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New study: college students who lost access to marijuana improved their grades

This is from the radically leftist fake news site Washington Post, of all places. Thankfully, the study was done by scientists, not by journalists. 893 more words


Rise Up & Push Back

This is a message of encouragement for the people of South Africa from The Chairman of The #RSAPatriots League:

Dear South Africa

We know you are tired. 743 more words

Message From The Chairman

Conversations with my Father

Among other things, my father, a filmmaker, hosts live editorial sessions – a shompadokiyo, as it’s called in Bangla – every other day of the week on a particular news-oriented television channel in Bangladesh. 963 more words


On ecology, democracy and the 'French Third Way'

“ Ecology, namely the question of the compatibility between human life and the sustainability of the ecosystem, itself brings us back to the democratic question. For ecology reveals, scientifically, the equality of all humans faced with a problem that is going to affect them. 166 more words


Redefining the Center (Evaluating our Terms).

The past few months have been dividing, I think, to anyone involved in politics. Some Trump supporters are growing tired of this political/cultural Stalingrad, and leftists too becoming less interested in the hysteria of their own side; and like Stalingrad there are platoons of debaters on either side, standing behind their forces willing to shoot if their side retreats. 1,080 more words


The Crisis of Social Liberalism - And Why We Need More of It

This article reflects my personal opinion.

On Friday was the inauguration of the new US president, Donald Trump. His speech, invoking a homogenous movement of the people, bore testimony to the threat that his presidency will constitute to a liberal society. 2,288 more words


Agenda 2017

Mobilization of The League Of Liberal Patriots Of The Republic Of South Africa:

2017 will be a year of mobilization for The League. A year to make a difference in peoples lives. 105 more words

Message From The Chairman