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Guest Post: They Say

This is a guest post by Meg O’Neill.

Meg O’Neill generally spends her time adventuring, laughing too loud, and exhibiting mediocre athleticism in a variety of sports. 335 more words


I am Exceptional, Except When I am Not

When I was young and someone was nasty to another person, or displayed meanness of spirit when they knew the victim could not fight back, if I could not get directly involved, I used to wish for a hidden power that would let me take retribution in my own hands. 941 more words


Aura Bogado: The US is quietly opening shelters for babies and young kids. One has 12 children and no mothers.

“These kids need lawyers.” — Jonathan Ryan, RAICES CEO.

July 13, 2019. The federal government is quietly expanding its use of shelters to house infants, toddlers and other young asylum-seekers. 1,424 more words

Social Justice

Effing Foundation Offers Grants for Sexuality Education and Art

If you are a sex-positive individual, group, or organization United States — especially if you are a member of a wide range of under-represented groups — consider applying for a grant from the… 466 more words


Time Never Runs Out

In the biblical story of Abraham, Abraham had a loss of relationship with his son Isaac, after he attempted to sacrifice him.

As we see in this example, the loss of relationship with someone can either lead to resentment or reconciliation. 630 more words


Petition Wars

Feelings continue to run high in Bow, after Tower Hamlets council pulled its trial road scheme aimed at cutting motorised traffic and the resulting pollution. 960 more words


"...make some white people feel uncomfortable..." A CNN Interview, A Google Search

My jaw dropped.

Ok, fine. But what about that white choir that has worked to stand in heart, in thought, in deed, and in practice all their life? 2,024 more words