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Black America: Putting band-aids on bullet wounds.

Diggin Deep with Dontá: Episode 15

A lot of things have occurred to disrupt the positive flow of the Black community. Many of those situations were caused by external factors; but not all. 133 more words

African American

Israel’s “Every Day Terrorism”, Crimes against Palestinian Children.

I just read this and found it too moving and too important not to share.

Any other country besides Israel would have been held to count for their atrocious, horrendous war crimes!


Social Injustice

Messy mind looking for order

I’m at the process of writing my Masters thesis in Sociology of Law and am going to write about climate justice. It’s a really new subject to me and I need a place to gather my thoughts on this matter, because most of the information I’m finding will never be able to find its place into the thesis, regardless of how interesting I find it. 111 more words



As part of His ministry, Jesus enjoyed healing the sick. Today’s story focuses on Jesus healing the son of a nobleman. This parent was worried that without a miracle, his son would die. 70 more words


Ferguson’s rage: a tale of social injustice and racism in modern day America.

On 9 August 2014, the world was shocked by the senseless killing of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson Missouri, by a white police officer. The killing sparked protests in Ferguson and neighbouring American cities, and even inspired a recent episode of the popular American TV show Scandal (season 4 episode 14 “the Lawn Chair” for those of you interested in comparing notes), drawing the world’s attention to the issue of social injustice and racism in one of the world’s most advanced democracies. 1,703 more words

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Christ’s ministry on earth was one of healing and restoration. He did not frown upon or isolate the sick and marginalised groups of society. Instead he sought them out in love, mercy and compassion to provide justice, freedom and liberty to whatever type of bondage they found themselves in, whether physical or psychological. 51 more words


Virunga - Documentary Review

This movie was incredible and very inspirational. The basis to this movie is a sad, depressing, and emotional story about Virunga national park in the heart of the Congo. 242 more words