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The Jordan Effect: Black Celebrities Don’t Owe the Black Community a Damn Thing

In light of a recent statement that basketball legend Michael Jordan made on Tuesday, many supporters and critics have responded to Jordan “finally” speaking out on racial issues. 873 more words

Maintaining Reflection

Through the use of social media, ethnic and racial tensions are at an all-time high. Mostly because they’re revealing the injustice and prejudice that has always been lurking under the professional smiles and official policies. 404 more words

War Pigs

Song-Lyric Sunday Part 1

There are countless songs about the social issues that face this world everyday. That is why I couldn’t resist featuring two songs for this week’s… 272 more words


Why My Characters' Zip Code Matters

Enrique, a youth living in Tucson’s poorest neighborhood, begins his life with “the cards” stacked against realization of his dreams. Caught in a web of drug traffickers who recruit disadvantaged youth in his barrio, he navigates each day as one in a war zone with the goal to survive between sun up and sun down. 226 more words


We are society's villains. And society has become indifferent.

Sorry for having been very quiet the past few weeks. I’ve been alarmed with the news around the world lately. Too many people dying; too many people sick with the disease of hatred and extreme bad judgment. 241 more words



This is what I’m not here for:

  • Overgeneralized, amorphous calls for us all to “Love each other”.
  • People saying shit like “Can’t we all get along” or “Spread kindness” or “Love is the answer” in response to rampant police killings of black people and the subsequent reactions of their communities.
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Confession of Trust

There is so much going on in our country right now – division, violence, moral decline, and the list goes on.  We struggle with trust.  Most do not trust the government. 559 more words