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Year 1

12.08.2016 – A statement from the chairman of The ‪#‎RSAPatriots‬ League:

“It has been a year now that The League has been in existance & though we have not mobalized, we have actively advocated for… 201 more words


Șapte Motive de ce PAS-ul Trebuie să Meargă pe Calea Liberalismului Social

Unii vor spune că partidele din Moldova au doar o ideologie de vitrină și vor avea dreptate. Este un fapt bine cunoscut, comuniștii i-au încredințat fostului social-democrat Valeriu Lazăr și actualului socialist Igor Dodon implementarea unor reforme vădit liberale precum… 766 more words

Politics In Moldova

Why the Left-Right Paradigm Fails

In political science, most students learn of the Left-Right paradigm, where “conservative” parties are generally placed right-of-center and “liberal” parties are placed left-of-center.  Left politics is generally associated with reform, whereas right politics is generally associated with the status-quo.  1,833 more words


Yellow Labour

Labour is in dire need of intellectual renewal. Neither Red, Blue or Purple provides what’s needed for the future – all have valid ideas that can be drawn upon, be they public ownership (Red), a better sense of community (Blue) or devolution (Purple), none have a comprehensive solution to the conceptual and practical collapse of Britain. 846 more words


The U.S. Left's Long-term Political Strategy

Despite color commentary, America has had a long flourishing of leftist political thought, and by leftist I mean anti-liberal leftist thinking (socialism, Marxism, post-modernism, etc.).  Agrarian socialism was probably the best example of American leftism prior to the twentieth century, and it even had remnant up until World War I and the transformation of the United States as a global industrial superpower.  1,713 more words


Why Conservatism Fails in America

American conservatives often lament on the effects of liberalism and liberal culture on a supposedly conservative heritage of the United States.  American conservatives are less reactionary, than they are revolutionary.  1,371 more words