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Chinese executives start taking stands on social issues

A handful of Chinese executives are raising their voices on social and political issues to burnish their reputations, an unusual move in a country that has long been hostile toward public debate. 47 more words

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BIG Green, a life destroying force.

Diana West in, “the Death of the Grown Up” challenges us to look accurately at the world around us and stop our delusional thinking. She focuses on a number of interesting things including, a loss of parenting, nonjudgmental multiculturalism, and politically correct self-censorship as well as today’s victim, hero reversal. 543 more words


Religious discrimination ruling has precedent

A ruling this week that a Calgary private school unfairly discriminated against two Muslim students by refusing to let them pray on campus was not the first time the province’s human rights tribunal found a business failed to adequately accommodate religious beliefs. 568 more words

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Left- and right-brained economic development | Brookings Institution

Left- and right-brained economic development | Brookings Institution

I learned from Daniel Pink’s book A Whole New Mind that I am better off building up my right brain credentials in the coming years. 129 more words

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The “newsless” myth: How Millennials consume the news | Brookings Institution

The “newsless” myth: How Millennials consume the news | Brookings Institution

Millennials prefer to stay connected to the Internet through their mobile devices. 94 percent of Millennials surveyed own smartphones. 125 more words

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Paul Tudor Jones II: Why we need to rethink capitalism TED2015 · 9:51 · Filmed Mar 2015

Paul Tudor Jones II loves capitalism. It’s a system that has done him very well over the last few decades. Nonetheless, the hedge fund manager and philanthropist is concerned that a laser focus on profits is, as he puts it, “threatening the very underpinnings of society.” In this thoughtful, passionate talk, he outlines his planned counter-offensive, which centers on the concept of “justness.”


Graphic Novels in the Classroom

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This article by Schwarz stressed the importance of bringing Graphic Novels into the classroom. The storyline coupled with great imagery make graphic novels a great resource in the classroom as it promotes media literacy, since students “are interacting with two forms of media at once, print and image.” (Griffith, 2010, p. 555 more words