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"My Mom is Dead" - The Misuse and Abuse of the Personal Account

Over the course of a boy’s middle school free time, he will inevitably hear or participate in the male contest of “yo mama” jokes. In case you’re unfamiliar, “yo mama” jokes are generally framed as “Yo mama is so (adjective, usually ‘fat’) she (some sort of thing that she does that describes the previous adjective)”. 1,051 more words

Reflections on Commencement upon 5 years of Journeying and Writing

For Trayvon –

I think I always start with you because your murder was the first time I had the responsibility of looking into the eyes of a younger generation, and try to find the words to make sense of the senseless. 1,004 more words

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The Yoga of Anti-Racism Work

This afternoon I co-facilitated an Anti-Racist Yoga Convergence with Michelle Johnson, a woman of color yoga teacher and friend/co-conspirator.  As a white woman, a yoga teacher, and someone with a long-standing commitment to the practice of anti-racism, I felt like it was high time (past time in fact) to bring together these two wisdom streams of yoga and anti-racism in an intentional way in my own community; and particularly to speak to the communities of yoga in my area, some of which are, in my experience, predominantly white. 3,167 more words


for the past two weeks, i’ve been part of a group that has gone to three different camps in serbia and greece. i’ve met so many incredible people and here are some of the little interactions i’ve had with them.  1,133 more words

Social Justice

Key Learning #3: Global Citizenship in the Classroom

Wondering how you can encourage global citizenship and social justice in your classroom.  Well wonder no more!  Here is a link to a helpful pamphlet on 5 activities you can do with your class to promote glocal thinking and change. 6 more words


Key Learning #1: The Importance of 'Glocal'

You may have heard the phrase “think global act local” before.  This phrase is meant to encourage everyone to think of the health of the entire planet and everyone on it and make change on a local level.  299 more words


Shine the Light

A lot of emotion has been displayed in the aftermath of unfortunate events that have transpired these past few weeks. There have been protests and marches. 1,431 more words

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