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With and For Others

As an alum who has come from a Jesuit institution, the term social justice is no stranger to me.

I feel, however, estranged to the world around me as I continue to not only experience but also see the social injustices around me. 417 more words

Deconstructing the Necessity of Happiness

I’m worried about my sister’s wedding. Even if I started now, I couldn’t exercise or diet my way into a much thinner body before this event in 6 weeks. 1,973 more words

SE 11 Ep 20 Symbolphobia

In this episode I react to the terror attack in Charlottesville. I talk about the awful emotions it brought up. How do you handle Nazis? Do you let them speak? 45 more words

Nicnac Podcast,

Performative Allyship & Storytime II

A couple months ago, I wrote a post about performative allyship as it relates to storytime—specifically, my own storytimes. I conducted a diversity audit of the books I used during storytimes at my branch and realized that I was failing as an ally and social justice advocate. 493 more words


Annual Hate to Hope rally focuses on Edmonton's most vulnerable

Nearly a dozen people are set to speak at the annual Hate to Hope diversity walk and rally in Edmonton on Saturday night, as they work to end hatred by celebrating diversity, social justice and inclusivity. 388 more words


How Should Christians Respond to Racism and Social Justice Issues?: Part 1

I know y’all have been hearing a lot about what’s going on in Charlottesville, and yes I am disturbed too. I have been wrestling with how I should respond to the issues of racism and the present social justice movement for at least a year now. 637 more words

On being a better human

There’s a lot happening in our world right now.  Daily I feel like I tumble down the rabbit hole of injustice, confusion, perspectives, and need.  I feel helpless to change even my little corner of the world, and worry what kind of life my child will be left to navigate.   492 more words

Social Justice