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Post Of The Week - Saturday 29th April 2017


You can listen to a discussion about ADHD in this episode of All In The Mind. There’s a link to a TV documentary… 378 more words

Cognition And Development

What do Jesus Christ and Scientist have in common?

To the question “what do Jesus Christ and Scientist have in common?!” you are probably thinking…

Both Jesus Christ and scientist come from the planet earth, which is the third planet from the sun, within the milky way galaxy of the local group, which is part of the Virgo Supercluster in the observable universe. 274 more words

Seeking Growth. Being a Community

Life is difficult. No one denies this. There are moments of joy and success, but there are also moments of sadness and failure. How do we find the areas for growth in these moments of failure? 386 more words


Harnessing Your Passion. Growing the Movement.

To be quite honest, I probably don’t know nearly as much as I put forward about starting a movement or keeping it going. The experience I have comes from videos and little leadership exercises across the course of my life. 314 more words

Affecting A Wider Circle

Social Influence in the News

Why dont people speak up?


Milgram research replication​ in Poland


Have a read of the articles above and see if you can apply what you know about social influence research. 6 more words


Quote 675

Quit the herd mentality,

Do what you wish to do,

Listen to the voice in your head, whom you never have listened to,

It knows you better than you do, in entirety! 26 more words

Building a Personal Brand - First Month

One month later and still kicking it…

I’ve learnt a lot in this last month of working on my social influence. Since my last update on this, I’ve managed to pass many milestones, including… 482 more words