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Why Social Inequality Harms Us All

This book review was first published by The Oxford Left Review.  To access the original, click here.

Danny Dorling,

Injustice: Why Social Inequality Still Persists… 1,604 more words


Brazil announce "social injustice" as new national sport after Copa America shame

Brazil’s government has reacted to its football team’s shameful defeat in the Copa America to Paraguay by removing football as the country’s national sport and replacing it with “social injustice”, according to sources close to officials. 193 more words


Dear America, Where Am I Safe To Be Black?

The title of this blog is the reason it took me so long to write it. It is a daunting, heart-wrenching question that I have been asking myself all the more for the past year. 1,106 more words

Social Injustice

God Will Never Forget

June 28, 2015 Sunday School Commentary

Lesson Guide, Direction Urban Ministries

God Will Never Forget
Devotional Reading- Hosea 11:1-7
Highlighted Text – Amos 8:1-6, 9-10… 563 more words

Sunday School Commentaries

Why Every Believer Should Go On A Mission Trip

In just a few weeks, my husband and I will be taking a team of 31 people from our home church to Haiti for a short-term missions trip. 628 more words


New Zealand Healthcare is Upper Class Luxury

I recently had an unaccepted and annoying dose of strep throat. I have had this painful illness before and it can be difficult to combat. It begins with a sore throat and headache and escalates into agonising pain along with aching muscles and fatigue. 612 more words


So who's the brunette then?


I’m Lucy, 25 and a brunette. Well half brunette. The top half, it’s not a right/left deal.

This here blog is going to be a collection of the things I think, believe, learn and want to share. 53 more words