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We live in an age where information is not just displayed on the web, but where individuals can change or add their own content. Wikipedia is a great example of this phenomenon: someone uploads an article they’ve written on a topic, and it’s open for others to edit at their pleasure. 593 more words

Privacy? For Social Media?

Although this is the final blog assignment for my Social Informatics class, I will probably continue to comment occasionally on the topic. It is evident that information and communication technologies (ICTs) have inundated our society and continually impact many areas in our lives. 570 more words

Social Informatics

Government and ICTs

Our readings this week certainly fit in with the current political events, especially when noting how social media is reinventing government. Facebook is full of comments (I can’t even call them debates anymore) about who is the better (or worse) candidate for President of the United States. 631 more words

Social Informatics

ICTs in Schools?

I love technology. Usually, I am early in adopting new forms as they are introduced. So of course, when I think about technology in schools, my first thought is “YES! 600 more words

Social Informatics

Gender and Technology

The topic of gender and technology is personal for me. The readings for class this week provoked a lot of reflection on my earlier years and examination of the choices I made. 1,457 more words

Social Informatics

Music media, music sales, and the effects of social media on music consumption

The innovations related to music production and sales have changed the music business for a majority of musicians and their fans. Traditionally, music users discovered songs or albums through radio play and word-of-mouth (Dewan & Ramaprasad, 2014). 757 more words

Social Informatics