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Social Influence Integration - What does this mean to You?

So I’m sitting in my now home away from home, Chattahoochee Coffee House, getting some needed work caught up and one of the things I need to do is to continue my weekly blog. 456 more words

Business Development


It’s great to see that in the last few years that women taking part in weight training is not bizarre or new and is a common part of gym training with more women getting involved every month. 851 more words


Own It

Badass Is the New Skinny has been dedicated to my journey to become a badass. But “badass” seems to have been lost in translation. Then, today, I had my  517 more words


What is Influencer Marketing? Is it the next big thing ?

Many people have grown cynical toward advertising. The say it shows up in every conceivable place, makes ridiculous claims, plays to our most base instincts, and crowds out things that are more interesting and essential. 502 more words

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Apple Reverses Policy After Taylor Swift Open Letter

No more bad blood: Apple senior executive Eddy Cue announced on Twitter that Apple Music will pay artists during the service’s free, three-month trial period. The reversal of policy comes one day after… 422 more words

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Swift is at it again. Wielding her influence for a good cause.

Getting the best out of your team

There is a lot of research on how to develop more effective teams and research that shows what hinders a work group becoming a good team. 350 more words


Post Of The Week - Saturday 13th June 2015

1) Zimbardo’s Prison Study Reassessed

I was pleased to see Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment disappear from the A Level specification and a bit disappointed when I heard it was coming back. 941 more words