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The President's Circus

How do you cage a child like a litter of pups,

mother across the street worried

onlookers with cameras mumbling

in disgust, “three bucks a ticket” for this? 47 more words


But What Does the H. Stand For?

I have a cousin I was once very close with. She and I drifted a few years back, and our story is a topic for another time, but the fascinating thing about her, has been her deep dalliances in religion over the years. 4,067 more words

Psychosis and the World; Recovering your Agency

When you’re in psychosis you can see and feel the immensity of the world’s problems; those of social class; the unlikeliness of social mobility; the plight of immigrants, to name a few.  32 more words


My Story of America

Long stemmed grass stuck between my teeth

shock of black hair blowing in a summer breeze

I lost count of puffy clouds slow motion journey… 276 more words


Last Thursday in Lafia Prison

Well rested and fully recovered from Thursday’s experience, I sat on my reading table the same night. It was 12:39am and there was absolute silence; the full moon resting on the clouds outside almost drove the darkness away. 1,483 more words

Tales From School

My Box

Through the years I have noticed that life is a series of reruns so when old people see something that others consider strange we only nod our heads and smile knowing quite well that it’s been said or done before. 261 more words


Grab America

Grab America

Gonna build a great big wall

gonna bust those children’s balls

America is great again

finally I am the king

now you can sing… 113 more words