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Orange Coast College: punishing the victim

Yesterday we met Olga Perez Stable Cox, who teaches courses in Human Sexuality at a California institution called Orange Coast College and who made national headlines in December after a videotape of one of her classroom rants about Donald Trump went viral. 609 more words


How Feminists View The World

Quite literally:

Wilful ignorance of proportion in feminist dogma is nothing that Red Pills don’t already know, but things like this are good to take note of now and then to realise that no matter what they say, if you have an XY chromosome they are not on your side. 98 more words


Spring has Sprung

“Good People,

most royal greening verdancy,

rooted in the sun,

you shine with radiant light.”

~ Saint Hildegard ~

It’s amazing how things change. Two weeks ago at the cabin we were in the midst of… 138 more words


Out of the Dark: Collateral Damage

Is it scary? If you’re looking for a nail-biter, skip Out of the Dark. While everyone loves hoards of creepy children in bandages, it’s hardly new; especially when it revolves around the trope of child-in-constant-peril. 639 more words


Seven Ways I'm Teaching My Young Sons to be Feminists

When I was pregnant, I imagined what life might be like if I had a little girl. I envisioned teaching her to stand up for herself, buying her dresses with science symbols, letting her get dirty, and being an example of a strong woman for her. 1,177 more words


On being "colorblind"

You are not colorblind. No one is colorblind.* No one should be colorblind. It is OK to see and acknowledge that people have different skin colors. 76 more words

Returning to the Classics in Difficult Times

Jennifer Harvey, Drake University

I spend less time in the classroom these days than I do working with students of color. As the Faculty Director of the… 841 more words