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UMich and Misgendering

Lots of feelings regarding my future students. TW: misgendering

Within a few years I will be involved in teaching undergraduates as a Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan. 782 more words

Social Justice

Weekly reading 3

• “Reclaiming Our Roots: The Story of Tamishan” by Melissa Henry in The Urban News: “The stories of how these African Muslims had succeeded in preserving key elements of culture, some even convincing their owners to set them free and allow them to return to their native lands, amazed and inspired me.” 141 more words


Professor Rationalizes Censorship

PZ Myers, the increasingly obscure atheist activist,  rationalizes the need to censor non-Leftist views on campus by complaining that universities don’t have infinite time and resources.  219 more words

What We Read This Week

Each week, we bring you interesting stories from around the web. Here’s what caught our eye this week!


The Skeptical State of Bible Reading in 2017… 257 more words


lisi barron // christian vs. citizen

Lisi Barron, a junior Elementary Education major at Lee University has spent a majority of her college career processing the paradox created between faith and nationalism. 694 more words

Pope Francis: The Only Future Worth Building Includes Everyone

For many years I have been a big fan of TED Talks.  I find that the talks generally live up to the TED slogan “Ideas Worth Sharing.”  I don’t agree with every speaker and I don’t find all of the talks equally stimulating; but I usually learn something, find a unique perspective or discover a new way to think about the world that we all live in.  115 more words

Random Thoughts

You're wrong about the working class, I hope they kick your Berkeley ass

Imagine a classroom in Soviet Russia. Or Cultural Revolution China. Or perhaps Castro’s Cuba…  Students mirroring similar dogma at eachother, monolithicly. No arguments. It all seems very civilized, until you realize that this false consensus is the direct result of dissenters being shot, or confined to a Gulag. 1,333 more words

Social Justice