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Social Language - link to new article

My latest contribution to the TONGUES magazine blog is “Social Language” is about the confusing minefields of social linguistic calisthenics and the difficult that literal thinkers like myself have in navigating this landscape of lies, half-truths, hot air and… just simple gas. 11 more words

Asperger's Syndrome

What Instagram Has Done For Me

I probably joined Instagram a few years ago and like most social media I belong to, I joined to keep tabs on my boys. I was also interested in seeing what some of my friends had to post as well. 784 more words


Here's What's Happening in May

May is looking like it is going to be a busy month! To start with, it is Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM).

To do my part in helping raise awareness about communication disorders and how they can be treated, I am going to challenge myself to participate in the Instagram Photo-a-Day challenge hosted by Jessica over at Consonantly Speaking. 402 more words


Mind blindness or Context blindness": One more thought

Replacing the generic term of “mindblindness”  with a more specific and accurate term such as “context blindness” makes  sense.  However, I would prefer the term  ” limited context awareness.”  “Context blindness” indicates that people with Asperger’s syndrome can not see context at all. 151 more words

Executive Function

What's Yours Like?

Recently, during a class meeting with second grade students, we introduced a spin-off game of What’s Yours Like?.
We played a child friendly version available… 647 more words


Where did my brain go?

I was working with one of our fantastic SLP-As last week in a small social group.  One little guy just could not do what Michelle Garcia Winner refers to as  “keep his brain in the group”.  412 more words

Social Thinking

Games, games and more games

Recently, more and more parents have asked me about the apps I recommend for home. While I use apps with students and find many of them helpful, I don’t really recommend them for home. 595 more words