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Everyday People Become Newest Brand Ambassadors

Upon refreshing your Instagram feed, many posts start with the ever so present #ad. But do consumers really believe a celebrity who pushes a product and claims to love it so much? 1,185 more words

What are the risks of influencer marketing without research and strategy?

[ credits: @markwickens, @maria_bernad]

You know the drill: you’ve got an event next week and need to plan your social ASAP. Time to reach out to as many influencers (or brief as many agencies) as possible, and pray a handful can do a cheap sponsored post. 715 more words


Chit Chat and Influencers

There’s always talk about how social media is the drive behind businesses today, it helps increase revenue and discover untapped markets and the desire of the consumer. 452 more words

Social Media

Get To Know Gareth Pon: Everyone Should Have At Least One Ridiculous Dream.

Introduce yourself

Hello everyone, my name is Gareth Pon. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and I recently moved to Chicago last August.

How was life growing up in South Africa? 2,450 more words

First Impressions

(Platform – Vowels) + Capitalization = PLTFRM

A very difficult equation showing just how complex our name is.
joke – we just kept it simple.
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Spotlight VIDEO: This is Teral

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What a world we are living in

In this world of robotic cycle of scrolling mindlessly through picture sites and 140 characters-short message. Who ever reads a lengthy, painfully-written, anguish-ridden post?

I live in a world where so many pretentious wannabes are rising up through the society with their repetitive (and re-paraphrased words), non-contextual ads and ~obviously~ proud labels of being ‘social influencer’. 173 more words

Social Influencer