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Nick Thompson reports on 'Violence Against Women: A Determinant of Health'

The overarching framework for Cumberland Lodge’s health conference this February was provided by the Chief Medical Officer’s 2014 report The Health of the 51%: Women… 1,229 more words

Iman Azzi reports on 'Violence Against Women: A Determinant of Health'

Cumberland Lodge: How much do we want to know about the connections between violence against women (VAW), being well, and being at ease in the world? 1,028 more words

KidLit: Recommended Reading on Justice and Understanding

Originally posted at The Writer’s Block

At a time of great unease and injustice, those of us who are parents of children have a challenge ahead of us. 1,271 more words


Rump Roast

He wants so hard to be Reagan,
but actually he’s more like Nixon
He’s causing more problems
than what he’s supposed to be fixin’

Truth-telling is great, cutting through the crap… 403 more words

Social Justice

This morning students at Swarthmore College are sitting-in, demanding that the administration divest in fossil fuel.

Swarthmore students protest. Vietnam in the 70s. South African apartheid in the 80s. Today, for the environment.

Dear Anne Lowry,

Despite the landslide victory in the referendum earlier this week and the increasing urgency of the climate crisis, the Board and administration have refused to engage with students on divestment. 287 more words

Marc Jampole: Trump's War On Us

Trump’s war on immigrants comes home. Guess what? It’s part of a larger war on our economy and our values.

The other day I was at a friend’s house when her housekeeper Kelly (not her real name) announced that my friend would probably never see her again. 1,090 more words

Social Justice

LinkNYC - a project and also why aren't laypeople given the chance to understand the Internet?

I’ve become keenly aware of New York City’s aggressive, aptly-named “LinkNYC” campaign to revamp old, pee-soaked telephone booths by making them into free public Wi-Fi hotspots featuring advertised speeds of up to 1 Gbps. 398 more words

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