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Schema Theory Teaching Resources

The first topic in Social Influence Part II (support pack coming soon) is Schema Theory. This topic comes after learning about SIT and the out-group homogeneity effect as the latter is closely related to schema theory, an both topics deal with stereotypes. 100 more words

Cognitive LOA

A Matter of Perspective

It’s interesting to me that we all have a tendency to create situations so that we can gripe about them. I know that I have been suspect of this more times than I can count. 584 more words

Social Influence

These invisible influences dictate your life

Jonah Berger‘s wife just had a baby.

Besides the obvious changes a newborn brought into his his family, Berger noticed some not-so-subtle ones too. 420 more words

Worth Chewing On

Post Of The Week - Saturday 2nd December, 2017

1) All In The Mind

Two good things from All In The Mind this week. Firstly, there was a report on a scheme to make the films of the lives of people with dementia. 371 more words

Addictive Behaviour

Post Of The Week - Sunday 26th November 2017

1) The Disease Model

When we were studying free will and determinism the other week, we saw that regarding mental illness as a disease like any other removes stigma because it treats mental illness as an illness like any other. 423 more words

Treating Mental Disorders

The Stories we Tell

Humans are storytellers. We have our own stories, the ones which we are living. We have other stories, the ones which convey a message and a meaning greater than ourselves. 233 more words

Social Influence

Quizlets: Enculturation and Acculturation

The following Quizlets will help students revise key terms and studies for the enculturation and acculturation topics covered in IB Psychology: A Student’s Guide. 

Enculturation/Acculturation Key… 29 more words

Revision/Exam Preparation