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Calgary opens new intake centre for wildfire evacuees

In the face of growing numbers of Fort McMurray fire evacuees headed to Calgary, the city opened a second intake centre Friday.

Ambrose University and College, 150 Ambrose Cir. 434 more words

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Kittens or Puppies?

This was a piece on Cultural Analysis and Gender.

Many people often refer to Brokeback Mountain (2005) as “that gay cowboy movie” and one could easily imagine it lumped in with all of the other “gay” movies on Netflix or possibly Blockbuster at the time. 1,379 more words

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Thinking is hard

May 7, 2016

Thinking is hard

by Kassim Ahmad

A teacher in my college (Sultan Abdul Hamid College) in Alor Setar, when he posed a problem, used to say, “Come on boys, put on your thinking caps!”, as if thinking was outside the mind. 666 more words


Who's your fat friend?

I was barely 11, I realized that ‘Fat’ is a bad word. I have been on the heavier side forever. Still am. Unfortunately, teenage started pretty early for me. 605 more words

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A look at Southeast Asia through three anthologies

A look at Southeast Asia through three anthologies | Farouk A. Peru | Opinion | Malay Mail Online

I used to be a big fan of South-east Asian fiction. 618 more words


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Look, I’ve said this for years, and I will go on saying it regardless of who gets offended by it: smoking is stupid.

Smokers are slobs (I know, I know… you are the exception to that rule (except that you aren’t, are you?)). 231 more words

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Progress is not Linear

cn: mention of suicidal thoughts

I really want to tell you about how much my migraines have improved. I have a post all written up about how they have nearly halved as a result of not only going back on an anti-depressant drug I tried before, but actually listening to the doctor this time about increasing the dosage. 705 more words

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