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Persistent Team Chat, Merely a Gilded Reincarnation of Reply-to-All Email?

Persistent team chat has been the darling of the collaboration scene for a while now. The most prominent one being Slack, but also Atlassian HipChat, Cisco Spark, Microsoft Teams and now Watson Workspace from my employer. 916 more words


Who should own the Intranet? It's probably not who you think...

I’m often asked by those with responsibilities for Internal Communications ‘where does the responsibility lay for the different parts of the collaboration eco-system and who should own the intranet?’ 700 more words

Social Intranet

Social intranets make the job harder for internal communication

During the past years, intranets are often presented with a social in front of them. The hype behind social intranet remains deafening, technology investments have been made in many organisations and yet most social intranets are not being put to much use. 522 more words

My Take

Social Change Communications

Seriously, I should rebrand this blog a “splog”, a sporadic blog! It’s been two and a half months since my latest blog post. Shame on me! 500 more words


Sustainable communality grows from the community itself – supported by the intranet

Nov 3, 2016

After organizational communication and work instructions, the third most important task for an intranet is “creating communality” (Intranet Services in Finland 2016 survey). 653 more words

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