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Post Of The Week - Sunday 23rd October, 2016

1) Circadian Rhythms

This is a fine TED talk from Russell Foster from Oxford.

Russell Foster also appears in this Royal Institution event.

There’s a story here about how Psychology moves on. 837 more words

Treating Mental Disorders

Why Rejection of Identity Politics is Imperative

Do not let anyone limit you to a collective identity; your individuality is essential to growth and development; it is imperative that you face your own challenges head on. 105 more words

The Psychology of Conformity

Conformity, we’ve all done it. The act of changing your behaviour or opinions to that of the majority due to the pressures of social influence. Even when you don’t realise it, you end up conforming many many times day by day. 559 more words


Minority influence - a little thing makes a big difference

Minority influence – a type of social influence that motivates individuals to reject majority group norms

Anyone living this side of the 1970s knows about the ongoing discussions surrounding LGBT+ community. 544 more words


Factors Influencing Bystanderism

In our study of bystanderism we’re looking at factors that influence bystanderism. That is to say, factors that might influence the extent to which people help or don’t help someone in need in a given situation. 172 more words

Group Behaviour

How to create and organize video content with impact

It’s no secret that video and social media have changed the landscape of marketing communication forever.  Today, people on average spend between 30 to 40 hours a week watching video content on their mobile devices, laptops and tablet PCs.   1,975 more words

The MEconomy

Rhythm of destiny

I watch the sunrise
Light up the sky…
I watch the horizon overflow
With a beauty so defined.
The tragedy of life,
Began the day my thoughts… 235 more words

Deep Thought