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Michelle Hauser: Pro-life debates, with a sci-fi twist

When it comes to debating the rights of the unborn, history may show our current quiet phase to have been the calm before the storm: the transition period when science, not ideology, became the driving force for a bill of rights for the fetus. 865 more words

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The Short Pink Dress.

One in five women in the United States were raped in 2015.

“Your mouth is too pretty to be that smart, maybe I should give you something to fill it up.”  This was a statement recited to me by a “good old boy” in a bar after he had groped a friend of mine.   1,610 more words

'I felt so embarrassed': Violent arrest of blind man in Montreal park sparks call for inquiry

Vecqueth Stephenson says he didn’t know what hit him when police slammed him on the ground, stood on his head and back and charged him with assaulting a peace officer. 488 more words


#Transgender rights under #Sharia improve

While Americans debate where transgender people should pee, 50 top Muslim clerics in Pakistan have issued a fatwa declaring that transgender people have marriage, inheritance, and funeral rights. 658 more words

Feminist vs. Pro-Feminist: Thoughts On a Trend In Gender Politics

Recently, I was introduced to a fascinating new idea in the fight for gender equality. Apparently, there are some fresh young minds out there that are attempting to use language to strengthen the fight for equality between the sexes. 522 more words

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Understanding Brexit.

‘It was great.
even the imagined kind
always is.’

George MacDonald

Last weeks British referendum result to leave the European Union was a significant international event of the like unseen for decades.

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