nurture

There are many classic debate that have loomed over the human head as long as man has existed. One of the greatest of these is an argument that we label the “Nature vs. 937 more words


Social influence

                           Social influence involves the act of changing oneself for the sake of fitting in with their peers. The quality behind social influence is measure on the quality of communication. 817 more words

Post Of The Week - Saturday 16th January 2016

1) Naked Scientists

Here is Steve O’Rahilly from Cambridge University talking about obesity, leptin and exercise. You have to click on the link and wind about 35 minutes in. 645 more words

Treating Mental Disorders

Why Do People Lie

Everyone Lies

No matter who they are, almost everyone lies. In fact, people lie extremely often. A study done in 2002 reported that during a brief chat, most people lie upwards of three times. 1,175 more words