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Noa Yachot: “Are all Chinese-American scientists suspects because they are Chinese-American?"

Xiaoxing Xi was accused by the FBI of spying on the U.S. for the Chinese government after federal agents spent months monitoring his email without a warrant. 651 more words

Opinion Leaders

December 10: You Aughta Know This Week

This week, resignations galore as sexual harassment and assault victims finally are heard, believed, and somewhat supported. Also, the holiday season is not necessarily a joy for working mothers, being differently wired at work, and #CakeSpeech. 1,387 more words


I Am Poor

I am poor.
I had three pairs of green pants
They were comfortable and warm
which were important in that cold winter of Eastern Tennessee.
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Children at War

Children To A Degree by Horst Christian has a subtitle on the cover which might not attract the general reader. “Growing Up Under the Third Reich,” can evoke a reaction of “ho-hum, another apologetic story of WWII Germany.” Some might think it is a work of complete fiction. 828 more words

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The Solidarity of the Internet Generation

“Africa” by Toto is the greatest song ever made.

I couldn’t tell you precisely why, but it’s a fact that anyone born between, say, 1980 and 2005 has collectively accepted to be true.  1,179 more words

Change Can Happen

I’d love to be thinner.  And my house.  I want it to be neat.  Social justice?  The environment?  Yeah, I hope things get better there too. 180 more words

Inaugurate Light

Still Supporting Women with a Vision

As you can probably tell from all the reposts, I’m really disappointed in myself for not starting this project sooner this year or coming up with a better plan for year two. 565 more words

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