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Why Conservatism Fails in America

American conservatives often lament on the effects of liberalism and liberal culture on a supposedly conservative heritage of the United States.  American conservatives are less reactionary, than they are revolutionary.  1,371 more words


The New Cultural Imperialism: America in Africa

There has always been a certain dissonance at play with America’s response to imperialism.  While the United States routinely criticized European power land grabs around the world during the 19th and 20th century, as long as Europe stayed out of the Western hemisphere, Americans did not meddle. 3,284 more words


Social Liberalism

The liberal response to its nineteenth and early twentieth century critics responded in evolutionary fashion, and in three major forms: social liberalism, social democratic liberalism, and neoliberalism (in that order too).  2,410 more words


On the Nature of Presidential Elections - In Response to A.L. Sundaresan Ji

The article below is in response to A.L. Sundaresan Ji, a politically-minded scholar and elder who recently commented on my previous article on the rise of social liberalism in the United States. 1,567 more words


Why is the Prime Minister a social liberal ?

At a function I attended this week the Prime Minister described himself as a social liberal. The next day the NZ Herald reported a man had been charged with murdering a six month old Raumati toddler in July. 309 more words

Ewen McQueen

The Rise of Social Liberalism in the United States and its Ramifications for the GOP

I was reading an article by Charles Blow, op-ed columnist for the New York Times. I’d like to use Blow’s article to discuss the interesting rise of social liberalism in the US and what it means for the GOP and the US as a country; Blow writes beautifully on the matter… 966 more words


Academy of Ideas: John Stuart Mill On Liberty

Academy of Ideas: John Stuart Mill On Liberty

When I think of liberty, I don’t think of the liberty to do whatever the hell I want without any consequences. 608 more words