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Mark Kramer: Walking, and Thoughts Along The Way

In the 2010 indie film The Way, the actor Emilio Estevez says to the actor Martin Sheen, who’s both Estevez’s on-screen and real-life father: “You don’t choose a life, Dad. 4,020 more words

Social Justice

We Should LISTEN To All Women, Not Believe

Neither angel nor devil: women can lie too, you know

18 March 2018

Women who come forward with stories of sexual harassment must be taken seriously.

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Today @ Healingsprings fellowship

If the Bible is not infallible as tradition implies, do we then throw the baby and the bath water?

My answer is emphatically no. As I believe faith can be harnessed as a force for good. 505 more words


Learning to sit at the table

I’ve read a number of really fantastic books in the last year, but the one that I have reflected back on consistently, that I have quoted and shared, that I have brought up in both meetings and at happy hours is Sheryl Sandberg’s… 1,859 more words

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What Happened

I’m going to keep this short and will do my best to keep it digestible, but the event is inherently disturbing. If you do not wish to read on, I understand. 183 more words


African American Doctoral Scholars Initiative Creates Support System for Black PhDs

by Reagan Jackson

What would it be like if every institution of higher education put in their mission statements that they were anti-racist?” asked Dr. Deniece Dortch, an Assistant Professor at George Washington University, in a recent interview about her work with black doctoral students. 1,248 more words

Social Justice

Recordings of Harvard conference now available

Back on March 2 and 3, the Thomistic Institute held a conference at Harvard University on “Christianity and Liberalism.” We were unable to attend, though we know quite a few people who did. 95 more words