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Vacation + Feminism + Discomforts of Homelessness

This blog comes with some hesitation on my part, because it’s admitting to something about myself that I’m very uncomfortable with, and I’ve tried to avoid for a very long time. 1,021 more words


Intimate Partner Violence in Queer Relationships

I suspect that I will have a lot to say on this topic over the course of the next few years because it is the focus of my doctoral studies. 863 more words


With Liberty and Justice For All

I had a vague idea I might do something about Independence Day for my July post, but we were busily on vacation and there wasn’t anything I particularly wanted to say, anyway, so I let it slide. 1,895 more words


Why I Am Not Afraid to Call Myself a Feminist

The world needs feminism. Yes, I said it – the “F word”. The “F word” that a lot of people probably (and sadly) find more offensive or controversial than the real “F word.” However, whether you are a female or not, take the time to ask yourself honestly: where would we be without feminism? 633 more words


No Room for Me, the Non Binary

There are some people and organizations who overtly exclude others: most religions, elite universities, right-wing conservatives (not all, but some), left-wing liberals (not all, but some), school curriculum, the media…OK, there is a lot of overt exclusion in the world, but it is truly wondrous how exclusive the world can be without particularly trying. 729 more words


DR.Umar Johnson "Escaping The Trap" Lecture

I went to ST.Petersburg FL to See a Dr. Umar’s Lecture in person. The speech was regarding black children and the school systems that hold them back. 84 more words

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