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Fashion Skirting the Line of Appropriation

It’s one thing to use generic southwestern designs in designing clothing. It’s another when you use imagery that is part of a sacred healing ceremony, believed to be imbibed with sacred power. 125 more words

Traditional Culture

Going it alone

There’s danger in doing something alone.

Perhaps no one will pay attention. If they do, you’re squarely the target of all criticism. Your efforts may draw more complaints than they would have otherwise. 279 more words


Terminator 101

I was told and taught of a world where we are all equally happy, a world in which the astronaut, the teacher and the farmer can be proud of doing what they are doing, a place where the value of a human being is not defined by their might but rather by their contribution to the happiness of others. 400 more words

Social Issues

Sex Story: The Tourch

Ed went to his window to investigate the noise he heard outside and discovered an old man in the alley, rooting through the trashcan for something to eat. 7,510 more words

Social Issues

The Tattoo Debate.

  I had heard so much about Mike Tyson before I actually knew how he looked like, at least on paper. On this fine day, I was staring at a Daily Nation newspaper that carried the story of Mike’s worst day in the business of Boxing. 603 more words

Social Issues.

The Children of Migrant Workers: Forgotten Beings

The sad stories of children, whose mother came here to work, for a better future, from the Front Page Sections, translated…


In the train stations, as well as the parks, you’d often seen the migrant workers from southeast Asia, accompanying the elderly on their walks, or caring for the next generations of the Taiwanese people.  739 more words