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The Great and the Good Debate - The Fight for the Soul of Labour - Part 1

The last few days have been monumentally important for the Labour – we’ve found ourselves the perfect opportunity to reshape the party the way we want it, and I for one have taken up this opportunity. 1,356 more words


The New Hillary

By Andrew Levine | CounterPunch | April 24, 2015

In the years before he ran for President in 1968, Richard Nixon’s publicists promoted a New Nixon.

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I’ve refrained from saying anything about Auckland’s infamous Ya Ya Club – the high society banquet club – because it wasn’t worth an evening at the pub typing over several pints. 702 more words

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I honestly want to like #illridewithyou. It was inspired by a sweet gesture, a woman trying to remove a hijab on a train for fear of attention was comforted by a stranger who offered to accompany her: “I’ll walk with you.” Even the… 590 more words

Libertarian conservatism

In my last post I brought up the concept of “libertarian conservatism”/”conservative libertarianism”/”palaeolibertarianism” and mentioned that many of the libertarian big beasts (not least Mr Rothbard himself) identified as such. 620 more words



My memories of the ‘golden years’ of Helen Clark are far less nostalgic than many of my contemporaries. Then, I was perpetually frustrated with unfair economic structures, increasing student debt, and a lack of bold policies. 673 more words

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An Appeal to the Toiling, Oppressed and Exhausted People of Scotland

On the 18th of September 2014, the Scottish people will be asked to vote; asked to answer a very simple question. That question is about power and how we, as a nation, will use it. 3,210 more words

An Appeal To The Toiling Oppressed And Exhausted People Of Scotland