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Building a Personal Brand - First Week

Over the last two weeks, I have put a large amount of work into building and developing my personal brand.

For those who don’t know, personal branding is the idea of you marketing yourself or your career as a brand. 517 more words


Choose your Battles. Break the Cycle

Humanity. What does it mean to be human? We push and we push and we push, and yet we seem to be getting nowhere. Why do we follow the same patterns that we did 20 years ago? 450 more words


Social Psychology

Essentially, social psychology’s emphasis is mainly on understanding the causes of social behaviour – on identifying factors that shape our feelings, thoughts and behaviour in social situations (Baron & Byrne, 2000). 3,684 more words

Blogging the Chong Way

Social media has taken over the generation putting bloggers are the pinnacle of everyone’s vision boards. In an era where your Instagram acts as your manager, Pintrest your personal stylist, Facebook your agent, Snapchat your PR; when your entourage is literally a few apps away it is no wonder that we consider these moguls as our monarchy. 776 more words

How Social Influence Research helps us understand social change

What are the implications for social change of research into social influence? (6)

Social influence research has suggested that it is minorities and independent behaviour that brings about social change (conformity maintains the status quo). 799 more words


Obedience to Authority

Outline and evaluate RESEARCH into obedience


Aim- to find out whether ordinary people ( not just German soldiers) would obey legitimate authority even when required to injure another person. 920 more words


Being a part of the Global Community

The idea of Global Community has become highly prevalent in the Information Age which we currently live in. The internet allows us access to untold magnitudes of information. 334 more words

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