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In His Presence

Sunday October 23rd was the conclusion to the Holy Feast Calendar based on the seven Holy Feasts laid out by God in the Old Testament. Several friends and family members of mine met to honor the feast known as Tabernacles. 834 more words

Social Issues

The Genuine or The Fake.

There are two types of people – the fake ones and the genuine ones.

The fake ones are accepted with open hearts because they speak what people want to hear and they behave like wise. 414 more words


The "N-Word"

It goes without saying that is a tough subject. One that is obviously complicated and contains multiple layers that require an acknowledgement of different perspectives across racial lines. 1,216 more words


#17. One thing Trump and Hillary Supporters can agree on: The Authentic Self

Let’s talk about crooked Hillary.

Okay but before that, a disclaimer: As a Singaporean, I am not particularly motivated to follow the US Presidential race. Sure, it will affect diplomatic relations and trade in this region. 1,288 more words


59. On The Upcoming Election

It’s election season, and the denizens of San Francisco won’t shut up about the big race. The two candidates could not be more polarizing. One is a sharp-dressed woman who tries to relate to the common people but has a history of cozying up with corporations and saying anything that is politically convenient, even if it means flip-flopping on her established positions. 3,482 more words

San Francisco

A Broken Criminal Justice System: The Story of Kalief Browder, 1993-2015

I first heard of Browder’s story on the popular radio show Ebro in The Morning on Hot 97. I only got to hear a few details of Kalief’s story so naturally I needed to find out the full story. 896 more words

Social Issues