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How to create and organize video content with impact

It’s no secret that video and social media have changed the landscape of marketing communication forever.  Today, people on average spend between 30 to 40 hours a week watching video content on their mobile devices, laptops and tablet PCs.   1,975 more words

The MEconomy

Rhythm of destiny

I watch the sunrise
Light up the sky…
I watch the horizon overflow
With a beauty so defined.
The tragedy of life,
Began the day my thoughts… 235 more words

Deep Thought

Subtle power

The North Wind and the Sun were arguing about which one was stronger. At that moment, they both noticed a traveler walking down the road with a cloak on.  175 more words


Poison or the shield?

All my life, I’ve fit into a special category of dealing with people and situations: beta.  Anyone who either knows betas or is beta can recognize the qualities: 333 more words


CASE STUDY: Food porn (still) rules!

Wonder why you are seeing a Facebook post from last week’s dinner date again as you are getting ready for slumberland while catching up on your social media life? 488 more words


Influencing The Influencers

If you’re a baseball fan of a certain age (OK, if you’re really old), you will probably recall Yogi Berra drinking Yoo-Hoo in commercials. In fact, he was synonymous with the brand (some people thought he owned the company). 461 more words

Thinking Aloud

A Year After Stepping Off • Part 2

August 2, 2015. 2:55pm. The plane on route to Chicago just pulled out from its gate.

As the familiar landscape of Oklahoma City, a place I call home, shrunk in size and faded in layers of cloud, I settled into my seat with a little bit of nerves and a whole lot of anticipation. 531 more words