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IKNSK4336: Social Media Inside the Organization - Final Project

BD[*] Peer Collaboration Initiative


I work at a 12,000-employee technology company in the defense/aerospace field. The vast majority of employees in the company are knowledge workers who could benefit from knowledge sharing and collaboration. 3,713 more words


Helping out while chilling out

At the end of today, I will switch on my out of office message and leave for three weeks of vacation. But colleagues who reach out to me will still have a fair chance to get the help they need and their questions answered. 238 more words


10 differences between an intranet and digital workplace homepage

As intranet managers, from time-to-time we all do it, despite bearing the scars from the last time. We decide to re-launch our intranet homepage. A triumph of optimism over experience. 381 more words


SharePoint – The obvious choice for AXCOM, our Intranet product

Intranets are part of most organizations. Most employees use the intranet only for basic functions such as viewing organization information, reading up company policies, payroll information and finding other corporate content. 262 more words


Intranets make communication simple

With the advent of the Internet, the amount of available information in organizations is growing at an exponential pace. What to communicate, when to communicate and how to communicate information becomes the need of the hour. 296 more words


Enterprise Social features on intranet – The Social Intranet

Intranets have been around for quite sometime now. They play the role of a central nervous system of an organization whereby employees can access lots of information like company news, process documents, policies and other documents. 286 more words


Social goal-setting, the key to turning middle managers in favour of collaboration and knowledge sharing?

Social business transformation is usually driven from the top or bottom of the organization hierarchy (or both in combination). Visionary leaders who lead from the front, by example, or skunk work initiatives from desperate people in the front line who see the potential of solving their hard-felt personal and business pains through working more efficiently together and through ease of sharing and communicating online. 505 more words

Social Intranet