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First Impressions

(Platform – Vowels) + Capitalization = PLTFRM

A very difficult equation showing just how complex our name is.
joke – we just kept it simple.
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Spotlight VIDEO: This is Teral

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What a world we are living in

In this world of robotic cycle of scrolling mindlessly through picture sites and 140 characters-short message. Who ever reads a lengthy, painfully-written, anguish-ridden post?

I live in a world where so many pretentious wannabes are rising up through the society with their repetitive (and re-paraphrased words), non-contextual ads and ~obviously~ proud labels of being ‘social influencer’. 173 more words

Social Influencer

A few of my favourite Instagram Story Creators

I love Instagram stories.

It’s small, daily doses of why I love youtube so much, in an organic manner. Today’s late post is a curated list of the instagram stories that make me smile. 400 more words


People 2 People

Author of She: Ekla Cholo Re ; BUGman and He Who Dreams

Santosh Avvannavar