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What About Us: The Struggles of Black Youth.

So often the voices of the youth are silenced by adults who feel they have the answer. In order for us to understand the obstacles our youth face we (adults) must first open ourselves up to hear them. 93 more words

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GET OFF THE BLOCK: A Talk with Social Entrepreneurs Greg Rogers and Javar Fulton

It is no shock that the Black community is in need of an overhaul. Exhausted by the circumstances they face, many have given up and accepted what they feel to be insurmountable odds. 155 more words

African American

I Am Ugly: Part V

A good Christian would not kill a doctor who performs abortions.  A good Muslim would not kill a city full of people.  But a good Ayn Rand lover without a flicker in his brow steals money from poor school children, old people, and the down trodden in his land just so he can fly first class.  203 more words


WILL SMITH: "Racism is Actually Rare"

In a day where you cannot get on any social media app, you can’t turn on any news network or even pick up a news paper without being slapped with some reference to the ever so popular #BlackLivesMatter reference. 320 more words


I am Ugly: Part IV

Young, lost, angry, poor, with a monkey on his back.  Boy junkie makes one last call to a drunken mother.  She is too stoned to answer, the boy waits until jail lights dim into blackness.  90 more words


Chancellor or Conjuror?

Apologies for lying fallow for so long, but it’s been an odd time to watch and criticise the Tories when the opposition seems to have taken a trip to the equivalent of an electoral suicide clinic. 797 more words