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Early Stage Writing: ‘The Humble Leader’ #WorkingOutLoud

I’m making good progress with an illustrated essay on humility: it’s a reflective piece on the nature of humility, and how ‘the humble leader’ may be what we need in the Social Age. 391 more words


Social Leadership: Fairness, Humility, and Community

Social Leadership is founded upon fairness: deeply distributed, clearly visible, transparent, and fluid. It won’t come from system and process, but rather from engagement and action, within our… 239 more words



Yesterday i shared a short introduction to an idea for an essay on ‘The Humble Leader’. Today, i have felt encouraged to build the idea out further. 1,344 more words


#WorkingOutLoud sharing ideas on ‘The Humble Leader’

I’ve been toying with the idea for a while of a very short book, maybe 3-5k words, on ‘humility’, or ‘kindness’. More a reflective essay than anything else. 403 more words


Designing the Socially Dynamic Organisation

I’m sharing a new iteration of the design principles for the Socially Dynamic Organisation: this format is an attempt to capture the systemic nature of adaptation, and the internal tensions that exist as we strive to build it. 222 more words

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Social Leadership Webinars

In a world that is rapidly changing, being a leader requires resilience, agility, and the ability to manage change.  But in our increasingly connected world, a leader must also practice skills that build their Social Capital – collaboration, storytelling and listening,   They also need to promote, through their actions, behaviors that build fairness, equality, and authenticity in the organization. 134 more words

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