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விடியா இரவென
விழி வழியாய்- வழிபோக்கர்கள்,
விரைவாய் ஓடினர்…
அறிவாளி ஓடினான்,
அப்புற அண்டத்தில் தான் விடியல் என்று!
புத்திசாலி உறங்கினான்,
மறுநாளே விடியும் என்று!

Social Issues

A Girl Singing

A young woman sings quietly.
What has been done can not be undone, yet her song continues, words floating on the crisp morning air.
Barely out of girlhood, she sings the song of a man who beats women, her mind filled with dreams of street gangs, “power flows from the barrel of a gun”. 16 more words


New media, blessing or curse

By Clever Kudakwashe Mlambo

The advent of the media, transformed people’s day to day activities and communication is now done in real time.

Social Scientist, Marshal Mcluhan put on the notion that, “the object has taken control of the subject,” contextually, it refers to that technology has now taken control of its subject “people”. 267 more words

Social Issues

Review: Mama Cried by Talia Haven

Can’t go into great detail without giving much away. You will find yourself with plenty to consider after reading. I had no idea what I was stumbling upon, best to approach this blindly, adds to its high impact. 79 more words


A Reflection of Inequality

The world right now, it’d shown, a reflection of inequality, as all those police shootings of colored persons get “broadcasted”, causing riots all over the places, what, did we learn, from just standing by, and watching those events, as mere observers? 235 more words


Muslims ousted in a Muslim country?

If one was to visit a beach in Dubai on an average sunny morning, they would find it occupied by bikini clad women and men in tight shorts. 624 more words


National Post View: A better way to legalize same-sex marriage

Amidst the online celebrations over Ireland’s resounding support for same-sex marriage in Friday’s referendum, a few Canadians predictably had to make it about … us. “I’m puzzled that Harper still hasn’t issued a public statement congratulating Ireland on following Canada’s lead in enshrining equal marriage,” pollster Derek Leebosh tweeted (perhaps not altogether sincerely). 600 more words

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