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Post Of The Week - Sunday 15th October 2017

1) Virtual Reality Therapy

I first showed students videos about this almost 20 years ago. This article explains what is being done with VR therapy now. 382 more words

Cognition And Development

The Delivery of Ideas

I currently seem to be talking a lot about ideas.

I guess I’m just trying to understand my own thought processes and these are getting thrown down on the page at whoever will read. 466 more words

Social Influence

Post Of The Week - Saturday 16th September, 2017

1) Researching E-Cigarettes

This article explores some of the issues with researching the effects of e-cigarettes. To understand the long-term harm, researchers need to find people who use e-cigarettes who have never smoked. 259 more words

Treating Mental Disorders

Post Of The Week - Sunday 10th September 2017

1) Mindfulness In Schools

In both Year 2 groups, we spent the first lesson looking at the findings and conclusions of research projects from last summer. 465 more words

Treating Mental Disorders

Social Influence: An Essay (Part 2/2)

So far in part 1 of this essay, we have looked at majority influence of a group on an individual.

However, there are also everyday social influences that occur on an individual level between people. 408 more words


Ideas are Dangerous. Why?

It’s been a long time since I last posted. In that time I’ve had plenty of ideas… some have been great (in my own opinion), some have been horrendous, some have been stupid, but I’m not sure if any have been dangerous. 382 more words

Social Influence

Social Influence: An Essay (Part 1/2)

In this essay, the definition of social influence will be looked at along with the forms of such influence (incidental and deliberate). Focus will be placed on why people conform (e.g. 1,115 more words