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Post Of The Week -Saturday 30th April 2016

1) Willem Kuyken on Mindfulness Based CBT

A study has come out this week which shows that MCBT is effective in preventing relapse in people suffering multiple episodes of depression. 583 more words

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Post Of The Week - Sunday 24th April, 2016

1) Global Disease Burden

I keep hearing myself say in lessons that by 2030, mental illness will represent the main burden of preventable disease across the planet. 542 more words

Treating Mental Disorders

Post Of The Week - Sunday 3rd April, 2016

1) Nature And Nurture

The debate has rumbled on this week. Here is a piece of research which has been reported about depressed rats in a couple of places. 659 more words

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The Future of Facebook #Infographic


Facebook, the social media giant, celebrates 12 years in business in 2016 which comes in the wake of the blockbuster financial results it delivered for 2015. 288 more words

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アオハライド appreciation :3

Conformity: A change is a person’s behavior or opinions as a result of real or virtual pressure from a person or a group of people… 604 more words


Post Of The Week -Saturday February 27th 2016

1) That Milgram Study Again

Here’s an account of the study related to Milgram’s procedure which has been reported in a couple of places in the media over the last week. 408 more words

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Trust No One

I see that “X-Files” is back on the air. I’ll admit that I was never a huge fan, although maybe if I go back and binge watch the old stuff it will grow on me. 363 more words

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