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Media And Politicians #Lies

Oh this general election thingy is making my blood boil.

Politicians on all sides promising this and that and blah blah.
Blaming each other and lying lying and more lying. 250 more words


Jesus’ Radical Teachings can Transform the World

Does the world appear increasingly turbulent these days, with our planet on the precipice of collapse? Witness the geopolitical storms raging across the Middle East and building in Europe and Asia, while the United States remains locked in unprecedented partisan gridlock – threatening our long-term viability. 1,430 more words


Britain’s Government and the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

I admit that I did not know of the CFI before reading the article linked below, and having knowledge of it now makes me feel nauseous, while at the same time intensely glad I have never voted for the Tories! 74 more words

Social Injustice

Missing Girl Continues to Bring Attention to the Social Injustice of Human Trafficking

As a writer, you string together words to form a sentence and you hope that in some small way those words touch someone. You release those words out into the world and never quite know where they go. 156 more words

Missing Girl

Food Insecurity and....Foodies?

Look, I’m not out to harsh anybody’s Foodie buzz, but I gotta say that the first time I heard the relatively newly-coined term, “Foodie,” was from someone who had lost his multi-million-dollar mansion in Palm Springs in the financial crash.   2,245 more words