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Nigel Gets It

The U.S. has the same problem. The left has control over the universities, the arts, and our culture. They’ve convinced a whole generation that any opinion outside of leftism should be conquered with silence and violence. 80 more words


Princess Nokia defends herself against sexist fan

Princess Nokia allegedly punched an audience member during her performance at a Cambridge University charity event last week after he targeted her with verbal abuse on stage. 156 more words

Social Issues

Missouri prison deemed dysfunctional by lawmakers

JEFFERSON CITY • State lawmakers blasted the Missouri Department of Corrections Thursday, saying the agency is “dysfunctional” when it comes to addressing harassment in the workplace. 644 more words

Social Issues

George Takei is Okay with Molesting Teenagers, "as long as they're attractive"

Oh, My!

Relating his own experience at summer camp as a nubile 13 year old, George Takei, former star of Star Trek and current Internet Meme, Takei doesn’t feel as if being molested by his camp counselor was a crime because his abuser was blonde and attractive. 41 more words

A Day Without an Immigrant

It has become clear that the only folks who will suffer A Day Without an Immigrant will be at CPAC.

I have stockpiled various sundries preparing for this rumored day without an immigrant because I recognize how devastating to the United States this will be. 362 more words


1940, Housing, And Why this Matters

As Chris Brown reports on the CBC there has been a major brouhaha regarding the City of Vancouver’s 12,000 homes that were built before 1940. In a city that had almost a thousand demolition permits taken out in 2016 (the majority in Dunbar-Southlands) the past is getting-well, lost. 244 more words


Edmonton falls behind on housing the chronically homeless

Edmonton’s 10-year effort to end homelessness fell far short of its targets on building the type of housing that can keep someone struggling with chronic alcohol and substance abuse off the street. 259 more words

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