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Effectiveness - through more direct communication channels

Do you remember when you played Chinese Whispers as a kid? One person whispers a message to a second person who whispers it on to a third who….until the last person tells everybody what he or she heard. 759 more words


Efficiency - Easier to find and leverage experts and experience

If only I could build on top of what someone else has already done. Without having to start all over on square ONE!

Familiar feeling? When time has been short, the hour late or you’ve been struggling with something complex or boring that simply has to have been done before and be available somewhere. 1,062 more words


Agility - More sensitive feelers and faster reaction

or, as Charles Darwin wrote “…survival of the fittest”, not “…of the strongest”

The words of Darwin have proven to apply not only in nature, but also in business life. 862 more words


Enterprise Social valkuilen en tips

De afgelopen jaren heb ik verschillende soorten bedrijven geholpen met het implementeren van een Enterprise Social platform. Dit deed ik als consultant voor Microsoft Nederland. Via dit blogpost wil ik de belangrijkste valkuilen delen waar kleine, maar ook hele grote bedrijven mee te maken krijgen als ze zo’n platform inzetten. 3,195 more words