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Meeting humor - S17.2

Read Sarah Cooper’s 10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings. While these ten items are meant to be funny, they each contain important insights into some aspect of human nature and collective human behavior. 63 more words

Social Leadership

Tragedies - S17.1

Click on the title of Rob Leathern’s article Escaping the Tragedy of the Commons, and read what he has to say about overfishing and internet adblockers. 116 more words

Social Leadership

Launching the Social Leadership 100 days Podcast series

Alongside the launch of my new book, ‘Social Leadership – my 1st 100 days’, i’m pushing out 100 podcasts, one to go with each development activity in the workbook. 68 more words


Developing Social Leadership

I don’t normally talk about my commercial work over here on the blog, but i’m preparing for the launch of my new book next week, ‘ 283 more words


The Imposition Of Reputation #SL100

I presented a session today around ‘Social Authority’ in Social Leadership, and used this slide for the first time: it’s one of the illustrations from the ‘ 143 more words


How are dogs managing the heat this summer?

Dogs like Human beings can suffer from heat strokes and the summer temperatures has been a problem for all of us. I took my puppy to the JSPCA for a worm shot there was a sign inside telling us how to spot signs of a heat stroke in dogs. 98 more words

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