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How to Win Friends and Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Man is a social animal. Friends add meaning to one’s life. The ability to influence people is an important skill for one who wants to taste success. 767 more words


Post Of The Week - Sunday 18th June 2017

1) The Psychology Of Cults

Cults are interesting from a social psychological point of view. They are based on obedience to an authority figure and rely on compliance. 391 more words

Treating Mental Disorders

Social Influence: The Role of Social Influence in Social Change

As obvious as it sounds, social change happens constantly.  It’s a process that never really ends, and it certainly doesn’t get old.  A topical example of one of our most recent attempts at social change is the Black Lives Matter movement – which, unfortunately, at the moment, still seems to be a matter of social change through minority influence.   1,785 more words

Social Influence: Minority Influence

Second to last topic!  We’ve almost made it, folks!  Congrats!  Get ready for Memory after this.  200% sure I said Attachment in the last post – sorry about that. 895 more words

Social Influence: Obedience

It’s the long one, folks.  You get limp claps from me if you get through the whole thing.  Only limp ones, though, considering I’m doing all the work here. 2,131 more words

Musing on Life

Life is crazy. It’s this journey that we’re all on. Sometimes you take a step back and look at what you’ve done and wonder what impact it’s had. 311 more words

Social Influence

Social Influence: Conformity to Social Roles

Two posts in a day – who would have guessed?  The answer is me, because I planned to do this.

So, now we’re talking about Conformity to Social Roles, and unlike the last post, we’re starting with the study, because this whole topic is explained through the study.   1,023 more words