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Local Nonprofit Brings At-Risk Kids & Police Officers Closer Together

A few weeks ago Dueling Dragons, a Central Florida nonprofit designed to build positive relationships between law enforcement and at-risk kids through the sport of Dragon Boating, held their Annual FundRaiser. 280 more words


Beauty, Bust, Bum, Brawn, or Brains?

Nature offers visible proof of a symphony of diversity. In fact, life is beautifully variegated in manifold respects. Call it a sweet pie.

Stirred by a recently released book… 1,158 more words

Social Issues

Josh Duggar and Christian "Justice" (Welp, sin is sin, right?")

So I’ve been reading a lot about Josh Duggar recently, more than I would care to. If you haven’t been keeping up, here’s the brief: 552 more words

Social Issues

Pity, Calvin

Calvin Cheng is an acquaintance of mine. I even had him on my Facebook “friends” list. But not anymore. I removed him after his latest Facebook posting which insinuated that the writings or work of playwright Alfian Sa’at were such a potential threat that “the Government should watch commentators” like Alfian “closely”. 1,064 more words

Social Issues



我呢? 又憑什麼在我所在的地方?



restore the world 我們的世界一點也不完美,一點也不,除了對我們自己的人生盡力而為之外,更應該努力地,把這世界離完美更推進一點,讓未來的某一天,一個人的人生再也不會因出身而有所不同,再也不會說這一切都是命,讓每個人都能平等的、公平的,選擇自己夢想的生活。


Stabilizing People Positively: A Check To AFRICA's Inevitable Growth in Urban Centres

The Northern part of Ghana has majority of the country’s uncultivated arable and not industrially used lands. In fact, housing takes a pinch of the entire salt of land yet we see numerous people who have their roots in the North leave to cities south like… 468 more words



By Alexandria Nagy

Celebrities deal with it every day!

‘I don’t care if you didn’t like my video, you helped me break a record, so thanks!’ – Miley Cyrus. 912 more words

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