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Life is tough - 59 (Cycle of things)

There is currently a huge uproar on social media over the government ban on the video of “India’s Daughter” by BBC. Maybe government is right in banning the video due to the legalities which were not followed. 630 more words

Ferguson Part One: Justice Department Finds FPD Practices Racially Biased AND Unconstitutional

To everyone who said Ferguson wasn’t about race, the Justice Department begs to differ. Yesterday, the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division just released their investigation into the Ferguson Police Department–and it is worse than we imagined. 2,001 more words

Social Equality

Racism in the Workplace

Almost one in four of the UK population (22%) have come across racism in the workplace – more than in any other area of society. 40% of black people say they have witnessed racism in employment, this is double the figure for whites. 322 more words

Current Affairs

Purim: Celebrating Esther

Purim is a Jewish Holiday. This year it begins on March 4 and ends on March 5. It’s a holiday of fun and silliness – and having a drink or two – so I’m going to start with a Jewish joke. 2,561 more words

Progressive Christianity

By challenging racism: could we actually be perpetuating it?

The Function of racism

‘The function, the very serious function of racism is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being. 1,109 more words


For Trayvon,

My Life Has Passed Me By
A Tribute To Trayvon Martin
By Nate Spears

My life has passed me by
A flash arrived quickly before my eyes… 364 more words


America’s “Successful” Lying War Propaganda. “Vladimir Putin, The Blood Thirsty Fiend” | Global Research

The article linked below illustrates some prime examples of how Western media has populated nothing but lies about Putin, leading most of the ‘sheeple’ to believe that the Russian president is the most dangerous man in the world, and the greatest threat to peace. 202 more words

Social Injustice