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A luta continua... Rage against The Dying Of The Light

It has been a while since #TheLeague has been active on social media. A lot has been happening around us & for the everyday men & women like ourselves, this has been a heavy tide. 569 more words

Message From The Chairman

Haters gonna hate? A lesson in tolerance towards dissenting ideas and opinions.

If you have been around the block more than once, like I have, then you know that society has a way of rehashing things over and over again. 511 more words


The Closing of the Liberal Mind: John Gray

A long read and not for the faint of heart. John Gray provides keen insight into the failure of Liberalism in modern times and a clear expose of how the… 212 more words


New study: college students who lost access to marijuana improved their grades

This is from the radically leftist fake news site Washington Post, of all places. Thankfully, the study was done by scientists, not by journalists. 893 more words


Rise Up & Push Back

This is a message of encouragement for the people of South Africa from The Chairman of The #RSAPatriots League:

Dear South Africa

We know you are tired. 743 more words

Message From The Chairman

Conversations with my Father

Among other things, my father, a filmmaker, hosts live editorial sessions – a shompadokiyo, as it’s called in Bangla – every other day of the week on a particular news-oriented television channel in Bangladesh. 963 more words


On ecology, democracy and the 'French Third Way'

“ Ecology, namely the question of the compatibility between human life and the sustainability of the ecosystem, itself brings us back to the democratic question. For ecology reveals, scientifically, the equality of all humans faced with a problem that is going to affect them. 166 more words