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What I like about ieatishootipost =)

Why I like the blog?

Is about food! The photos of the food that he took looks so nice!  Not so hardworking to go try all the food places that he posted, but at least I know where I can find nice food! 187 more words

Social Stuff...

1000 words of what we are all about in a single picture

We share an on again – off again love-hate relationship with our self-image. While social Media offers a myriad of opportunities to identify ourselves through graphics, photos, captions, sound-bytes and videos, we never seem certain about how others will see us personally and professionally. 182 more words


Learn to give of yourself, to get their attention

When we speak, we have only seconds to grab our listener’s attention, establish credibility and orient them to our reason for speaking. This is just as true face to face, in the media, on the phone or online. 144 more words

The Key World Wide

There is infinite power in the perception of a brand

Brands once were things we bought and used, now each of us are seen as brands as well. I proffer some thoughts by way of an explanation for this ever broadening extension of marketing to our persons’. 267 more words

The Key World Wide

Business schools drop an admissions essay. Why?

Formulaic essays proved to be time consumers rather than contributing credentials. College admissions officers still want to know more about you, beyond what they can deduce from your grades, test scores, resume and recommendations. 180 more words


The power of friends.

Social media allows us to share our thoughts about products and brands services with our friends who often then share what they learned from us with their friends. 116 more words


We listen and speak with our eyes

Our attention span is shrinking (8 Seconds according to recent research) making it difficult to say in words what we feel with others. Proof that our culture is hyper-focused on grab and go visuals comes from these analytics; users spend 257 minutes per month on Instagram, which is 15 times that of Facebook. 64 more words