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Not Obsessed, Just Dedicated

I’ve been on the diet and exercise roller coaster so many times, I can’t really count. But there are definitely the periods of time that stand out – one in particular. 475 more words


Live to Inspire

Lately, there’s been this perfect storm of dissatisfaction and frustration at work, and I’ve been dealing with it through exercise and fitness goals. (My go-to coping strategy used to be beer, so this is a big deal for me.) Without a doubt, I’m happier when I’m focusing on health and fitness. 429 more words



Have you ever heard of influencer marketing?  You might not have used the term but I’m pretty sure that it’s a familiar concept.  Simply put, influencer… 432 more words


Before and After

Other people’s success stories are among the most powerful forms of inspiration for me. Men and women who have overcome amazing odds to drop immense amounts of weight, build strength, and develop confidence. 432 more words

Social Influence

Why would a top 'social' CMO follow 26,000 people on Twitter?

There’s a top tech CMO I follow on Twitter. She doesn’t post that often (which is fine by me), and I don’t always agree with what she says, but I’m happy to get her updates. 237 more words

Influencer Marketing

Are PR agencies telling their clients the truth about their 'blogger influencers'?

I’m fascinated by the response I get when I talk to senior marketing folk within US corporates. I met with one last week – a >$10bn consumer goods co.  287 more words

Influencer Marketing

Medicine for My Mental Health

Today was a rough day at work, which is the norm these days. Not that this is uncommon for anyone, really – lots of people carry around a great deal of stress because of work. 432 more words