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A workers poem

Someday I’m gonna get out of this place and you won’t see my face no more; im headed out the door; bigger and better things ahead. 143 more words

Why Rights or Justice?

I’ve just posted a new video on YouTube.

It talks to Raymond Geuss’ critique of Nozick’s and Rawls’ notions of rights and justice.

Whilst you’re at it, here’s a short pro-Rawls discussion about his Theory of Justice:


Two plus two does not equal five

Here’s a story of a guy who calls himself Ja Du.  He believes he is both a woman and a Filipino.  He is transgender and transracial.  262 more words

My Asian American Reading List

Reading has always been a part of my life. When I was younger, my mom and I used to go to the library and fill a wicker basket with as many picture books as it could hold. 656 more words

Asian American

The only "Ism" that actually matters.

Just thought I’d take a minute to share this with you all.  For those of you who are still bickering over whether the far-right nationalists and white supremacists are worse than far-left socialists and communists, … 34 more words


Eighteenth Post

This poem was published in the journal Tyuonyi in 1992. “Tyuonyi” is a Keresan word (and Keresan is a family of American Indian languages) meaning “the meeting place” as well as the name of a major prehistoric ruin in northern New Mexico. 144 more words


Rebuttals of the Week! #17: Feminist bigotry and logical fallacies.

Kerry S: Cue all the men explaining why the gender pay gap isn’t a thing

Going to Getugly: Kerry, care to provide some kind of rational explanation for why men replying is a problem for you? 439 more words

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