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Proof the New York Times Stealthily Revises its Articles after Publication | Watts Up With That?

Source: Proof the New York Times Stealthily Revises its Articles after Publication | Watts Up With That?

NY Times regularly revises its articles after publication. The revisions are substantial, undisclosed, and are nothing like real time updates in developing stories.

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Protests of Farmers from TamilNadu : My Musings.

I have great respect for Tamils. While I was never a resident of TamilNadu, I tried learning Tamil and a thing or two about the land that was ruled by the great Cholas and Pandyas. 1,068 more words


Beware of the eyes!

If I had known that eye contact can lead to mental health problems, I could have missed out on so many meaningless courses in school. 322 more words


ask questions. think for yourself.

We don’t

negotiate with terrorists


we are the terrorists



"Hubris is sometimes defined as o’erweening pride; and pride, we know, goeth before a fall." (The late and oh-so-very-great Justice Antonin Scalia)

TOTALLY should have gone into politics, if only so I could have others dislike me, as disliking myself is as 2016 (2015?) as formal dresses with cutouts. 466 more words

Social Issues

End of the Single Family Neighbourhood? Greater Vancouver Board of Trade

The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade had a forum on  housing affordability and how to get young people living in the Metro Vancouver area. Encouraging transit accessibility and enhancing housing affordability is mandatory if Metro Vancouver is to thrive. 372 more words


Why no one, let alone a U.S. state, should celebrate Confederate Memorial Day

Let’s talk about the “heritage” that comes with the Confederacy. A failed, four-year attempt at establishing a nation based on the enslavement of black people. The succession documents and speeches of the leaders are very clear that slavery is the heart of the issue. 539 more words

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